SYTYCD 7: Top 9 Elimination

Once again we find ourselves in front of the TV on Thursday night meaning one thing; another dancer will be leaving us at the end of the hour. The top nine contestants took to the stage to perform a GORGEOUS tribal dance to a deep-bass orchestra instrumental piece. The routine was absolutely stunning and I’m not just referring to Kent in the skirt-like smock that all the performers were wearing. The competition this year is shaping up to be fairly interesting as one-by-one the females have been leaving the show with all six original boys still in the cast.

Not surprising, Skeletor (Nigel Lythgoe) realized that the contemporary boys are starting to be the dominant force in the competition and felt the need to mix the format up slightly. Starting next week with the top eight, each contestant will be performing two partnered pieces. First will be with an all-star that they haven’t been paired with before (to encourage the dancer’s to create chemistry with a variety of partners) as well as perform a routine with a fellow contestant. This can only mean one thing; another guaranteed boy-with-boy number, doing the easy math of the remaining contestants regardless of who leaves us tonight! HECK YES! Would this have anything to do with Nappy-Tabs’ ability to completely smash Nigel’s boys-must-dance-with-girls mentality outside of the Hip Hop genre? We’ll just have to wait to see!

Jumping right into the thick of things, the first four contestants were brought out to the stage; Kent, AdeChike, Ashley and Alex. Alex (and his amazing Hip Hop routine from last night) was up first, and I’m not sure why we even spent time on this boy as clearly he was going to be safe for another week. Next on the chopping block was cutie-pie Ashley (and her stunning contemporary routine with Ade) and no surprise here either as she was guaranteed a spot in next week’s show. Lastly were Kent and AdeChike pinned against another, and after the review clips it definitely looked like Kent was going to be in trouble tonight. In a Mary Murphy-style fake out, Cat sent both boys through to safety! BOO YAH my boy is going to be around for another week. Smiley Face.


Up next were the second round of contestants to learn their fates; Lauren, Robert and BB (Billy Bell). This was terrifying as we were still looking for THREE people to dance for their lives. Of course Cat started with Lauren’s critic and I was literally biting my nails in anticipation. After the wardrobe malfunction that could have bared everything for Lauren and her ability to dance through it, she was safe for another week. Once again, BB and Robert were pitted against each other to battle for a position in the competition. In a HORRIFIC twist of fates, BILLY BELL AND ROBERT WERE PUT IN THE BOTTOM THREE! WHAT THE HECK AMERICA?! Seriously, this means that either Jose or Melinda was safe regardless, and THAT is unacceptable when comparing the level of dance talent and adaptability between these two boys and the other two remaining contestants. Sickening.

Finally, the last two dancers were brought to the stage (and were pitted against one another); Melinda and Jose. After reviewing their travesty of routines from last night and clear nonsense voting by America we learned that Jose would be safe for another week leaving Melinda to ONCE AGAIN TAP DANCE FOR HER LIFE. How many times do we have to see this poor girl struggle through the competition?! I think it’s time we put her out of her misery.

As a nice feature we were fortunate enough to have a clip of how all-stars Mark and Courtney came to be in the competition in previous years and in turn selected as two of the coveted professionals this season. Naturally they returned to the stage for an encore performance of their Sonya contemporary routine, The Garden, danced to The Garden by Mirah. Man this was an AMAZING routine as well, how did I not remember this one?! Love, love, love these two dancers!

Prior to the dancer’s taking to the stage for their solos, the cast of Cirque du Soliel’s latest Las Vegas hit show ‘VIVA Elvis’ took to the stage for another special performance of the night. The piece was performed to Didja Ever/Return to Sender by Elvis Presley, and was truly a masterpiece. Although I’ve never been a fan of Cirque du Soleil shows using music (with lyrics) from modern culture versus their own unique sounds and styling I have to admit I enjoyed this insert in tonight’s program. Also, the shout out to SYTYCD’s season four alumni, Chris and Mark, who were part of the Cirque dance squad, was just another feather in the show’s hat.

Up first in the solo round and dancing for his life was Billy Bell dancing to Fly by Ludovico Einaudi (man was this music beautiful). I was thrown off by his mesh-backed t-shirt but his solo was outstanding. Next to the stage was Robert dancing to Hater by Various Productions. His solo was equally stunning in a more eclectic fashion. Lastly was the lone girl dancing solo, Melinda, with a tap dancer performed with no musical accompaniment. DEFINITELY the right decision for her to show off how truly impressive tap dancing can be, but nonetheless it would be a ridiculous decision for the judges to keep her another week (especially after the blow of choosing her over Cristina last week and announcing their regret).

While the judges headed back stage to have a Jagger bomb competition while pretending to make their decision, Ne-Yo was left to entertain the audience performing his latest hit Beautiful Monster. Is this a case of GaGa-envy of the male form? Regardless, I absolutely love Ne-Yo’s style and musical sound, especially his latest tune.

After ALL that nonsense we were finally down to the important portion of the show; eliminations. Nigel quickly cut to the chase and thankfully made the decision that I was hoping for, keeping Billy Bell and Robert around for another week and sending yet another female performer, Melinda, back home. Sadly, we are down to two female dancers left in the competition and all six remaining male contestants. With that said, we are now guaranteed TWO man-on-man dance routines next week! Set your PVRs folks as next week is going to be one for the record books!

And that’s all for another week!

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  • Kevin

    …And all is right with the world 😛

    I’m so disappointed with Robert being in the bottom, but like I said in the other article I’m not surprised. I really hope that’s his last time there, so here’s hoping for a STELLAR performance next week, otherwise he’s for sure leaving the competition.

  • Dan

    I definitely agree with you Kevin. It would really surprize me if another girl left this week as Ashley and Lauren are REALLY strong (and I don’t think the judges would ever let the numbers get that unbalanced).

    As for the boy going home, I REALLY hope it won’t be Robet but he just doesn’t appear to be pulling in the votes he needs to stay in the competition. Only time will tell…