SYTYCD 7: Top 3 Finale Performances

We’ve made it folks; it’s the end of another season with So You Think You Can Dance! Season Seven has proven to be truly unique with its new format, the inclusion of the all-star dancers with the new contestants and some pretty fantastic boy-with-boy and girl-with-girl routines. Just when Skeletor (Nigel) said it couldn’t be done! For some ungodly reason, SYTYCD is TWO hours tonight even though there are only three contestants remaining. I can’t WAIT to see how this is long-drawn out, especially following a four hour flight home from Toronto (heck yeah I saw fellow cast member Kevin)!

Kent (my boy from the start), Lauren (my girl from the start) and the dark horse in the competition, Robert are the three remaining contestants. I want to make the statement now that I will be super happy with any of these three taking home the title of America’s favourite dancer. On the flip side, it BETTER be Kent or I am gonna spook on my American friends next time I see them.


Up first was cutie Kent dancing a Bollywood routine with all-star Lauren; PERFECT way to start the night! The piece was performed to Om Mangalam by Kambakkht Ishq (soundtrack). Lauren was absolutely stunning in this piece but I have to admit that Kent definitely suffered with this style. Then it hit me, Kent probably has to perform at least eight routines over the course of these two nights, so this appears to be nearly impossible to learn on top of all the other responsibilities. I was still happy enough with this piece as a finale opener!


Lauren was up next with all-star Twitch to learn a Nappy-Tabs hip hop routine. This dope political-inspired routine was performed to Power by Kanye West – BRILLIANT song choice! Man there’s nothing Lauren can’t do, including tumble! Three back handsprings, heck yeah! The start to this routine was particularly interesting as the first 20 seconds took part behind podiums with the dancers simply only using their arms. Interesting piece from Nappy-tabs and danced brilliantly by this pair! Kudos Lauren, you are definitely on your way to a strong finish!!


Robert took to the stage next with all-star Mark to perform a Tyce Diorio Jazz number. This testosterone infused piece was danced to Whip It by Devo. Wow do these two boys look like twins! Eclectic 80s twins, but regardless. In a perfect twist of events, their white pants were just a touch to thin allowing their underwear to show through. Sigh. Good work on the costumes! Cat Deeley definitely called out the boys as looking as brothers, so definitely on the same wavelength. Skeletor decided to bring up Alex Wong again which made me want to spit in his face – SERIOUSLY?! Stop mentioning Alex Wong or his appeal will be long worn off before he’s back next season.


Insert complete random filler crap about the contestants followed by solos. I even fast-forwarded Kent’s unnecessary clip until the solo performed to The Finish Line by Train. Definitely another strong vote-inducing solo by my boy! Heck yeah!!


Lauren and Robert were next to take the stage to tackle a Dee Caspary Contemporary routine. Who alliteration batman! The piece was performed to That Home by Cinematic Orchestra – seriously, this musical group has taken over my iPod. While both dancers were phenomenal in this piece my eyes were constantly drawn to Lauren. And the jump with the pillow into Robert’s arms?! Sigh. I want a moment like that caught on film. Seriously, that was some beautiful choreography up on that stage.


Lauren and Kent then hit the stage (poor Lauren) to take on a Mandy Moore Jazz routine. Welcome back Mandy, it has been a while! The number was danced to Hip To Be Square by Huey Lewis & The News – oh my goodness. Sorry Mandy, but this looked devastating close to a terrible Broadway routine over a jazz number. The only good thing about this routine was Kent’s outfit. I guess this will rack in the 40 year-old-plus votes. I definitely think this is going to be the one piece of the night that we’ll forget about, and Skeletor decided to slag on Mandy’s choreography by saying there wasn’t enough meat to the routine for the finally. CAMERA ONE GO TO MANDY MOORE! Mia hated on the piece too. SERIOUSLY, go to MANDY!!!!


Robert was next to hit the stage for his solo, performed to The District Sleeps Alone by The Postal Service. Perfect song choice for a fantastic solo. Good work buddy, you definitely deserve to be in the finale!


Kent was up next (again?) dancing with all-star Allison. Together they were taking on a Stacey Tookey Contemporary routine, performed to Sundrenched World (Live Session) by Joshua Radin. Two sets of three words. Welcome back Kent. Thank you Allison. That piece was FUCKING spectacular, excuse my French but it absolutely had to be sent. What a beautiful concept from Stacey Tookey. Seriously, I don’t know a couple who hasn’t come home from a party in a fight and had it out once they were behind the closed doors of their bedroom. Absolutely incredible concept to experience through dance. Mia thought it was genius, I agree and I want to leave it at that.


Lauren was the final contestant to perform her solo and of course she nailed it. She danced to I’m Goin’ Down by Mary J Blige.


