SYTYCD 7: Top 6 Elimination

So last night I was grumpy, Cat was wearing a shiteous outfit, Billy was injured, and the dancing was just mediocre. Hopefully there is some redemption tonight. I’m not grumpy… so that’s a good start. And Cat looks much cuter… although I could do without the wilting rose in her hair. Who will join the injured Billy Bell in the bottom three? It’s time to find out.

The show opens up with a group number to All That Jazz by Lea DeLaria and choreographed by Kelley Abbey. Sounds like a Broadway number to me. Mark is front and centre… always a good thing. Ade is there too with Allison, Courtney, Neil, and Lauren. I only see four of the actual contestants. Billy is still out and Jose is nowhere to be seen. Maybe the choreo was too hard from him… or ANOTHER INJURY? It was a nice Broadway number. The dancers all worked it pretty well. It was cute. Mark is definitely the star. Remember when Nigel used to give him such a hard time. Suck it Nigel.

After the intros and a tribute to dance legend Denise Jefferson, there is still no explanation for Jose’s absence from the group number. My first guess must’ve been right. He wasn’t good enough. Time to get rid of him then!

After all of the pleasantries, Cat brings out the five remaining dancers. Lauren is the first one safe. Yay! Kent is safe too. Excellent. That leaves Adechike, Robert and Jose. Two of them will be with Billy in the bottom three. Before we find out who it will be, we are treated to some dancers from the American Ballet Theatre. They perform the Grand Pas de Deux from Act III of Don Quixote. It was lovely… did you see how far up that guy’s ass his tights were riding? OMG.


After the ballet we find out that Robert and Jose are in the bottom. Adechike is safe. He’s not my fave of the three, but that hip hop number with Comfort was the dance of the night. He deserves to be safe. So the judges have to pick between Jose, Robert, and Billy. I hope it’s Jose.

Before the contestant solos, we get a dance from someone named DuJuan (DJ) Smart. He tried out but didn’t make it. Apparently the producers think his initial audition was good enough for all of America to see on the stage. He’s wearing little jail cell spanky pants and handcuffs. Woof. It’s pretty impressive. I wonder why he didn’t make it onto the show? His quads are HUGE. Every muscle is HUGE. Wow.

Back to the solos… scratch that. Time for another performance. This time it’s Season 3 all-stars Lauren and Neil recreating their CLASSIC Wade Robson jazz piece to Roisin Murphy’s Night of the Dancing Flame. I wish they would’ve done Lauren and Pasha’s transformers hip hop number from the same Season, but that’s probably off limits considering Shane Sparks’ legal troubles.

Finally, we get to the solos. First up is Robert dancing to Fireflies by Ron Pope. It’s pretty good. Not too flashy. Then Jose breaks to It’s Just Begun by The Jimmy Castor Bunch. Meh. We’ve seen it all before. He should go. But before we can find out, Enrique Inglesias blesses us with his new single I Like It. Lauren and Allison are there killing it as back up dancers. I miss the mole.

FINALLY , we get to the decision. Nigel says they have not made up their minds yet. Huh? He calls Robert forward and says some of the judges feel he is not growing any more. Then Nigel calls Jose forward and tells him he has stopped growing as well. Umm… where they hell was he in the group number? Then Nigel calls Billy forward and kind of criticizes him for choosing to sit out the week even after doctors cleared him. Nigel is worried that it sets a dangerous precedent for the future. After all is said and done, they’re all safe! WTF! Two people will go home next week. Oh come on! Grow some. Send Jose home!

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  • rocky

    ok…i agree with the grow some balls, jose should have been gone tonight…although as much as i love billy, the situation seems shitty…pardon me!!!

    handcuffs guy was amazing…can not believe those muscles.

  • Kevin

    Jose really should have been sent home, either him or Billy (since it’s his 4th time in a row in B3, and chances are he’ll be B3 next week as well).

    Blegh… As long as Robert is safe I’m happy.

  • Wow… rich, i didn’t even notice the absence of jose… i need to follow these updates more to see what i’m missing ha.
    it was SUCH bull billy didn’t dance.. are you kidding me? me COULD but choose NOT TO??
    and that DJ’s guy dance was brill-balls. a LITTLE heavy on the allusions with the prison strip shorts and handcuffs but still: gorgeous dancing.

    jose is first to go then billy. that’s my two cents.

  • Robyn

    So ridiculous! Robert isn’t growing?!? I think he gets better each week. He can do it all… And to lump him in with Jose is also ridiculous.

    Ps. I don’t miss Enrique’s mole… ewww.

