SYTYCD 7: Top 11 Elimination

It’s the first elimination episode of the season and we’ll be narrowed down to our top ten dancers after just one week! I’m curious to see how the tour will be structured this year as typically it is the top ten contestants, and this year it would only be a top five if the producers stuck to the same format. Could there possibly be all-stars joining the tour this year?! I look forward to the announcement…

The show opened with the fabulous Cat Deeley in a plaid dress (I totally fell in love with her tonight) and all the dancer performing a new choreographer (whose name I didn’t catch and they didn’t show it on the screen) to Acapella by Kelis, decked out in white and gold. It was pretty good for this random group of dancers. Pretty good is definitely the best feedback I could lend to it. Eeks.

Following the performance, Cat introduced the judges including Skeletor who made the announcement that July 31 is national dance day in the US, and Nappy-Tabs have created a dance routine for everyone in America (and Canada duh) to learn. You can download the video from website, or from SYTYCD’s Facebook Fan Page. Mark it down and learn it kiddies! Who knows, maybe a troop of Homorazzi boys might have a little video to post ourselves…


The first group of contestants brought to the stage contained all my favourite people; Kent, Lauren, Robert and Alex. Okay, Alex isn’t my favourite so it was one of those moments, “which one of these things is not like the other…which one of these things just doesn’t belong…” Catch my drift? Alex and Robert were up first to learn their fates and both sailed through to safety. Lauren and Kent were then pitted against each other, making both contestants sweat over their safety. And both were SAFE TOO! YAY!! Thank goodness! And Kent’s reaction was absolutely adorable!!

The next four contestants brought to the stage were Melinda, BB, Ashley and Alexie. Melinda was up first to learn her fate and if my predictions are accurate, she would be the first person in the bottom three. After Cat displayed her magnificent envelop opening skills, Melinda was in fact sent to prepare for her solo later in the show. BB and his shear tank top were next on the chopping block and I definitely worried about our little nerd-slash-dancer. Of course he was safe! GUH! Ashley and Alexia were then pitted against one another, and I REALLY hoped these two surprise cuties would make it through to next week. In an UNREAL twist of events, Alexie found herself in the bottom three with Ashley lasting another week! Come on America; don’t start making bad decisions this early in the season!

Up next were the final three contestants, Jose, Cristina and Adechike to learn their fates. Proving me wrong, Jose was the first of the group sent to safety, leaving Adechike or Cristina left to take the final spot in the bottom three. After a bit more nattering and another envelop, Cristina found herself the final girl rounding out the bottom group with Adechike moving on to next week. We’re definitely on our way to a season of mostly men left. I wonder who the audience that’s watching this show and voting is? Hmm.

Before the contestants would dance for their lives, we were honoured with a few special guest performances. First, a performance from the Broadway Show, Come Fly Away performed to That’s Life by Frank Sinatra.

Melinda was first up dancing her tap solo to I Got The Feelin’ by James Brown. At this stage in the game I’m not going to give a critic on the solos unless they are truly brilliant. Up second was Alexie dancing her contemporary solo to I’ve Been Loving You Too Long by Otis Redding. The final solo was performed by Cristina danced to La Guarachera by Celia Cruz & Tito Puente.

The judges then headed back stage to pretend they haven’t already made up their mind from last night while superstar Usher took to the stage to perform an almost copycat performance of O.M.G. that he did on American Idol just a few weeks back. Hell I’m all about flashbacks. Although this time around he had women in KILLER body suits with high-wasted silver belts and thigh-high boots. So there was that. Also, I wasn’t a fan of the male dancers pretending to smoke during their dance portion of the number, especially knowing the audience for the show is influential teenagers. Bad call Usher.

Following the lip-syncing we got a dose of BEIBER FEVER! Heck yes we did, for all those little kiddies out there that still have a heart-on for this Canadian gem. Keep rocking buddy while you’ve still got it! Awesome integration of America’s Best Dance Crew BEAT FREAKZ as well. Tight!

After a pain hour of filler and judging nonsense filler, we were finally down to the whole point of tonight’s show – elimination! IN A HORRIBLE TURN OF EVENTS ALEXIE WAS SENT HOME. What a horrible decision! Cristina couldn’t even find her dance steps in her OWN SOLO and yet they kept her. EFFING RIDICULOUS! And poor Kent was absolutely distraught without anyone (and by that I mean me) there to comfort him!

Skeletor, one day we will meet and I will explain to you all the mistakes you’ve made over the years.

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  • Kevin

    Alexie was on of the top four I was hoping would make it to the end, so this is a major bummer for me 🙁

    From the bottom three, I was hoping Melinda would be sent home. But considering the fact that there are so many contemporary dancers and only one tapper and one ballroom, it was clear that Alexie would be eliminated. Poor girl, she auditions for 4(?) years, and finally makes it to the show only getting cut after the first performance. BAD call :\

  • Observer

    It was a tough call, but by my amateur observations, I thought Melinda’s solo was the strongest (and Cristina’s the worst). And Melinda’s main performance the worst (and Cristina’s the best!…?). That said, I had really hoped Alexie would stay in the competition longer, since she has tried so hard for so long to be on this show. Honestly, I had hoped it would be Adechike or Jose going home. I know Adechike is amazing, and Jose is there for balance reasons, but I hope the middle american tween girls’ votes will make this an all-guy competition. Then again, I generally have no problem with all-guy enterprises…

  • Observer

    *won’t make

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