SYTYCD 7: Top 8 Performances Recap

Alright folks, we’re back for another week of So You Think You Can Dance, and yet again we are about to witness another change to the shows format that we haven’t seen before at this stage in the competition. Each competitor will be dancing one piece with an all-star they have yet to be paired with as well as dancing a second routine with a fellow contestant. Doing quick math, we’ll be seeing two boys dance together TWICE! Sit back, grab your potato chips (or carrot sticks if you prefer) and get ready for an incredible night of dance with a total of 12 performances!

In an unbelievable turn of events, Alex Wong hurt himself in last nights rehearsals and will unfortunately have to sit out for the performances show. Still awaiting the test results he was forced automatically into the bottom three. Should he survive the eliminations round based on the other bottom two on Thursday night and unable to compete next week he will be automatically disqualified from the competition! NO WAY! I love a little drama on the SYTYCD stage!! Naturally the boy pulled on heartstrings with his waterworks so I imagine he’ll be safe this week regardless!

The show opened with the contestants picking their partners and I am DEVASTATED to hear that Alex and AdeChike were set to do a Bollywood routine! NOOOOOO!!! Damn you Alex and your weak ankles!


After those announcements the routines were set to start with Lauren and Pasha working with Jean-Marc and Frances to learn a ChaCha routine. The performance was danced to Telephone by Lady Gaga and Beyonce! HECK YEAH IT WAS! Lauren KILLED the routine and once again Pasha was a stellar ballroom partner. Man he is really acting the part of sex-on-legs this season and I like it! The song definitely helped to enhance this routine and style allowing the audience to connect with the piece. Nice work team!!


The second pairing to take to the stage was Jose and all-star Lauren dancing a Mandy Moore Contemporary routine! Eeks and okay all at the same time! The piece was performed to Never Tear Us Apart by INXS, and I have to admit the piece definitely caught my eyes. Mandy played off Jose’s strength as a B Boy and constructed moves to match his body and style. Speaking of body, HELLO abs! Jose should definitely play the open-shirt role a little more often. He was an impressive partner in the routine; however, I felt that Lauren did the majority of the actual dancing. Just my opinion though! With that said, he definitely gave it his all and I have to give him kudos for his efforts.


We quickly jumped to the third routine of the night; my boy Kent dancing with Hip Hop all-star Comfort in an attempt to get buck wild! The routine was performed to You’re Not My Girl by Ryan Leslie and I have to admit I was anticipating disaster for Kent this week. This definitely wasn’t a great routine for Kent but I was somewhat believing his swagger attitude, especially next to Comfort who appeared to let all of the rhythm leave her body. WTF Comfort? Cat compared Kent to Justin Timberlake and I definitely think this was the perfect reference for this piece!


The next routine to hit the stage was AdeChike and all-star Courtney dancing our second Mandy Moore routine of the night, this time jazz. The concept is around closing time at a bar (AMAZEBALLS) and was performed to Is You Is Or Is You Ain’t My Baby? (Rae & Christian Remix) by Dinah Washington. Yes, that really is the name of the tune. I definitely thought the routine was interesting but I was constantly thrown off by the endless ups and downs as the dancers moved around, on and in front of the simulated bar and stools. I just didn’t get the need for the endless level changes, and I don’t feel that AdeChike deserved the praise that he received from Skeletor before I started fast-forwarding.

Side note: I do love that Cat ordered a dirty Gin Martini with three olives as the routine came to a close. Hot girl with a hot drink!


The next couple to take to the stage was crowd favourite BB (Billy Bell) who was originally slated to dance a Spencer Liff Broadway number with all-star Allison. As Donovan mentioned earlier this week (and explained further in the episode), Allison started suffering from an injury to her rib cage. THANK GOODNESS her replacement was BRILLIANT dancer Katee from season four. This lively acrobatic routine was performed to Macavity: The Mystery Cat from Cats (original Broadway cast). Man were these two good for one another. Katie was absolutely stunning in this number and Billy Bell matched her step for step. The technique was near perfection and absolutely insane, outside of the one out-of-sync spin near the end of the routine. The only noticeable flaw! Mia even referred to our BB as FAB-U-LICIOUS. Gay much?


The sixth couple to take to the stage was Ashley dancing alongside all-star Dominic in a Nappy-Tabs Hip Hop routine. This Ninja-infused sassy routine was performed to How Low by Ludacris. I have to start right off the bat with Dang it I loved the outfits! Ashley’s pants were literally blowing my mind they were so awesome! And the fall-split from standing that Ashley pulled off – EPIC! Seriously, she SMASHED herself onto the stage with a smile on her face! I loved this concept and it was danced absolutely fantastic! Ashley is getting better and better each week and really starting to shine as one of the front runners in this competition.


