SYTYCD 7: Top 7 Performances Recap

We’re back in the hot seat as the top seven performers take to the stage following Alex Wong’s exit from the competition due to an injury. Seriously, before the show even started I was baffled at how this program is still taking TWO HOURS to showcase the top seven dancers’ routines. WTF?!

Right off the bat there were issues as Ashley was missing from the introduction of the dancers at the start of the show. Unbelievably she wasn’t able to dance due to a rib injury so once again she will be placed in the bottom three automatically. Another decision will have to be made in the results show on whether to keep her over the bottom two contestants that will be joining her, yet get the opportunity to dance for their lives. It would surprise me if the judges took out the second-to-last girl from the competition.


Following this news, the first couple was set to take the stage; Lauren dancing with all-star Mark. They were taking on a new style of dance that has yet to be performed on the SYTYCD stage, a Tahitian routine, choreographed by Tiana Liufau. Oh my goodness, this is too much with Mark shaking his hips all crazy like! The piece was danced to Jungle by Last Voices and had some of the most amazing costumes this show has ever created! I have to admit this was a pretty amazing and unique routine. I especially love the parts when Lauren shook her tail feather, literally! Definitely a great addition to the style of dances we have been exposed to over the years. Ew Skeletor was absolutely disgusting in his commentary once again and I dove for the remote to get him to shut up.


Up next on the stage was AdeChike and all-star Anya to learn a Salsa by choreographers Liz Lira and Danny Davalos. The extremely acrobatic salsa was performed to Oyelo que te Conviene by Eddie Palmieri. Wow, was AdeChike’s outfit one of the WORST this show has ever seen. This literally was the kiss-of-death routine for him this week. AdeChike was desperately struggling next to Anya, especially after the drop half way through the routine and the painfully slow interactions. This routine was literally held together by Anya and her strength as a partner. Dang, AdeChike, it is you time to go this week bud…


The third couple to take to the stage was Jose with all-star Courtney to take on a Joey Dowling Broadway routine. The piece was performed to Mister Cellophane from Chicago (the Motion Picture soundtrack), the perfect tune for this routine. I hate to say it, but this was some of the easiest choreography I have ever seen on the SYTYCD dance, especially at this stage in the competition. All Courtney had to do was simply parade around the stage as Jose chased after her, slowly at that! I’m sure the judges were in full support of Jose in another obvious biased attempt at garnering votes for the guy who probably deserves them least.


Up next on the stage on was Robert dancing a Travis Wall routine with all-star Allison (HECK YEAH SHE’S BACK). Robert is playing the role of Travis while Allison is playing the role of Travis’ mother. IN-EFFING-TENSE. Can we say Mia Michaels’ father routine incarnated? The piece was performed to Fix You by Coldplay. HUGE EXHALE. A minute and a half just passed. My hands are on my face. WOW. That was absolutely fucking fantastic. Sorry for the language but it had to be said. Even Cat Deeley was in tears. Literally one of the most stunning routines I have seen on this show, I had goose bumps continuously throughout this piece. Thank you Travis Wall, thank you.

Quote of the show: Adam Shankman, and I quote, I literally just blew a snot bubble on national television. Yes Adam, yes you did.


Following that spectacular routine, Billy Bell was paired with all-star Anya (her second routine of the week) to dance a Jive routine. The piece was performed to Paradise by the Dashboard Light by Meat Loaf – huh?! Wow do I ever hate this style. Eeks. And poor Billy Bell for picking this style! His intro clip did nothing to help this awkward performance. There was nothing about this routine that I liked and unfortunately it looked like SHE was leading HIM around the stage the entire routine. Not good my friends.


