SYTYCD 7: Top 10 Performances Recap

So we are already down to our top ten dancers (which believe me is as weird to type as it is to say out loud) as Alexie left the competition week after a sub-par solo routine that left the judges wondering if she really had what it took to continue in the competition. Tonight, everyone needs to step up their game if they want to make it through tomorrow night’s elimination round! Enough chatter, let’s jump right into the action!

Random note; does ANYONE else notice the forced clapping when they introduce Nigel as the executive producer?! BRILLIANT disdain from the audience!!


The first person to take to the stage was Cristina dancing the Pasa Doble choreographed by SYTYCD Canada judge Jean-Marc and his wife France, with Pasha (Daddy McDadderson), performed to Ira Deorum/Sanctus by James Dooley. Right from the start all I could think was DANG is Pasha a hot man, with a nice ass in purple pants! Once again I found myself watching him throughout the entire routine and commenting out loud that Cristina is just not strong enough in her own style. Her extensions weren’t strong enough, and I do not love her feet. She really is the weakest dancer for me out of the remaining contestants.


Up next was Adechike dancing a Mandy Moore contemporary piece with Allison (YESSSSSSSSSS)! The piece was performed to Listen to Your Heart (Edmee’s unplugged vocal edit) by D.H.T. ft. Edmee. What a beautiful piece, seriously! It was nice to see a ‘happy’ contemporary piece with the dancers smiling the entire routine through. I have to admit that I loved both dancers equally (although Allison will always have a special place in my heart). Adechike truly stepped up to match his partner’s brilliance! There was one leap near the end of the routine where Alison spun in the air and Adechike caught her effortlessly, wow, simply wow. I. Love. Contemporary. Dance.


The third pairing to take to the stage was Alex Wong taking on a Tyce Diorio Broadway routine with all-star mate Lauren (another one of my girls). The Fosse-inspired piece was danced to Summertime by Sylvester, and the costumes for this number were SICK FIERCE – especially Lauren’s Corset-style, high-waist belt. SHOUT OUT TO CAST MEMBER ALEX – WHHHHAAAA HEYYYYYYYYY! This routine was a bit of a mess for me, and I think I might be the only person who once again doesn’t find himself on the Alex Wong-train. I felt the style of the piece suited Lauren SO well, and her outfit was stunning, making me want to see her keep dancing forever. Unfortunately for Alex, he over-danced this piece from a technique standpoint and he really came over rather feminine in this number, and while that tends to happen in Broadway, I just didn’t buy it. Sorry buddy, but it’s my goal to bring you back down to earth from your ‘best routine in the history of the show’ cloud.


The next couple to take to the stage were Ashley and Mark performing a Jazz routine choreographed by Travis Wall. OMG OMG OMG, I LOVE THIS COUPLE AND TRAVIS! The BEAUTIFUL piece was performed to Wonderful by Annie Lennox. SIGH to the MAX. This was effing INCREDIBLE (I even typed the swear word this time)!! I absolutely loved this routine. Mark is the perfect contemporary partner and Ashley was literally perfection tonight! Right in the middle of the routine there was a flip, where Ashley flew into Mark’s arms and he flipped her over gymnastics style. Let’s pause for the greatness of this for a second. Now, let’s deal with Skeletor’s idiotic comment about attacking Travis Wall’s brilliance and saying the piece was too contemporary and not enough jazz. I didn’t realize the crotchety Nigel Lythgoe was now the ruler of all things dance. I’m happy that I am enlightened, and he is someone I should be turning to for advice on the matter. As if, too many year’s on TV have made this man insane! SHUT UP NIGEL! SERIOUSLY!!

Side note: Travis Wall looks so good when he’s livid/pissed off, so if it takes Skeletor to spew his mouth off, then so be it.


Up next was BB (Billy Bell) dancing with all-star Comfort and performing a Lil’ C Krump routine, and this routine had disaster written ALL over it! The piece was performed to So U Think U Can Krump by Tha J-Squad, and that was the first uh-oh of the routine. The second was BB’s outfit. The third was BB’s face. All I have to say is he held his own next to comfort, but in reality, thin white boys with puffy-gelled hair should not be dancing Krump, regardless of the choreography. Then pan to Skeletor and he’s caught almost dropping his dentures on the table and babbling about old-age pension, complaining about the music. The critic’s were pretty weak from all of the judges this week and I definitely think we’ll be seeing our boy in the bottom three this week.



