SYTYCD 7: Top 8 Elimination

Once again we find ourselves at another Thursday night and than means only one thing; out top eight will be cut down to the remaining even dancers. The show opened with an angelic Mia Michaels Contemporary routine performed to When We Dance by Sting. Visually, this piece was absolutely stunning and I have to give props to AdeChike, Robert, Jose and Kent who owned the vast majority of this piece. Also, the assisted runs across the stage were effing stunning – definitely my favourite move in any dance genre. Also, Ade was one HOT mofo angel as the main focal point of the piece.

Regardless of the performance, the question on everyone’s mind is who will stay and who will go? Have the judges already decided to sale Alex and in turn let one of the other two dancers in the bottom three? We’ll just have wait and see.

An important note, Adam Shankman received 12 Emmy nominations for his producing the Oscars this past year. In his company was Mia Michaels, Stacey Tookey and the SYTYCD make-up team also received nominations for their work on the So You Think You Can Dance stage; as well, SYTYCD alumni Chelsie Hightower received a nomination for her choreographing work on Dancing with the Stars! Well done everyone!!

We immediately jumped into the results with Billy Bell and Lauren set to learn their fates first. Billy was up first to see if he would be making it through to next week and not surprizing (as I predicted it) BB was sent into the bottom three to sit next to Alex Wong. Lauren was next on the chopping block and not surprizing, she was sent through to safety. Phew.


Up next to learn their place in the competition were the final five remaining competitors with Kent up first out of the group. I loved my boys sparks tonight, looking all cutie pie! OF COURSE he was safe! DUH. Up next on the chopping block was Jose. Naturally, he was safe as well. Robert was next to learn his fate and if my predictions stay true, Robert wouldn’t like what the little envelop in Cat’s hands will say. UNBELIEVABLY Robert was finally sent straight through to safety! Finally, he doesn’t have to dance for his life! This pitted Ashley against AdeChike for the final spot in the bottom three. WTF! AdeChike was safe and Ashley was sent to dance alongside Billy Bell.

In a touch of class, Mia Michaels took a second to apologize to AdeChike about her comments last night in the performances show. Thank you Mia, as I definitely feel that the world watching was hoping for this moment tonight.

As filler this week we learned how Anya and Pasha came to be part of the all-star crew for this season. They performed their classic ballroom number, and I am sorry to admit I just didn’t have the patience for this tonight and fast forwarded it. If I was wrong in doing so, some please let me know and I will go back and watch it. I don’t think I’ll be getting any responses though.

Side Note: It’s at this point in the night that I am predicting that no one will be leaving us tonight as the bottom three is too strong and the judges won’t want to lose any of the bottom three.

The contestants were up next to dance their solos with BB taking to the stage first dancing to To Build a Home by The Cinematic Orchestra. Following Billy was Ashley who performed to Lost (acoustic) by Anouk. Both soloists picked AMAZING songs and danced absolutely beautiful. If either of these two go home over Alex who was unable to perform we will be watching the most blatant disgusting show of judge’s favourites in the history of the show.

While the judges went back stage to discuss the re-introduction of Skip It in the marketplace, Natasha Beddingfield took to the stage to perform her latest single. She was accompanied by a collection of the SYTYCD all-stars and I have to admit the dancing was pretty fantastic. The song on the other hand left a lot to be desired.

All three dancers were then brought out to the stage and the judges were unanimous in their decision. Alex was asked to hop forward while Nigel announced the extent of his injuries, involving a detached tendon in his lower leg. His operation is schedule for Tuesday, indicating Alex is out of the competition for the rest of the season. Alex OF COURSE was asked back to join next season’s top twenty meaning Ashley and Billy Bell would be safe for another week! HOORAY!

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  • Jared

    Feels like the show is not worth watching anymore without Alex Wong. Ashley is too forgettable for me. I can’t stand Robert or Kent. Adechike seems so bland to me. Jose… Should’ve been sent home at the start. The only dancers I’d be remotely interested in watching from here on are BB and Lauren.

  • Dan? Did you skip the tearful farewell? Where’s the commentary on sobbing Kent or BB’s efforts to console him with a kiss on the shoulder? Or the moment Alex said he was gonna miss all the dancers and then let out an emotional sob to the word “KENT” as Kent reached his arms out then ripped them back in to cover his tearful face.

  • Dan

    HAHAHA! I only saw a brief interlude between Billy Bell and Kent, and believe me I let out an exhaustive gasp! IT WAS SO ROMANTIC!

    I was letting you fill in the pieces Richie!

    Jared – I definitely agree with you on the Jose front, and AdeChike definitely hasn’t been impressing me lately, but I disagree whole-heartedly about your Kent and Robert comment! They are fantastic!

  • Geoff

    I’ve always kinda wondered if there was something going on between Alex and Kent…it seems like when they were both called safe, Alex would run and embrace Kent. It gave me the impression of being one sided at first, but last nights’ exchanges seemed too tender not to pique my curiosity. Maybe they’re both just very emotional, very close dancer buddies…? Yeah, I just can’t make that NOT sound like a euphemism…

    (Also, I love Lauren’s faces whenever it’s alluded that she and Kent could be an item…)

  • Tim

    lol @ Dan re: Anya and Pasha. I actually loved their routine. Anya is always on fire and hits shit like nobody else in ballroom.
    The end move of their routine was brazilliant – I had to rewatch that moment a few times. I love a good slam to the end beat.


  • Dan

    Tim – I might go back and watch now for no other reason than your use of ‘brazilliant’ – I’m stealing this word.

    Geoff – I felt the SAME way, but I was also thrown off my Billy Bell’s resting his head on Kent’s shower, appearing to kiss his shoulder and console him. It it possible there is a three-way all-boy gushy dancer friendship? I don’t think so…

  • Geoff

    If a gushy, all-boy three-way involving Kent IS possible, well….can’t say no to that.

  • Anya S.

    Saw this on and couldnt believe it

  • sammy

    i’m so glad someone else saw what i was talking about…everyone where i’m from thought i was crazy but i could have sworn i saw a connection between alex and kent early on…i think billy is kinda a side bar…he is attached to kent’s hip, however connection is much stronger with alex!!! now i know i’m not crazy