Up next on the stage was my boy KENT dancing with all-star NEIL dancing a Tyce Diorio routine. The theme of the dance was baseball and performed to Shoeless Joe from Hannibal, Mo by Damn Yankees (1994 original Broadway cast). Yeah, that song. This routine was definitely really weird for two boys to be dancing to as there was nothing butch about the choreography. The one part that I absolutely loved was the matching tumbling lines and the endless acrobatics! Also, Kent’s HUGE jumping hug into Neil’s arms at the end of the routine…FINALLY! A little homo infusion…


Lauren and Billy were the first dual-contestant pairing to take to the stage as the seventh performance of the night. They were tackling a Mandy Moore Jazz routine performed to Boogie Shoes by KC & the Sunshine Band. OOOHH, bedazzled converse shoes! I gotta get me a pair of those! Unfortunately the camera men completely missed the point of the routine as they endlessly zoomed out to show the crowd which prevented us from seeing the SHOES that this piece was centered around. Out of the two performers I was drawn to Lauren for the entire routine and that once again doesn’t bode well for our boy BB.


Up next on the stage was Jose dancing alongside all-star Dominic (definitely not fair for the rest of the competitors dancing with non-all stars, but whatev). They were attacking the first ever Nappy-Tabs B-Boy routine performed to Battle for the Beat by District 78. I was about to complain about this routine as it came across in large part as a breaker routine overly choreographed, but there was one move that blew my mind! Jose was in push-up above Dominic and he jumped (from all fours) to land with his chest on Dominic’s feet and perched there for a few seconds. It. Was. Incredible! I love random moves that simply blow my mind.


Up next on the stage was my boy Kent (sigh) dancing with fellow contestant AdeChike, performing a Dee Caspary contemporary routine. In a lame intro skit AdeChike teased Kent for having a crush on Lauren, which he promptly denied. Good work babe, stick to your guns! The piece was performed to You Only Disappear by Tom McRae. Wow, this routine was brilliant. I hate to admit it but this looked a LOT like a gay love story involving two men and two chairs channelling emotion. Not two men thinking about two women. I just had to put it out there. Also, this routine saved AdeChike’s butt BIG time!


The final performance of the night belonged to Robert and what should have been Ashley dancing the first Disco routine of the season. After Ashley’s injury, she was replaced by all-star Kathryn to take on a Doriana Sanchez. The routine was performed to Instant Replay by Dan Hartman. Well, this is another style that I strongly dislike so instead of ripping Robert apart I am going to reflect back to his earlier Contemporary performance of the night and completely forget about this routine. Come on everyone, do it with me!


After what felt like an excruciating long night, my predictions for the bottom two joining an injured Ashley already in the bottom three:

AdeChike and Billy Bell

Person leaving the competition this week will be Billy Bell if the judges decision was truly based on these two performances and not past history…

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  • My favorite moment of the night goes a little like this.
    (post Neil and Kent Broadway routine)
    Mia: I like boys. This routine was fabulous.
    Cat: Adam, what did you think? Now, we’ve already concluded that Mia likes boys. How about you?
    HAHAHA! Amazing. I think AdeChike and Kent’s routine was stunning and I’ve always loved Dee Caspary’s stuff but Travis knocked it outta the park this week for sure.

  • Taylor

    Last night I called in 18 times each for Robert and Billy, my favorites now that Alex is gone. so that’s 36 calls of fandom 🙂
    (should’ve just called in all night and get like 2000 calls for each of my faves lol)

  • Dan

    Taylor – that’s impressive! Nice work! Do us a favour and add Kent to your list of vote recipients as I can’t call in from a Canadian number!

    Tyrell – I have gone back and watched the Travis Wall routine three times throughout the day today and have been sitting at my desk with tears trickling down my cheeks. I’m a mess.

  • Kevin

    Poor Adechicke (on the first performance), Lauren and Jose had little to no choreo (except for some amazing hip shaking on Lauren’s part ;)), while Adechicke had one of the most difficult salsa’s this show has ever seen. It’s pretty clear he was set up to fail.

