SYTYCD 7: Billy Bell or Alex Wong? Who Makes It?

EGADS. It’s like SYTYCD “Sophie’s Choice”!!!. During the SYTYCD Season 7 premiere, producer Nigel Lythgoe informed Korbi from that only one of these contestants makes the Top 10. With the number of dancers making the televised voting rounds cut down to only ten instead of the traditional twenty, some very talented dancers don’t make the cut. I didn’t believe it at first, but if only one of these talented boys make it, there will be some major dancing collateral damage.

To refresh your memory, Billy Bell actually made it to the Top 20 for Season 6, but had to withdraw for medical reasons. He was later replaced with cannon fodder, Brandon Dumlao who only lasted one week. Alex Wong, a Vancouver native, was a shoo-in for Season 5 but couldn’t compete in the Top 20 due to a previous contract obligation with The Miami Ballet. I guess his contract is up, since both boys have tried out for Season 7. Check out Nigel’s short interview after the jump