  • rocky

    yeah me either on the mole situation…and i was not fond of his song!!!

    i think going home will be jose, billy or adechike, and then who ever is left out of those two, then robert, then lauren will get second and KENT will win!!!

  • kat

    My only coment was why if billy was so hurt, did he dance around at the end of the shw like nothing was even wrong? he could have at least do his solo.

  • rocky

    yeah not very happy with billy right now!!!

  • Nyshslim

    handcuffs guy was a AmAzInG!!! i rel didnt even notice Jose was missing. I agree its about time for him to go… then Robert!!!!!! then Billy and Adechike, Kent and Lauren cud battle it out for the top three. Love em all!!! (i adore Adechike tho!!!! :))

  • Geoff

    Honestly, I’m kinda over Kent. Yes, he’s adorably, talented, and wonder-boy-tastic, but he’s just so…tweeny. I’m resigned to the fact that he’ll win the show (unless Lauren pulls a Jeanine, which she very well could), but I’d much rather watch Robert. Or Mark. Or Mark and Robert (I’m sure Sonya could get her hands on that…).

    Other thoughts:
    -Yes, Jose should go, but I want Adechike to be next. I feel like he hasn’t grown AT ALL, and yes, that hip hop routine was amazing, but I felt like it really just showed off Comfort; Adechike just kinda got lost in the choreography for me.
    -Robert is only 20!? I’m still not over that…
    -Sonya’s routine for Kent? “It’s okay to be yourself, no matter what anyone thinks” etc etc? How wink-wink nudge-nudge can you get!?
    -I’m pro-mole, though Enrique’s song was horrible and trying too hard to be a summer hit (not even Pitbull or Auto-tune made the song tolerable)
    -Nigel is so full of crap. The judges compliment Robert on his improvements, and he said “Billy knows his body better than anyone else” then reverses that for the drama/ratings 24 hours later? Boo, Mr. Executive-Producer-Bitchface. Boo.

  • Paolo

    Jose wasn’t in the group routine in last week’s show too (he just appeared at the 10 seconds. To pull a chair off the stage. Not dance.)

    Seriously, they should’ve just eliminated him. Or they should’ve just eliminated Billy, who didn’t dance AT ALL. This was also Robert’s 3rd time in the bottom 3. Not eliminating anyone just doesn’t make any sense, since there are several good reasons to eliminate any of the 3 contestants who were in the bottom 3. Nigel just wanted people to talk about his show and how “shocking” his decision was.

  • rocky

    i agree whole heartedly with paolo, but not exactly with geoff, i agree with every bit of your after thoughts. however I still love kent. although he does work my nerves a little bit, but i am 19 so i guess i am just used to dealing with people like that!!!

  • Gennaro

    Uhm, you and I? We’d be best friends if I knew you. I agreed with you on EVERYTHING that was said — From Cats outfit crisis to Jose leaving, (Personally I don’t know how the guy is still on the show.)

  • Ing

    Billy was cleared to dance three hours before the show, and by that time he’d already missed a lot of rehearsal. On top of that, after seeing Alex and Ashley being sidelined for weeks and months because of injuries, I fully support his decision. A knee injury should be taken seriously, even if it’s minor, and he knows his body better than Nigel Twatface. And he wasn’t asked to prepare a solo for the elimination show, so that was Nigel’s decision, not Billy’s. AND he didn’t jump around at the end, if you look closer, you’ll notice that he was being very careful not to put much weight on his leg. I don’t normally get involved in discussions, but the way Nigel has been treating this Billy incident, trying to make him the villain just makes me sick. He’s so manipulative it’s not even funny. And the worst part is, judging by some of the comments on here, that people actually believe his crap. Nigel doesn’t give a shit about the dancers, all that matters to him is ratings and ~drama~. I call bullshit.

  • Dan

    Hey Rich – Awesome recaps this week, thanks for filling in! I have to admit I agree with pretty much everything you had to say about the show!

    I am LIVID about them keeping everyone and sending two people home next week! That means ANOTHER 2 HOUR SHOW WITH CRAP FILLER! Also, it pisses me off that the judges are making the decisions all the way to the end of the season. That completely defeats the purpose of having America vote at all. I hate Nigel as well. I just wanted to throw that out.

  • Madison

    I am SO glad that they didn’t send Billy home. He’s my 2nd favorite next to Kent. He is absolutely AMAZING and I totally respect his decision not to dance because his injury could’ve gotten worse.

  • Chrissie

    i think there’s a whole bunch of ball-growing that needs to be happening on the show right now, including the dancers. And even though he’s not eligible to win, I think Dom should get the title, just for being awesome….;)