    The performances were fantastic, especially Robert’s dances <3. That disco was LOLworthy though, I nearly saw Robert kill Kathryn once and saw Kathryn nearly kill herself twice in that dance (Kathryn at 1:01 swung her head downwards almost knocking right into the ground, at 0:47 Kathryn just kept sliding downwards almost letting go of Robert, and at 0:24 Robert almost knocked her right into the ground).

    Poor Robert and Adechicke lol. Hoping it's Jose, Billy and Ashley in B3 tonight and PRAYING Jose goes home and that Ashley is okay to dance.

  • Kevin

    ^ Sorry lol, with the times posted I realized that the video works a little differently. the 1:01, 0:47 and 0:24 are the times that were left in the video, not the duration of the video 😉

  • Chrissie

    Being a Mom to one of the most amazing little boys ever, Travis’ piece had me blubbering for a good 15 minutes. That boy always hits it. Adechike’s salsa with Anya was the most painful routine of the night, seconded by her horribly chopped up jive with Billy(and as a Meatloaf fan, I have to say I’m appalled by the horrid mix of a great song). Not her fault. She should get to dance with Pasha tonight, to make up for it. I hope its Adechike heading home…with Billy running closely behind next week…. Go Jose!!!!

  • Dan

    Chrissie – I LOVE your comment! Thanks for hate on for the Meat Loaf remix – I was feeling it too! Sadly, the results were not in our favour tonight.

    Kevin – I have really started to value your insightful commentary, keep it coming!

  • Robyn

    1. I’m still not over the Travis Wall piece… seriously. Who didn’t blow a snot bubble?
    2. WHY WHY WHY for the love of god are they still doing disco pieces?!?

  • Dan

    Robyn – two-for-two, in total agreement! I was a complete snot bubble mess with the Travis Wall routine.

    I question the choice of Disco, Jive and ChaCha every time. It really is the same choreography over and over and over again!

  • Eric

    The funniest part was when Cat told Adam that Courtney’s dress was going to be put back in his dressing room (cuz we all know you’re a queen Adam).

    PS: Mia Michaels is absolutely awful!! The whole “I love boys” thing was overrated on her part and when she said Robert was not “masculine” enough (what does that even mean?) I wanted to flat-out punch her in the face!

  • Scott Appel

    The whole homophobic subtext to a lot of the judges’ comments is really wearing me down as a viewer. Like Elvis-“I’m-a-real-man”-Stojko, the SYTYCD judges have pretty firm ideas about what masculinity and femininity are — and Skeletor is allowed to drool over every move that Courtney makes. Blech!

    Meanwhile, while Kent and some of the other males likewise get to make sexual comments about their female counterparts, dancers like Alex Wong (who appears briefly on a gay-themed episode of the Tyra Banks show*) don’t say anything about who amongst their peers they think are hot.

    *check this link out. youtube video. skip to 5:46 and you will see Alex Wong.

  • Robyn

    Back to the dance styles. It’s kind of bizarre that this week was first B-Boy routine. Shocking actually, if the show wants to stay relevant. If Jose (and I’m not a fan but stay with me) has to take on broadway, ballroom and bollywood then why wouldn’t b-boy/breakdancing be given to the other dancers?

  • JJ

    Did you know that Kathryn only had an hour to learn that disco? She stepped in LAST LAST MINUTE. She got 30 minutes to learn the routine, and 30 minutes to rehearse. That girl is crazy good!

    Anyhow, for all the talk of whether or not Kent is gay, either those baseball pants are really, really tight, or Kent was VERY HAPPY to be dancing with Neil. Go back and watch for yourself!

  • Paolo

    “If Jose (and I’m not a fan but stay with me) has to take on broadway, ballroom and bollywood then why wouldn’t b-boy/breakdancing be given to the other dancers?”

    But Jose can’t even take on the simplest Broadway choreography… So I say it’s fair enough that contempo/ballroom contestants only dance hiphop routines with a couple of backflips and handstands leaving out the full-on power moves.