Robert was up next dancing a Sean Cheesman routine with all-star Kathryn. Performing as dolls emerging from their boxes, this routine was choreographed to Sinking Feeling by Roisin Murphy – the go-to artist for this year’s season apparently! I absolutely LOVED Robert in this piece! I also loved the HUGE mess that these two were as partners! Kathryn literally fell on her butt after her forward flip, and the spin through Roberts legs to what should have been a death swing was more heavy than pretty. Skeletor gave him props and ignored the fumbles of the routine in an attempt to keep him out of the bottom three again. Maybe that’s the kiss of death?


Alex Wong and AdeChike were supposed to be the first of the boy-with-boy couples (yes, I want to use the word couple so I’m going to) to take to the stage. With Alex’s injury mentioned earlier, AdeChike took to the stage with the assistant choreographer from the practice sessions, Marla. The piece was performed to Mourya Re by Don The Chase Begins Again (soundtrack). Now I don’t think AdeChike should have been punished for Alex’s injury, I definitely feel it was unfair for him to be allowed to perform with a professional from the style while the rest of the dancers were left to work it out between the two of them. Granted, this Bollywood routine was some of the most incredible jumps in SYTYCD history, I didn’t understand his need to remove his vest part way through the piece. I don’t think Bollywood and stripping go together, it just doesn’t feel like the culture. Then out of NOWHERE during the judging critics Cat Deeley jumps in to stand up for AdeChike as Skeletor was telling him off for putting his own flavour into the routine and essentially falling short whereas only a few short weeks ago he was boasting with praise for Jose who had done the exact same thing. YOU EFFING GO CAT DEELEY! I love when you call the old douche bag out for not staying consistent in his comments. Boo Mia Michaels as well who tried to justify the comment and blabber on about missing Alex Wong and his performance in this piece. The judging panel is really starting to come across as a biased group of individuals who has picked their favourites and it appears to be nearly impossible to change their minds. I’ll leave this for Adam to discuss at some point in the near future.

Side note: I WISH I had the west coast feed to see if there was any form of editing to Cat’s remarks to appease Gramps Lythgoe…let me know if you saw that feed!


Up next was my boy Kent and my girl Lauren taking on a Contemporary routine from Travis Wall. Thank GOODNESS Travis came back after Skeletor’s bull comments a few weeks ago. Roll playing two high school students experience a crush, the piece was performed to one of my all-time favourite songs; Collide (Acoustic Version) by Howie Day. Sigh. x3. This routine made my night. I’ll even go a far as to say it made my season. I literally sighed an audible WOW three times during this routine. Travis Wall you’ve done it again my friend. There was one part where the two dancers moved from the left to right of the stage in perfect synchronicity and I was literally left breathless. For once I agree with Skeletor as he simply stated that these two dancers are two of the strongest of the season. Thank you for finally seeing what I have been witnessing all season long. Idiot.


Up next were Ashley and Robert performing a Jean-Marc and Frances Quick Step routine to Man with the Hex by The Atomic Fireballs. Man do I despise this style! After all of the modern dance styles we saw tonight (outside of the ChaCha) this routine really stood out like ‘which one of these things is not like the others’, Sesame Street-style. I really wanted to fast forward this whole routine but was worried I might miss a critical error that would cause the judges to rip into the dancers. I didn’t necessarily love the routine and I wouldn’t pick up the phone for this piece.


The final routine of the night was our true boy-with-boy routine with Jose and Billy Bell taking to the stage together dancing a Sean Cheesman African Jazz routine. Definitely a good style for two men to tackle together! The piece was performed to The Hunt by Mickey Hart. I secretly loved that Jose played the near naked hunter while Billy played the fully clothed jaguar. The home-erotic feeling of this routine, although completely unintended was literally OOZING out of bits of the choreography, especially when Billy ended up on top of Jose while he was lying on the floor. YUM!


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Bottom Three based on these performances:

Alex Wong – guaranteed

Robert – he seems to have a standing spot in the bottom three

Billy Bell – I feel these two men will be competing against each other again

The person leaving the competition will be Robert as the judges will save Alex, and I speak from the blatant hard-ons they appear to have for him each and every night.

  • joel

    You can work, play soccer, and pump out an article all in one day – HOLY EFFICIENCY BATMAN!