Immediately following BB was Robert dancing with Anya to another Jean-Marc routine; the Argentine Tango. The number was performed to Libertango by Bond Quartet, in case anyone wants to download this for their next Tango party! HOT DANG was Robert a strong partner in this routine! He literally had me convinced that he was made for this style and have quickly catapulted himself into the category of one of the strongest dancers on the show! BRILLIANT WORK! I didn’t want to hear what the judges had to say about this piece as I was worried they might not love it as much as I did, so I totally FFx3!


The seventh couple to the stage was Melinda dancing our first Stacey Tookey contemporary piece of the year with all-star partner Ade. The intense Mother Nature/Man Kind routine was performed to Squander by Skunk Anansie. (can we say new iPod playlist material? Heck Yeah!) I literally found myself sighing a few times at Ade’s strength as a dancer and a partner – seriously, this man is a force to be reckoned with. I felt that Melinda’s dancing was literally squandered by her ‘Mother Nature’ costume, complete with fake flowers. Dang. Not in the hot meaning either. Mia even commented on the dress, and thankfully ate her words as she personally stated she was wearing a bead spread. Effing hilarious!


The next team to take to the floor was Jose dancing a Bollywood routine with all-star Kathryn. Man oh man, this had potential to big the biggest disaster in the history of the show. This jam-packed, lively Genie-in-a-Bottle routine was performed to Marjaani Marjaani Kasame by Billu Barber (Soundtrack). Unfortunately my forecasted disaster came to be, as Jose just couldn’t cut it in this style. His attempts were noteworthy, but I literally thanked the universe when the camera focused on Kathryn for a few seconds of the routine to give the boy a break. What. A. Mess. It really didn’t come across as even close enough to the standard of dance we should be expecting at this point in the competition.


The ninth couple to the stage was my favourite girl contestant Lauren and all-star partner Dominic doing Hip Hop from a new choreography to the show, Tessandra Chavez. This ‘abusive relationship’ themed piece was performed to If I Were A Boy by Beyonce – PERFECT SONG CHOICE – OMG! Man did I love this routine. Lauren was incredible! Literally, breathtaking. Dominic was the perfect partner, and their synchronicity was bang on. The only flaw I can even call out in this routine was the cut up of the musical track, but other than that, I felt this was an epic hip hop routine!


My boyfriend Kent (who was born in the 90s – uh-oh) was in the final number of the night, dancing a Tyce Diorio Jazz routine with all-star Courtney. This sexually charged piece was danced to Amy Amy Amy by Amy Winehouse – and whoa, right off the bat. Kent’s neck piece/bondage attire – he promised to keep that stuff out of the public spotlight! On a serious note, this routine was pretty fantastic. Kent really is a strong dancer and Courtney is pretty dang fantastic as an all-star…the only unbelievable part of the routine was the kiss! Funny, Nigel once again brings up the different between Jazz and Contemporary, and thanks Tyce for showing us the different. WTF?! WHO SAW A DIFFERENCE?! ANYONE?! Best part of the night – camera cutting to Tyce and Travis post Nigel’s comment and Travis uttering something indecipherable…dang to only know what he said! Listen up Skeletor, you are really starting to tick a lot of people off with your nonsense so just CUT IT OUT (Uncle Joey-style).

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Bottom Three:

  • Cristina and her Pasa Doble of disaster
  • (BB) Billy Bell and his crappy Krump routine
  • Jose and his botched Bollywood number

Person leaving the competition – Probably Cristina as they will need to keep one boy who isn’t contemporary…sad, but a fact.

  • Jared

    This week kinda disappointed me, as there were no performances that wowed me. But it was still enjoyable to watch (especially when Travis mouthed something).

  • In my head, I heard Travis say “ugh whatever” when the camera caught him rolling his eyes. LOLs.

    I liked Alex and Lauren’s routine… i thought the synchronization was outstanding.

