SYTYCD 7: Top 6 Performances Recap

Hey peeps. It’s Rich. Dan is away this week. Where? I don’t know. He’s always been a bit of an enigma… or is that enema? Don’t tell him I wrote that… he’ll totally cut me out of the Mario Kart parties.

Recap WARNING. I’m grumpy… I may lash out at Nigel because I loathe his lecherous ways and I’m still reeling from the loss of Ashley and Alex due to injury. That AND I just found out too amazing friends who I love to bits are getting a divorce. Ugh. 2010 has not been a good year for relationships in my life and those around me. Oh… and the West End of Vancouver is CRAWLING with bridge and tunnel hooligans. I hate fireworks nights. Come on SYTYCD… cheer this grumpy ginger up!!!

Oh shit. There’s only five dancers in the opening and WHAT IS CAT WEARING?! Billy is missing and Cat is wearing chiffon curtains. WTF is going on. They’re dropping like flies! Billy Bell has injured his knee. It doesn’t sound as serious as the last two, but he is not going to perform tonight. He’s in the bottom three automatically. At least it wasn’t Lauren! Guest judge Kenny Ortega is here by the way.


First up is Lauren. She got a Tabitha and Napoleon hip hop routine with Twitch. Come on Girl! Bring it! It’s some sort of western theme. She’s the last girl standing and has to fight! They dance to My Chick Bad by Nicki Minaj. Still grumpy. I didn’t love the choreography, Twitch looked ridiculous in the tacky (literally and figuratively) chaps, and the song was gimmicky. BUT, Lauren was pretty good for what she was given to work with. I think she actually worked the routine better than Twitch. She definitely has a hip hop heiny. Adam thought she was hot, Mia thought she went hard and sexy, Kenny thought she was powerful, and Nigel said she was “nasty buck”. Meh.


Now it’s Jose’s turn. He’s dancing with Allison in a Sonya Tayeh contemporary piece. It’s a love story… with a breakup. UGH. I hope Sonya and Allison’s amazingness is not wasted on Jose. They dance to the theme from Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind by Jon Brion. They danced most of the routine right on the edge of the stage. Interesting. Risky. Meh. Not my favourite Sonya piece. Allison was gorgeous as always and Jose, thankfully, didn’t have to dance that much. I say average. But will the judges gush over their golden boy? They actually thought it was tough to critique because there wasn’t enough dancing. Mia thought Jose was too “pedestrian contemporary”.


Robert is up third with all-star Lauren. They’ve got a Tyce Diorio jazz number. It’s all about seduction. Looks dirty. I think I’m gonna like this one. They’re looking sexy in black dancing to Wasted Time by My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult. It was hot, but it could’ve been hotter. I’ve seen much sexier pieces on the Canadian edition. It felt a little like “jazz by numbers” to me. Gawd… I am hard to please tonight! The judges were pleasant, but not jumping up and down. Nigel perved on Lauren. Surprise surprise.


Kent picked Kathryn. Yay! I love both of them. Maybe this will snap me out of my gloom. They’re doing jazz with Sonya Tayeh. Please be good. Please be good. Please be good. It’s all about being fun and accepting who you are as a person. Sonya wants Kent to embrace how wonderful of a dancer he is. They’re dancing to Tightrope by Janelle Monae and I love it! It’s fun, frisky, and full of awesome tricks. Those two are flipping around everywhere! Yay for Kent and Kathryn! It was infectious fun. I watched it twice… first one tonight! The judges liked it too.


Adechike is doing a lyrical hip hop number with Comfort, choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon. This could be trouble. Oh god… it’s another dramatic relationship number where one person needs to walk aways. What is up people! Where are my fucking happy endings?!?! At least the song, Fallin’ by Alicia Keys is good. It was actually a pretty good routine. I like the lyrical stuff. I have to admit though, it was pretty hard to take my eyes of Comfort… but Adechike worked it out. When the song hit the big chorus and the two hit the ground for some floor work, it really picked up. Definitely the performance of the night so far. I watched it twice. The judges loved it. Adechike was crying afterwards.


Next up was Robert and Lauren with a Dmitry Chaplin Samba. He is so hot. It’s a beach party samba and Dmitry just did the girl part with Robert to show Lauren… I died. Yummers. They dance to Drummer Boy (SYTYCD Remix) by Debi Nova. It was a good effort with some good tricks. Lauren definitely knows how to work her hips, but Robert looked a bit awkward at times. If Mary was around she would’ve put them on the hot tamale caboose… not the full train. Mia disagreed with me. She thought Robert looked like a Samba dancer. Meh.


Jose and Adechike got together for a Paso Doble with Dmitry Chaplin and Legacy. Say what? Boy on boy ballroom. Nigel is going to have a fit. I’m intrigued!!! This could be cool. It’s a matador duel! They dance to The Arrival/Rampage/Continued Existence by James Dooley. Love the capes, but they’re about half a beat out of synch with each other. Come on boys… make it work! Hmmm… I don’t know. It got better without the capes, but they still had some timing issues. It was good, but not great. I wanted more. The judges thought it was just ok too.


Obviously Billy’s out. So Kent is going to have to take on SYTYCD’s first ever Step routine with a sub. The number was choreographed by Chuck Maldonado. Steppin’ in for Billy is all-star Twitch. They hit it to Pro Nails (Rusko Remix) by Kid Sister. Ew. I hate it. It’s like awkward band geeks Krumping. Not good. Kent looks like a tiny little boy next to Twitch. It’s all wrong, but the judges seemed to like it. Meh. Fast forward.