Robert was up again, this time will all-star Kathryn dancing a Broadway piece from Spencer Liff. This piece was performed to Cool from West Side Story (1961 soundtrack) – a nice throw back to the 60s. A little random note, I LOVED Kathryn’s sex appeal in this routine! The fishnets were rock star awesome!! I definitely have grown weary of this style. I know, I’m definitely in the minority as everyone else on the planet tends to love these numbers but I just don’t enjoy the cheese factor and pulling-face. Unbelievably, Robert ripped his pants throughout the routine and managed to keep dancing. Then in a FANTASTIC turn of events Adam tells off Skeletor for not knowing his Broadway facts about this piece being part of the stage show versus the movie. Eff I love when the old man gets slapped in his dentures.


Lauren was then screwed over with her last performance of the night with a ballroom routine with all-star Pasha. Choreographed by Tony and Meredith, this piece was danced to Not Myself Tonight by Christina Aguilera. Whoa. I feel like we haven’t seen enough of Pasha in the last few weeks and that is unacceptable. There was definitely a few standout moments of this routine such as Lauren’s cart-wheel-esque move OVER Pasha’s shoulders, followed shortly after by the hot mess spin where Lauren got completely lost in the air. Yikes, nightmare! Skeletor lied to the audience and said that the ballroom piece looked perfect. Give me a break.


The final performance of the season belongs to Kent and Robert to learn a Malevos routine. What? Who knows! Apparently it’s a male Tango-infused fighting dance. Sigh, I’m already dreading this number. The piece was performed to The Chosen/Drum Addict by Taylor Long. I don’t think I understood the assignment. The Dick Tracey suits definitely threw me off. I did enjoy the slow punch with the lights off as well as the move where Kent flew over his shoulders resulting in a dive roll. Did anyone else catch the point in the routine where Kent nearly sacked Robert right-hard in the junk?!

Nigel then went on to announce that each of these contestants had to perform more routines this finale than any other finale in past. Stupidity is all I have to say. One less routine would have allowed for a lot of clean up to several of the numbers that were lacking clean technique.

Important note. Thanks to my PVR I managed to fast-forward through ALL of the judges of commentary this year and managed to save myself 11 hours of time. Literally, almost have a day of nonsense was removed from reaching my ears.


If I have to call a winner based on tonight’s performances and this season as a whole, I have to say my boy Kent will be taking the title tomorrow.

Good work everyone, it has been an exciting and eventful season to watch and review! Good luck!

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  • Jack Scribe

    Our boy Kent didn’t need Mandy’s mugging, over-the-top routine. I was cringing – cut but not something you create for the finals show. Lauren and Robert had an overall better evening (throw out that last Malevos number…what a crap concept), Kent and Allison came through with an absolute WOW with the contemporary choreography. Like last week’s Travis Wall piece with Neil, it was an absolute show-stopper.

    I’m going out for dinner and will get back for the final half-hour. If there are worthwhile moments, I’ll go through the DVR fast-forwards this weekend. Kent’s peeps will put him on top. However, like others, I’d be happy any of the three as the winner. Terrific season – even with Nigel and his B.S.

  • Kyle MacPherson

    I just wanted to mention how Kent defended Mandy Moore’s routine when the judges were ripping her apart. He basically told them he didn’t care what they had to say, that they were jerks, and he loves Mandy Moore and how much fun he had. Kudos to Kent standing up for her, because she doesn’t deserve to be shit on by the judges like that. I liked the routine. Sure, it wasn’t amazing technically, but the performance by Kent and Lauren was great, which I feel is just as important as the steps involved.

    Also, how about Kent after the Stacey Tookey piece? Something was really affecting him. The look on his face was was absolutely heartbreaking! And when the judges were asking him questions he could barely force a word out. Judging by the routine and the way he dances it, it looks like he finally let himself feel the piece. Which I think was something new and difficult for him to handle. I loved Kent during that episode.

  • I felt bad for Robert in his piece with Mark. They looked so much alike, but he’s not even close to the dancer Mark is in that style.

  • Brian

    The Stacy Tookey routine was simply amazing !!! Kent’s emotion at the end was so heartfelt – I liked how Adam pressed him a little at the end – I think he has become an artist. He has come a long way since since tryouts.

    I hope he wins !!!!!!

  • Robyn

    Favorite part, hands down…
    Adam schools Nigel on West Side Story… loved it.
    I felt bad for Robert too… split pants, stupid Melevos routine… the Pillow routine was good enough to make me forget all the others.

  • El

    It was a swell season. I can’t imagine the physical aches and pains.
    The only distraction for me was the continual turning Cat’s costumes and I do mean, mean costumes into making her look like a B movie, period piece lampshade.
    Reminded me of the Carol Burnett routine as Scarlett wearing the drapery, including the drapery rod.
    C’mon Cat, say no to the ghastly frocks!