    Ashley = hip hop goddess. Totally believable. New favourite.

  • I LOVED Kat’s slam on Nigel. And I love that the crowd got behind her. Nigel and Mia have been fawning over Jose’s “personality” since the beginning… but he really isn’t a stand-out dancer. I also loved that the crowd booed Mia for not admitting her hypocrisy.

  • Robyn

    Ok… THAT was a great episode and the dancing was good too…
    1. Can we please talk about how adorable Spencer Liff is?
    2. I’m with you on Kent this week Dan! The Travis Wall piece was perfection. The entire time I wished it was me dancing that.
    3. The judges were unbelieveable biased and totally ripped Adechike a new one (Mia: Do you know what a donut hole is? Empty..) and I have to say I have grown weary of him, so I don’t care.
    4. I’m devastated by Alex’s injury – and I think the tears were real. With Alex out BB is my new fave – he killed it this week.
    5. Nigel was beyond annoying this week and after about 2 words I couldn’t take it any more and FF’ed over most of what he had to say and I think Mia might have been high (who wears a gold headband?). My guess is that Nigel either slapped or spanked Cat after the show for her interjections. I hope she keeps it up.

  • Dan

    Joel – I’m superman, what can I say! Nice work on the field by the way! You almost had a shut out!!

    Richie – I love that we call, text and blog about our love for Cat Deeley! She really was outstanding in her attempt to call Nigel on his garbage opinion.

    Robyn – AMAZING!
    1. Spencer Liff is ADORABLE and I wanted to hug him the minute I saw him last night. Totally agree.
    2. Kent and Travis Wall are the perfect duo. If you catch what I’m throwing down…
    3. Yes, yes, yes.
    4. I agree I definitely think the tears were real, I was just saying they definitely pulled on the heartstrings and the votes!!
    5. THANK YOU!!!! I am trying to start a movement to remove this hypocritical monster from the judging panel. Join me!

  • Robyn

    2.b. can’t stop thinking about Travis (and not in the way you are) and how not one movement is wasted…ever. Love, love, love.
    2.c. And how about Cat’s comment to Kent on her 4th of July Pool Party?
    5.b.I’ve always been with you on getting rid of Nigel as a judge… he’s just a crusty old tapper with no relevance to today’s dance world.
    6. Ashley’s falling splits…. wha???????

  • Tyrell

    Did you guys check out the Emmy nominations this morning? No So You Think You Can Dance mentioned for Competitive Reality Series or Reality Show Host. Ooo. Snubbed!

  • Tyrell

    For Outstanding Choreography, Mia Michaels was nominated for Koop Island Blues, the Addiction piece and her One piece. Stacey Tookey (Canadian, YA BABY!) was nominated for her Fear piece. AMAZING!

  • Allan

    I hope you are wrong about Robert being in the bottom three. He’s my favorite!

  • Dan

    Tyrell – I love that you ate your words in back-to-back comments! You’re hilarious!!

    SO proud of Canadian Stacey Tookey! How amazing would it be for her to beat out Mia Michaels’ three entries?!

  • Dan

    Allan – I hope I’m wrong as well, yet sadly, I don’t think I will be…

  • Tyrell

    @ Dan: HA! To be fair, So You Think You Can Dance as a WHOLE was not nominated for Outstanding Competitive Reality Show or Outstanding Reality Host. That’s more what I was going for. I am shocked that Seacrest was nominated considering Idol’s fall of ratings this year and well, that Cat Deeley is one of my favorite people on the planet (especially when she calls Nigel on his BS). If she beat out Mia, that would be CRAZY awesome considering she worked with Mia when she was a dancer as part of her company Raw and a part of the Celine Dion stuff in Vegas. The student winning over the teacher would be so cool!

    PS: Here is the piece Stacey was nominated for…

  • Kevin

    I wasn’t able to catch up this episode (I was busy all day with friends, and obviously didn’t want to interrupt our fun with SYTYCD :P), but I just saw the videos and watched the performances now to catch up, and I’ll give some opinions (based on what I saw and what I was able to catch up on yesterday on the fox website’s community)

    Lauren: Goddess, I’m glad the judges have finally realized what was pretty evident since her first audition. There has not been a single performance that she has done poorly on, and in all honesty the little comments such as “don’t look at the audience too much” means little to nothing to me. Her first performance to her last one with Kent have been my favourites of the season.

    Jose: I’m going to have to admit he is improving each week, but I just can’t seem to appreciate nor like him as a person. His contemp and his afro-jazz with Billy were both fantastic pieces, but I think I just liked them because of the his partners, not him.