    Bottom three if I was in charge… Billy, Jose and Cristina.

  • Tyrell

    Dominic and Lauren’s piece was good. Lauren’s body control on her solo near the beginning was so well executed.
    I thought Kent did a great job but totally understand where Mia is coming from with the fact that he’s in “Kent World”.
    Melinda is my least favorite girl and she surprised me the most. However, the main thing this week was that the costumes for all pieces were HORRIBLE! Wow. Epic fail for the wardrobe department. Can’t wait to see what happens tonight.

  • Robyn

    I hope Travis bitch-slapped (either physically or verbally) Nigel backstage later… that was SO unprofessional and awkward. What douche. Travis is brilliant and his piece was equally so. Suck it Nigel.
    Again with the Tyce… not feeling it. I think both of his routines were just ok.
    And shame on Alex for not knowing who Bob Fossey is… really?!
    I thought Lauren’s hip hop was fantastic and bold and I was with Mia that I thought they could have gone even deeper and darker.
    I’m with Rich on the bottom three. (Ugh, bad grammar what is that a dangling participle, split infinitive? Rich and I are always in the top 3…).

  • Dan

    I am SO happy that everyone is on the Lauren Froderman train as well! She really is sensation and I didn’t feel Nigel’s comments were justified at all!

    Rich – You and me boy, we know who America should be sending to the bottom three, but they always tend to make us mad at this point in the season. Also, you know the judges will want to get rid of a boy tonight to keep the numbers even…

  • Dan

    Ps. Thanks for everyone’s commentary! I love that you’re all watching the show and like it as much as I do!

    PPs. Robyn – thanks for the FB add, you look DANG cute in your photos!

  • Kevin

    Lauren is just amazing, and I can’t understand for the life of me as to why the judges keep giving her negative comments. Her dance with Ade and Dominic were just absolutely amazing, and the chemistry was perfect in both of them! Although it’s clear a guy will win, I at least hope she and Ashley are the final two girls (with Lauren dominating over Ashley ;)). Also, last week when Adam Shankman called her out and said “I don’t think you’re listening to us”, I was SO angry with him! I’m glad he redeemed himself and gave her the props she REALLY deserved! 😀

    Robert, Kent and Adechicke are all amazing as well. I feel nothing for Alex and really can’t see why he’s so popular (his chemistry sucked in both dances, and I agree with you about the whole “shooting him down for the best dance in the world” comment you made – I’m 100% with you on that one aha!). Billy Bell I thought raped the dance, and this is coming from someone who doesn’t support him AT ALL. The fact that he pulled krump and was partnered with Comfort is just a death threat from the judges, but he did surprisingly well and I must admit I’m now a fan since he can be that versatile. I don’t see where the hate comes from for his krump routine, although I can see your points of view :P!

    And of course, Jose and Melinda just sucked :P. Christina did fine, and I do hope she makes it a little farther than some of the guys (and definitely farther than Melinda). I can see Christina works really hard, and even though I know she’ll be eliminated very soon, it’s nice to see her bring so much effort to the stage :P! It’s a shame she’s 50% being voted off for her looks.

    All-in-all, I agree with your bottom three, but of course America will screw it up as usual (no offense of course, it’s just that the bottom three are never truly the “bottom three” based on performances).

  • Ummm Alex and Lauren’s outfits were heinballs.. they looked militant butch lesbo and did nothing for either of them.
    But, daniel, i’m sooo not on his hot tamale train either.. i do NOT get the love for him??

    Now, did i see a different version than you guys cause i never saw travis’ reaction to the judges’ beatdown?? They only showed him once like adam was done and never during skeletor’s reactions… maybe i saw a different coast version??
    I would have LOVED to see him torn up- NOT a travis fan (love the choreography but hate the douche). And, I DID kind of agree that this dance didn’t show me anything “jazz”?? of course, i’m NOT a dance guy so what do i know, but it TOTALLY came across ass contemp to me..?
    ps. daniel, where was my shout out?? you’re gonna HATE my next article hahahaha.

