SYTYCD 7: Top 7 Elimination

Well folks, tonight could prove detrimental to yet another injured contestant unable to perform in this week’s performance show on Wednesday. One of my favorites (and one of two girls left in the competition), Ashley could be facing elimination depending on who is placed in the bottom two as well. EEKS! This elimination show is bound to be FULL of drama.

The uninjured six remaining contestants alongside a collection of the all-stars opened the night with a group Broadway routine performed to Charleston (from Million Dollar Baby) by Jerome Robbins Broadway. At this point I stopped paying attention as this routine was just a mess (I just don’t like the style) and would like to point out how similar Robert is to all-star Mark and Kent is all-star Neil. A group routine with the four of these boys would literally blow my mind!

Anyways, back to the action. After another segment boosting up National Dance Day on July 31, and Skeletor rambling on and on and on, they first two contestants came straight out to the stage; Kent and Lauren. MY TWO FAVOURITE DANCERS!! These two should be the final two dancers left standing at the end of this season if I have my way. Naturally Cat tried to freak out both of these dancers by alluding that one of them was in the bottom three, which WASN’T TRUE as they were both sent through to safety!

Side note: Have a gander at the studly man that stands up and cheer for Kent when he makes it through to safety. One can only assume this is Kent’s brother, but I don’t want to forecast…


Before the rest of the contestants were brought to the stage we were entertained by two youngster ballroom dancers performing what appeared to be a Jive routine to Jailhouse Rock by Elvis Presley. While these two were darling cute I was definitely left confused as to this unnecessary use of filler.

Up next to learn that fates were AdeChike and Billy Bell, pitted once against each other to learn their results. It was literally FIVE MINUTES of fast forwarding through their clips from last night. Enough! Sadly, Cat opened her envelop and Billy Bell found himself in the bottom three with AdeChike sailing through to next week. EFF! Seriously America? AdeChike was meant to go home this week! DANG IT!

Robert and Jose were then brought out to the stage to see who would be joining Billy Bell and Ashley to round out the bottom three. Finally America got something right and pushed Robert through to safety leaving Jose to take his first trip to the bottom three, to compete for his life.

We were then forced to watch another filler performance of the night which involved an extremely muscular man in excessively tight white pants. To be honest, this was still amazing to watch at three times the speed…

Twitch and Comfort were then highlighted as the two featured all-stars this week. I will admit that Twitch’s persistence definitely paid off, making it through to the show his second time around! They returned to the stage to perform their legendary Dave Scott Hip Hop routine, performed to Forever by Chris Brown. Man I still love this song! And I have to give it to them, it was definitely a great routine!!

Billy Bell and Jose quickly took to the stage to dance for their lives, performing their respective styles. After watching these two boys give it their all and knowing what Ashley has show over the last few weeks through the competition, the judges would be deemed complete idiots if they kept Jose in the competition.

While the judges went back stage to fill up their cups of soda and discuss the differences between Diet Coke and Coke Zero, the incredible artist Christina Perri took to the stage to perform her SYTYCD-famed song, Jar of Hearts. I have to admit, this was one of the smartest moves this show taken this season. Complimenting these powerful lyrics was an impromptu performance by all-stars Neil and Allison. Absolutely gorgeous. Please SYTYCD producers, do more of this and LESS Kesha or Shakira. Seriously, this was fantastic, so please keep it up!

After the judges took foreva to get back to their seats, they finally got around to announcing who would be leaving the competition tonight. 55 minutes later.

Side note: Thankfully Billy Bell shaved his face tonight.

Once again, the two dancers who weren’t injured were saved due to the length of recovery required for Ashley to be able to perform again. Literally ridiculous. The competition is now down to one remaining girl, Lauren, and five male dancers. This definitely could prove to be an interesting final four in just a few short weeks! Or who knows, with the new format of this season we might actually see a final two in the last performances episode!