    Kent: He used to be one of my front runners, but now I’m starting to get sick of those faces. It’s the same face all the time, he’s always in “Kent world” (like MIA has stated before), and even though his dancing is fantastic, he’s losing me more and more each week. His dance with Lauren was beyond perfection, and those two were destined to dance together on this show (I can’t say I didn’t see this pair coming)

    Adechicke: The bar dance was a snoozefest in all honesty, there was hardly any dancing. His Bollywood was definitely a lot better (and raped Jose’s, FYI). There’s really not much I can say on the judge’s comments, because I have yet to see them. I definitely can’t wait until sunday to watch the re-run and see Cat’s reply to those obnoxious a-holes :P.

    (side note: I’m not sure if I’m allowed to advertise a facebook group that is actually attempting to get MIA off the show so I won’t in this comment, but if I have your permission I’d love to post it up to get you guys to join it.)

    Billy: Great dancer, both his performances have been amazing, and YES TO KATEE! I felt Billy and Katee were equals in every way in this dance, except for in chemistry. Billy danced phenomenally, as well did Katee, but you could tell he was in his own world. His skill and talent really showed in his dance with Jose, which was just an amazing dance overall and I have nothing negative to say about it

    Ashley: Her hip hop was so entertaining and well-choreographed, and her chemistry was spot-on. Her dance with Robert was also okay, but in all honesty I think it’s the show’s fault for even adding quickstep to the roster as to why the no one likes it. No one has liked quickstep since season 2, so why the hell is it still on the show in season 7?

    Robert: Now here’s what I don’t understand.
    -Robert was in a box, so he couldn’t see his partner for the first half of the performance.
    -Robert had many facial expressions that fit his character
    -Robert dance and owned that performance

    So why exactly does everyone hate him and call him fake? It’s HIM, he’s not faking anything. I’m sorry but this is getting on my nerves. When I was looking at the comments about Robert from another community, many of them were calling Robert a “fake” dancer and hated him because of his facial expressions. I personally love him because he’s such a fun and funny person. Sorry about the rant, but gaaaah >_<.

    Anyways, the fumbles were not his fault, as Kathryn was just wayy too low for the flip to even possibly work. To blame him for that is like blaming corn for turning into popcorn when put into a microwave for 2 minutes – It's nearly impossible for it not to happen.

    As for bottom two guesses, I would love for it to be Alex, Jose, Adechicke, but I think it's going to be Alex, Jose, Robert (I would have said Adechicke, but MIA's comment will probably make every vote for Adechicke to be safe).

  • Kevin

    Wow, sorry for the long comment, didn’t realize it would turn into a wall of text lol!

  • Dan

    Wow Kevin, thanks for your more than enough detail post! I love how passionate you are about the show as I definitely feel the same way and it’s always great to see like minded individuals expressing themselves!

    What was the other community you were checking out that was referring to Robert being fake? I would love to check it out and possibly outdo them with our support!

    I have no issues with you posting about the Facebook page. This wall is here for people to express any and all thoughts, so go ahead! You haven’t come across a group attempting to remove Nigel as well, have you? 🙂

  • Dan

    Tyrell – Thank you for bringing that routine back into my life! I totally forgot about that piece and I LOVE it. She totally deserves to win! Sigh…

  • Kevin

    The community is the fox community, which can be found here:

    And this is the facebook group:

    As for Nigel, unfortunately I have not seen a group for that just yet :P. It would be amazing to replace the panel with Debbie Allen, Adam Shankman and a rotating judge for season 8 though 😛

  • Dan

    Thanks for posting the information Kevin! I took a look at the FOX community and I was really taken aback by their thoughts on Robert! I don’t get the mentality at all.

    I also think our SYTYCD community is a little fresher!

  • Taylor

    Oh my gosh, the one week that I am away and unable to watch SYTYCD, Alex gets injured and is out?! Seriously WHYYYY?! I was so upset when I returned and found this out….
    And thanks for putting this up, I really am glad I still got to watch the dances, I like, live for this show. Some people watch like “16 and pregnant” but no, this is MY show 😀 and there are some really amazing dancers on this show.
    I love Robert and have been calling in like CRAZY to get my boy some votes!!! I hope that he doesn’t end up in the final three as much as he has been!!!!
    I also really love Billy 🙂 idk what it is, but that boy is just awesome.
    Lauren is too good of a dancer 😛 I’m jealous. lol
    ~thanks for listening to the rant lol