SYTYCD 7: Top 10 Elimination

So we’re back for another round of eliminations tonight on So You Think You Can Dance, with one more contestant going home taking our tally of dancers down to nine. The show opened with a brilliant Sonya group routine performed to Royal T by Crookers ft. Roisin Murphy. (Oh how I love Roisin Murphy). Seriously, this routine was epic, from the moment the boys started leaping across the stage in unison, right through to the climax of the six male dancers pumping it out in unison later in the routine. Absolutely stunning; I LOVE when the show starts off this strong!

Another shout out to National Dance Day on July 31, with the Nappy-Tabs routine available for download from – I just checked it out and the start of the routine looks pretty decent and not too hard to learn! I might just grab a couple moves from there myself.

The first three contestants were then brought out to the stage; Cristina, Adechike and my boy Kent. The adorable cutie-pie was up first to learn his fate and naturally, due to his raw talent and perfect looks, he was sent straight through to safety. Adam, how do you feel about this? Anything you can attribute his breezing through to? Adechike and Cristina were next on the chopping block, pitted against each other to learn their place in the competition. Thankfully, Cristina was sent into the bottom three while Adechike was sent through to safety.


The next four dancers were then brought out to the stage to learn their fates; Jose, Melinda, Ashley and Alex. Alex was first up to see if he would be safe or in the bottom three and naturally he was sent through to safety (although I really don’t get the ga-ga fans). Jose was next in line to learn his fate, following his Bollywood disaster routine last night. Surprizingly, he was sent through to safety, definitely proving my prediction wrong! Ashley and Melinda were up next to learn which of them would be safe and which would be dancing for their life later in the competition. After last night’s vote, America decided to send Melinda into the bottom three, keeping Ashley safe for another week.

The last three contestants were then brought to the stage; Robert, Lauren and BB. Lauren was up first to review her clips from last night and wait for the envelop to be open (insert: MAN is she good!). OF COURSE SHE WAS SAFE! At least America is seeing what I’m seeing, even if the judges aren’t! Another surprise, this means that either BB or Robert are rounding out the bottom three. My early guess, it’s Billy Bell. When comparing the dance routines from last night, it’s RIDICULOUS that Robert was the one placed into the bottom three. Billy and KRUMP?! Seriously America?! WTF!?

Definitely not the bottom three I would have picked, but thankfully one of the disaster-ridden girls will be headed home!

The first guest performance of the night was an old friend of the show, Brian Gainer (the BRILLIANT popper with scoliosis) and his crew Remote Control to perform yet again in an effort to inspire people around the world, truly showing that you can overcome any obstacle in your path. I love this crew! Seriously, that routine is the foundation for creating legends. Absolutely amazing and SO happy this was part of tonight’s episode.

The solo dancers then took to the stage with Cristina starting off the group. Seriously, her solos are SO weak! The slow moving and booty shaking was NOT good enough! Melinda was next to the stage dancing to Heels by Q-Tip (special shout out to the song as I really enjoyed it!) As for the solo, it was definitely stronger than Cristina’s, by far! Last on the stage was Robert, and I don’t even have to describe how good this was, we all just know. He performed to Everywhere I Go by Lissie, in case anyone missed that incredible piece of music.

Skeletor then took his clan of minions backstage to pretend like they haven’t already made their decision earlier today when they learned the results post voting tally. In the meantime, we were forced to watch a performance by Debi Nova sing her latest song Drummer Boy complete with a collection of six all-star dancers backing her up, and giving us something to truly focus on! Wow, is this what the kids are dancing to these days?! Where the heck is my PVR remote?!?

All of the dancers were brought out to the stage and Robert was quickly sent home to safety. This left the two girls (duh) to battle it out (with yet another girl going home from the competition). Mia and Adam fought hard against Skeletor to keep Melinda safe, meaning Cristina is going home! Although I was wrong with my overall prediction of the bottom three, I was correct in who would be leaving us tonight.

Sigh, it’s tough work being right!

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  • Kevin

    I really wish it was Melinda going home, but I’m not surprised it was Christina.

    And America should never, EVER let Robert be in the bottom 3 ever again.

  • Tyrell

    I am so disappointed in the judges decision to send Christina home. She has been so great on the show and her paso with Pascha was AMAZING! Melinda seems SO FAKE to me when she appears on the show. No soul. No nothing. Just “hi, I’m an actress, a dancer and a singer. I’ve done a lot of professional gigs and this show is just another check off on the list”. GRR! Christina had so much heart and I loved that about her. Agreed Kevin, Robert shouldn’t have been there at all. I would have rather seen Billy there (as his krump was awful) or AdeChike. He has yet to impress me.

  • Wow… i HATED Robert’s solo?? His first tumble was so clumsy and it was just downhill from there i was so surprised they didn’t comment on him at all :S
    Still, the girls were much worse of course.
    Brian Gainer et al.’s routine was amazing though i totally agree.. i NEVER watch the “half time shows” but made sure to stop for their’s.

    I’m still totally team Lauren as i was day one.

  • Geoff

    There was a musical performance? All I know is Mark was shirtless for an extended period of time. And that’s all I really needed.

  • Chrissie

    Just have to put my vote in, I’m always one for the underdog, so Jose has had my vote since day one. Although, and Ty will laugh, Miles will always be my number 1……lol.

  • Tyrell

    To Chrissie: Bahaha!