I unfortunately will be out of town for work next week so won’t be able to watch the competition and provide you with my feedback; however, fellow SYTYCD crazed fan, RICH, will be taking over the job for me! I’ll be back the following week, so treat him well and give him your feedback!!

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  • Topher

    The studly man that stands for Kent is his brother… and oh my, what a studly man he is!

  • Dan

    Thank you Topher! I figured it was his brother, but as they failed to mention anything about his family being in the audience, I thought it was best to speculate…

  • Robyn

    I’ve become obsessed with the Christina Perri song and have had it on repeat since it was used a few weeks ago.
    I have to ask: Why not more Neil? He was amazing this week and (I know you are not going to like this Dan) totally outdanced Kent on the baseball routine….made him look like a 12 year old. Love him. I also can’t say enough about Travis Wall – finally, a choreographer who was able to show how special Robert is. Saved his ass.

  • Eric

    Thank goodness for Christina Perri!! She was lovely! I thought I was the only one who understood how amazing her song was but then I saw it on top of the Billboard Heatseekers chart and I was totally relieved…

    Too bad for Ashley, though. I seriously think these “injuries” are being set up. I mean Alex is the best male dancer this season and Ashley is the best female… Hmm, suspicious much? I suspect Skeletor is behind this 😛

  • chrisie cooke

    Was really hoping that Adechike was finally going to get sent home this week….Still am JOse’s number one fan; yes his broadway routine was horrid, but he played the part he was given, can’t dock marks for that, and as if his b-boy battle with Dom wasn’t the slickest routine ever…
    *sidenote* glad that Billy shaved, too! 🙂
    Does anyone else think that Cat and Dom are nailing??

  • kentfan101

    @robyn and eric….love christina perri and “jar of hearts” amazing.

    also @eric…i feel like it’s suspicious as well but in a different way…hate to say it but Ashley was not doing well with the voters and i feel as though she would have gone home this week and maybe spraining an ankle or something was easy. i feel as though she wanted to go out with the glory and sympathy that Alex did which won’t happen.
    @chrisie cooke… i love adechike, don’t think his dancing is phenomenal but feel like his technicality is better than Jose’s

  • Trey

    @kentfan101 nah, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Ashley’s vote totals. She’s only been to the bottom 3 once. Billy and Robert have been there more times, and with only her and Lauren left representing the girls, there’s no doubt in my mind that the judges would let go of any of the other boys first before they let Ashley go. I say it was a legit injury (caused by that freaking disco choreographer again!)

  • Dan

    Robyn – you couldn’t be more wrong! Kent out danced Neil FOR SURE!

    Eric – I love your conspiracy theory! I wouldn’t be surprized to learn that Skeletor had something to do with all the disasters this season. I’m assuming there will be another injury this week so we’ll now on Wednesday who will be going home.

    Chrisie – I didn’t think they were doing it before, but I do now. 😉

    Kentfan101 and Trey – I’m curious to know when the judges will stop having the power to decide and when it will truly come down to America’s votes sending the contestants home. This week with the top six perhaps? It would be nice for Skeletor to have zero purpose again.

  • kentfan101

    ok trey, i’ll give you that one, bc i don’t know it just seemed real odd!!!

    dan, i agree…the last few weeks have been totally pointless for the fans…voting wise…i’ll be glad when this gets back to a REAL competion!!!

  • trey

    @Dan, I think for this season, the judges have the power to eliminate contestants until the finale. It’s only in the finale when voters get all the power and the contestant with the most votes win. Otherwise, the eliminations are based on the judges’ (Nigel’s) decision the entire time.

    Also, Dom can only wish he was nailing Cat’s little wooden potty chair in his dreams. No way that he’s got a change with her, lol…

  • Dan

    Trey – I really hope you’re wrong as then the title, ‘America’s Favourite Dancer’ should be revised to be ‘Nigel’s Biased Pick for Best Dancer’.