  • Dan

    Kevin – Did you just call Cristina unattractive?! I didn’t realize she would be sent home based solely on her looks? And we can definitely agree to disagree on the Billy Bell situation, as I definitely don’t see what you see!

    And Adam, you just need to get on the Kent train! It’s a lot more fun to ride than to watch from a distance! WINK! You definitely saw a different version – probably west coast – as I take the east coast version and it definitely wasn’t editted out! It. Was. Brilliant. Guaranteed it is addressed tonight!

  • Kevin

    “Kevin – Did you just call Cristina unattractive?! I didn’t realize she would be sent home based solely on her looks? And we can definitely agree to disagree on the Billy Bell situation, as I definitely don’t see what you see!”

    No, not at all. I’ve seen previous comments about “her teeth” and other really minor issues that are actually so trivial and stupid, but are all what people are actually stating are the reasons why they do not vote for her. I personally think she’s a beautiful girl and dancer, and that comment does not reference my point of view whatsoever. Some voters can be so ruthless, but it happens (it’s the same issue that happened with Austin in SYTYCD Canada season 2 – amazing talent, and someone I wanted to make it all the way, but he was voted off for his looks).

    As for Billy Bell, if you watch the dance, he does dance almost in unison to Comfort. Obviously it’s impossible to compare him to her, as it is one of her styles, but considering this is a style he has never done before, he did amazingly. It’s far from one of my favourite performances, but it’s definitely not bottom-three worthy. If you put aside what you know about Billy and just looked at how much effort and dedication was put into his work, you might see where I’m coming from with this :). My comment also had to do with a previous comment I read regarding “not knowing someone’s true talent until you see them doing other styles”. I’m sure if Alex, Kent, or any of the other popular boys did that dance with Comfort, they would not have compared to the dedication Billy had it in.

  • Daniel, I’m on the Kent train insomuch as that boy is giving me enough coal to write from here till newfoundland 😉

    And with regards to the Kevin v. Dan debate about Christina and “looks”… i kind of have to agree that regardless of what you or I may personally think about a person, acknowledging that a TON (a TON) of people vote for some of the most trivial reasons hugely exists so i totally see kevin’s point.
    It’s like if you look at the voting for the final two of Adam Lambert v. Chris Allen… Geographically the state of (wherever adam’s from) contrasted with the state of (wherever chris’ from) you would see the respective resident likely garnered 90% of the vote from their own state….. so what would you say? Adam’s state just has a sense of hearing that is only attuned to his vocal cords?? no, of course not. they voted for THEIR homeboy because that’s what you do.
    that’s just ONE exactly of how votes a LOT of the time have nothing to do with performance… it’s a fact of life and to ignore it is to ignore human nature.
    Sure, so many vote based purely on talent, but likely more vote for who’s hotter, who’s from their state, who’s the same gender, who’s the same sexual preference, who’s the same race etc.

    just a fact.

  • Dan

    Kevin – My apologies as I definitely misinterpreted your words and thought they were your own opinion. I definitely understand what you mean now and I agree that it is unfortunate that people vote based on looks and not on overall dancing talent. With that said, I still feel Cristina was one of the weakest contestants on the show this season. As for your Billy passion, I’ll give you credit as you make some valid points around his dedication. If you caught the ellimination show tonight you’ll know that Billy escaped the bottom three, but the person in his place I feel was MUCH better last night and didn’t deserve the pressure or heart ache of dancing for his life.

    Adam – Shut it. JUST JOKES! I appreciate your rambling, when it makes sense, etc. Just a fact. Just so you know, I’m voting for Kent cause of his sexual preference.

  • I literally just burst out laughing Daniel hehehe

  • Kevin

    I completely agree about the bottom three. Don’t let my appreciation for Billy in this dance confuse you with my favourites, as I was devastated that Robert was put in the bottom three (he’s the top guy I’m cheering for, as well as Lauren, Kent and Cheeky)! I was hoping however that instead of the bottom three we had (Christina, Melinda, Robert), it would have been Jose instead of Robert 😛

  • OMG Cute. Robyn and Dan on FB!!! LOVES IT.

  • Robyn

    Thank you Rich (and a mutual love of all things dance) for bringing us together ; )