SYTYCD 7: Top 6 Performances Recap (Redux)

I’m BACK! Thanks to Richie for last week and doing a brilliant job filling in! So we’re back again to watch the top six dancers perform as the judges decided to keep all the contestants from last week as it was blatantly obvious that Jose was about to be sent home (or the injured Billy Bell) and heaven forbid that happen. I am really starting to get tired of the two hour format of this show. It is absolutely unnecessary for this show to be taking up this much time with only six dancers left. Thankfully two dancers are leaving us this week inching ever closer to the finale.


The first dancer to take to the stage is my boy Kent dancing a ChaCha routine with all-star Anya. The danced a Jean-Marc and France routine to My First Kiss by 3Oh!3 ft. Ke$ha. Thank goodness this was Kent’s routine or I would have fast forwarded from the minute they announced the ChaCha. I’ll give Kent credit, he did a decent job with this piece. Until the end. When he almost dropped Anya. Seriously, that was a hot mess tonight! Fantastic, they’ve added a fourth judge to the panel for more useless filler…


The second couple to take to the stage was my other boy Robert dancing with all-star Kathryn dancing an emotion Stacey Tookey Contemporary piece. Sigh. The piece was performed to Heaven is a Place on Heaven by Katie Thompson. I was prepared for this to blow me away and I just didn’t feel the pre-hyped emotion. It might be that I’m a touch cynical tonight due to the shear length of this show, but I do love me some Stacey Tookey with Robert.

Jose was up next to dance his solo. That’s all I have to say about that.


AdeChike was up next with all-star Courtney to do a Tyce Diorio Jazz routine, performed to Manteca by Dizzy Gillespie. Blah Blah Blah. This was an okay routine, and I found myself starring at Courtney the entire time and annoyed by AdeChike’s inability to turn off his Contemporary style. Seriously, I don’t even want to talk about routines like this as I feel this is one of those routines at the end of the year we won’t even remember this number, so what does it even matter.

Lauren took to the stage next to perform her solo to You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman. THIS is the kind of solo we SHOULD be seeing at this stage in the game!


Surprize surprise, Jose was up next and picked Hip Hop, dancing with all-star Comfort. Really, Hip Hop? The ONLY style he might be good at he managed to pick out of the hat this week. Smooth SYTYCD, smooth. The piece was performed to Try a Little Tenderness by Otis Redding. Who put this routine together?! This was NOT Hip Hop! This wasn’t even dancing? I’m currently choreographing a routine for the Vancouver Pride parade and I had more difficult steps in my routine! WTF?! Who is Arty?!


Up next to the stage was Billy Bell to perform hi solo. Lights Go Down by Telepathe was the song he danced too and it was epic. Welcome back BB, welcome back.

My boy Kent was up next to his solo and I could watch this boy dance over and over again all-night-long. He’s a ladies man apparently. AS IF.


Following his brilliant performance was my girl Lauren dancing with all-star Allison dancing a Tyce Diorio Broadway piece. EPIC concept! I love the idea of two girls dancing together at this point in the competition (clearly SYTYCD’s response to the several boy-on-boy routines we’ve seen so far). They danced to Who’s Got That Pain? By Damn Yankees from the 1994 original Broadway cast. The group I was watching with tonight was definitely mixed on this routine; I personally don’t like Broadway and definitely couldn’t get into this routine. On my left was Karen who kept repeating how much she liked the piece. Agree to disagree!

Robert was next to the stage to perform his solo and again I just don’t understand how someone like Robert could be sent home while Jose continues to fumble his way through the competition!


Billy Bell was next on the stage to dance with all-star Ade dancing the second Stacey Tookey Contemporary piece of the night. They danced to Mad World by Michael Andrews ft. Gary Jules – double sigh. The concept of the homeless man encountering the business man in a suit was incredible. That routine was absolutely incredible. I literally wow’d my way through this entire routine. Billy Bell performed a LIFT with Ade and actually made it look manly! FANTASTIC! The judges gave the piece a standing ovation, except for Skeletor of course. At this point I SPEWED hatred for Skeletor as he attempted to take credit for making the decision to keep Billy last week (indicating he would have been the one leaving the competition). SHUT UP!

AdeChike was next dancing his solo to Pretty Wings by Maxwell. I hate to admit it but this boy’s jumps are SICK! Definitely loved this solo and for the first believe that he should be in the competition.


Up next was Jose dancing with Kent taking on a Spencer Liff Broadway routine. I’m sorry Kent. Best of luck dancing with this hot mess. The piece was performed to From This Moment On by Kiss Me Kate (soundtrack). At this point in time I decided to take a bathroom break to skip this routine (yes, even though my boy Kent was in this number). The highlight was Kent looking J’ADORABLE! Jose in his overalls on the other hand, not really the attention-grabbing outfit he was hoping for tonight. This routine was more stumble than dance and the small infusion of breaking to help Jose out was another dash of nonsense.


Next to the stage were Lauren and AdeChike tackling a Jean-Marc and Frances Fox Trot. UGH. Why do they event include styles like this anymore? There has yet to be a routine of this style that even comes HALF as close to impacting votes as a moving Contemporary piece. I get it, the show wants variety, but I’m over it! The piece was performed to Fever by Beyonce. Thank goodness for Lauren! This routine was a snoozefest and the song did nothing to help that fact. Another routine that will be forgettable at the end of the night.


Up next were Billy Bell and Robert taking on a Bollywood routine – YIKES – don’t hurt yourself boys! The piece was performed to Ganesh by Bombay Dreams (soundtrack). This routine was SPANK ME hot! The synchronized extended pirouettes were out of this world! Literally my favourite routine of the night (next Stacey’s homeless-themed Contemporary routine). Absolutely incredible!

After what felt like countless routines, my forecast for the bottom three are:

  • AdeChike
  • Jose
  • Kent – DARE I SAY IT?!

The TWO people leaving the competition will be AdeChike and Jose (if I have my way). If America goes all craze-bots on us, I have a feeling it will be Jose and Robert

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  • Robyn

    Another great recap Dan.
    1. This week was all about Robert and Billy. The Stacey Tookey/Ade/Billy routine was mesmerizing and the Bollywood was wicked hard and fast and they nailed it.
    2. Eff you Nigel. “Robert you’ve shown so much growth…” really!?! Because last week you told him he wasn’t growing enough… ughhh!
    3. Time to replace Tyce with Spencer.
    4. I will also admit to either yawning or ffing through many of the routines (except the above mentioned – which I watched twice).

  • Kevin

    I completely agree about your B3. Great review.
    If you didn’t hear, Lauren was with the medic at the end of the show because she was dehydrated. Nigel says she’ll be on the Elimination show, but poor girl. She’ll only be dancing if she’s B3 tonight (which I highly doubt she will be), meaning she won’t be in the opening number (probably sitting on the sidelines with Jose for the third week in a row lol)

  • Dan

    Thanks Kevin – I heard she was with the medics but wasn’t sure of the reason. Of course Nigel was a douche and indicated she would be dancing. He wouldn’t want to set a precedent for dancers to listen and take care of their bodies!

    Sadly…Lauren ended up dancing for her life…