So that’s it. Not the best night in SYTYCD history. Only a couple stand out routines and a lot of mediocre. I think Jose and Robert should end up in the bottom two with Billy with Jose going home. His time has come… he’s bringing down the routines.

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  • Allan

    Okay Rich – first, you need not be so down. You’re THE hottest ginger, hands down! I’ve met a fair few gingers in my day – so I should know.

    Second – can we talk about how irritating Nigel is, especially in relation to gender roles? “Good dancers like you Robert are making it okay for boys to dance, but it’s really girls like Lauren that make them want to dance.” Fuck you Nigel. I hate you. I hope you get hit by a bus.

    Third – It’s Roberts birthday! My roommate and I paused the PVR before he revealed his age so that I could guess how old he was. I guessed 26. He is 20! 20! I’m willing to give up my life and move to wherever a 20 year old lives?! I might have to reconsider my love for Robert. K – I thought about it. Nope. He’s still perfect for me. I love him. I’m glad he was born.

    Lastly – I’m with you, it’s time for Jose to go…along with that creepy ‘stache and poorly done corn rows. It’s a no for me.

  • rocky

    ok first wow allan, i hope things work out with you and robert!!!
    also yeah nigel pissed me off with that little comment!!!

    so to the dancing: lauren didn’t do amazing the whole routine but i felt like she killed it the first time she rode on his back and for a few moves after that!!!

    JOSE: not impressed, it was ok! i mean i like Jose and all, with that killer smile, but he is not technically skilled like the others!!!

    robert:kinda sexy, but lost my interest.

    kent: he did great on sonya’a piece…however i didn’t like something about the song or choreography or something, just through me off a little…and he seems almost too small to lift her, it feels akward!!!

    adechike: well i feel like he finally got a piece that is
    choreographed more for him…it was nice

    robert and lauren: well she did nice, but i don’t know i feel like robert only had his looks going for him tonight!!!

    Ade and Jose: i couldn’t stop looking at their muscles they were more impressive than the dance, although it was ok!!!

    Kent and Twitch: oh dear lord, i love kent to death, but goodness me, i did not think that was nearly as great as the judges described it!!! wow!!!

    Billy, i can’t believe it..i know he’ll dance tonight he won’t lose for his knee, that could have been danced on last night…i hate to say it because i love billy too, but maybe he got scared/embaressd to do the steppin routine!!!

    side note: i miss alex so much… it’s not near as fun for me without him!!! p.s found two youtube videos of him last night, one on the tyra show and one he said that he called kent after he found out about his injury from the doctor!!! awww

  • Kevin

    I thoroughly enjoyed Robert’s performances last night, and he really wowed me with the samba. I guess not everyone agrees however haha!

    Jose was just the absolute worst tonight. That paso was dreadful.

    Hoping for B3 to be Billy, Jose, Kent (based on performances) or Billy, Jose, Adechicke (based on that dreadful paso).

  • The Paso was dreadful wasn’t it! The Paso is usually one of my favourite ballroom dances… such a shame.

  • larry

    My favorite dancers on the show are Adechike and Jose because their not gay.Adechike did a really great job last night both with comfort the all star and Jose.I didn’t really think Kent danced up to his potential.I’m sorry to say this but he totally sucked on the stepping routine he looked like an idiot.

  • larry

    i hope robert or billy goes home.I think it will be billy,he needs to go home because he has been in the b3 almost every week since the show started.

  • rocky

    oh my goodness larry, i can’t believe you have the nerve to post that.

    by the way…hated cats dress….so distracting

    B3 jose, adechike, robert

  • LOL at Larry for sure… maybe he missed the HOMO part of this website.

  • rocky

    yeah, maybe!!!! ; )

  • Taylor

    Ok, first of all to Larry: You gotta love a gay boy, it’s impossible not to.
    Second of all, yeah Cat’s dress was…S-C-A-R-Y. It was like somebody took some red paint and chucked it at her while holding a remote to press pause just when it was flung up and folded over her all…wrong.
    Thirdly, LOOOOVED Robert’s seductive number. I will admit, the whole time he and Lauren danced I was thinking how comepletely fantastic it would be to be Lauren right there for that night. Maybe we all can share him!!!
    And lastly, Be nice to Robert, at least for this, it was his birthday. Which reminds me, HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY ROBERT, LOVE YOU, I CALL IN EVERY WEEK 🙂 **I was also in shock by his age, but hey, it’s fine with me!

  • larry

    next week robert and billy are going home for sure 🙂 1.Billie didn’t compete.2.Robert has reached his peak on sytycd and 3.Adechike Kent and Jose will be the final 3

  • Allison

    I was so distracted by Cat’s dress because it looked like a used menstrual pad.

  • Paolo

    Loved Lauren, she’s really impressed me with her versatility and how she attacks each style. I really wasn’t paying much attention to her at the start of the show, but now that we’re down to fewer contestants (and without Alex and Ashley), she’s the one who’s grabbed my attention. I really hope she pulls a Jeanine!

  • whist

    does anyone know who the designer of comfort’s dress is, the dress she wore in the hip hop routine with jose?