SYTYCD 7: America’s Favorite Dancer Is…

We have finally made it folks! America’s favourite dancer has been revealed after two long, painful, filler-crammed nonsense hours. Can you even believe it! Lauren, Kent and Robert are the final three contestants (as you all know from Wednesday night’s performance show) and one of them will be walking away with the title. The show opened with its usual style; a performance with a collection of all-stars and season seven contestants, including an injured Alex Wong performing sitting choreography.

The piece was yet another new routine for Kent, Lauren and Robert to learn on top of all their routines from Wednesday. The number was put together by Christopher Scott, known from his role in LXD (legion of extraordinary dancers). I thought this routine was pretty fantastic right off the start and it makes sense when credit was revealed to Mr. Scott.

The SEVEN useless judges were announce tonight and the only thing I care to mention about this panel is MARY MURPHY was BACK! WITH HER HOT TAMALE TRAIN! INSERT SCREAM X INFINITY!

My recap will be fairly short as no one needs to hear me repeat critic past dances from throughout the season. I’ll simply inform you of the numbers that were feature.

First, Tyce Diorio’s ‘Shoeless Joe’ Broadway number performed by Kent and Neil (the baseball piece). Second, Stacey Tookey’s Homeless/Business Man routine featuring Ade and Billy Bell – this piece deserved to be showcased again.

Quest crew from America’s Best Dance Crew (featuring SYTYCD alumni Hok and Ryan) then took to the stage and blew the roof off with a stand out hip hop/breaker performance. Literally some of the sickest and freshest moves I have seen in a long time! The arm tutting, the headstand with leg choreography. Like WHAT?! Brill-balls.

The next repeat performance was a Nappy-Tabs Hip Hop routine featuring all-star Comfort and AdeChike. The fourth piece to be remembered featured Kent and Anya doing a Ballroom number. The fifth performance was another Nappy-Tabs Hip Hop piece featuring Robert and all-star Dominic dressed as clowns, titled Scars.

Seven year old Luke then took to the stage to show off his insane ability to tap dance (after Skeletor hobbled out on stage with a fake cast to add 65-year-old humour to the show). The kid was cute, but I still fast-forward. To be honest, it looked even more impressive at three times the speed.

The next routine chosen to be danced again, Lauren and Pasha to tackle the Argentine Tango. Oh heck no. Up next was Adam Shankman’s ‘piece of the season’, Travis Walls’ Fix You piece danced by all-star Allison and Robert. This routine will never get old, and next be forgotten.

Insert – Neil Patrick Harris was sitting in the audience right behind Travis Wall!

Season six winner Russell was up next on stage performing with choreographer Lil’ C. Yeah right. That’s all I have to say about that.

Mary Murphy was up to select her favourite routine of the year featuring Dominic and Jose (on board the Hot Tamale Train before they even started) performing a Nappy-Tabs breaker routine. Yeah right this was Mary’s favourite.

The next piece of filler was UK So You Think You Can Dance winner Charlie Bruce dancing a contemporary routine with all-star Neil to I Surrender by Celine Dion.

The final three contestants were then brought out to reveal which of their journeys would end at this moment in the show. The dancer in third place, not surprizing, was Robert. Too bad he had to perform again right after the three-minute commercial break.

After Adam Shankman beaked Skeletor once again, he selected Lauren and Twitch’s Nappy-Tabs Hip Hop routine, My Chick Bad.

THANKFULLY, we were then shown a repeat (and previously recorded) performance of Alex Wong and Allison performing Sonya’s Contemporary routine to Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley. Epic, I agree. The best dance in the history of SYTYCD, I still disagree.

Stacey Tookey was up next to chose her favourite routine and she selected Billy and Robert’s Bollywood routine. I guess for Robert, the show must still go on?

Mia was up next to select one last piece to re-show, choreographed by Travis Wall once again and danced by Kent and Neil. Titled, How It Ends, THIS my friends was the most stunning piece every performed on any So You Think You Can Dance. Shitballs that was amazing.

Before the winner was announced, we were reminded of the Alex Wong and Twitch Hip Hop routine (and the first boy-on-boy routine ever on SYTYCD US). To fill in for Alex Wong, as Patrick mentioned yesterday in his spoiler post, ELLEN took to the stage to fill in for Alex Wong. Now I have to give Ellen props, she basically did the best she could with what she had to work with! Although it didn’t have the ballet portions that Alex added in for flair, she did add in a kick to the sac on Twitch. Pretty dang hysterical!

That was the last piece of the night with the only left to do was reveal America’s Favourite Dancer. Kent and Lauren were brought out to the stage and after an annoying long period of dramatic silence, the winner was announced. Season Seven So You Think You Can Dance winner is…LAUREN!

WHAT THE EFF AMERICA! No, this can’t be happening! She literally knocked out five guys, as the only girl left in the competition. This was Kent’s year to win and once again America just had to go and piss a lot of people off. I can’t believe my boy didn’t win. That’s okay baby, I’m here to hug it better.


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  • Jack Scribe

    Lauren came on strong the final weeks and I salute her. Here’s something odd that I’ll check out again. It didn’t appear that Kent was part of the final cluster-f**k with all the dancers congratulating Lauren on stage just prior to rolling the credits. Any thoughts?

  • I’m glad Lauren won. She did ballroom, hip hop, and cultural dances consistently better than any of the contemporary boys… actually… she was better at hip hop than Jose too!

    She made a late season surge just like Jeannine did. Kent was adorable… and a brill contemporary dancer… but Lauren was better overall.

    They should’ve let the top 2 do their prom routine. That would’ve been sweet.

  • Tyrell

    I think Lauren absolutely deserved to win. She came from her first week with terrible critique from the judges and came on strong from then on in.

    As for your comment on Kent Jack, he left the cluster to receive a HUGE spinning hug from Robert and few others. He’s in there. You’ll find him! 😉

  • Dan

    Jack – He was definitely missing from the initial group shot hugging Lauren (I’m sure shedding a tear or two) but Tyrell is correct, he ends up on the left-hand side of the screen (right-side of the stage) hugging Robert and an unidentifiable female dancer.

    It should have been me in that hug…

  • adam

    Is that actually the extent of your commentary on the winning competitor? I’ve been following this blog for weeks, and your final dissertation on the winner amounts to a four line blurb?!?!? I realize you’re gay and think Kent is hot (so am I and so do I) but couldn’t you have taken your brain out of your pants for long enough to admit that Lauren is a fully deserving winner, or at least for long enough to explain why in your opinion she isn’t? “I can’t believe my boy didn’t win.” That’s the extent of your insight? Thanks for really cutting to the heart of the matter. Now would you mind directing me to a site that actual has some commentary worth reading?

  • Kenty

    I read Kent was crying over there in the back and being consoled by the others….which is reason we don’t see him in the big group hug.
    And on the red carpet they asked him if he talked to his BFF Alex Wong, and he said, “yeah, he came up to me afterwards and said – you’re still the winner in my book.”

  • Kenty

    And let’s be honest, we always crown producer/network/judges favorite every season so we shouldn’t be surprised here!

  • Dan

    Hey Adam – thanks for your insult infused comment. 🙂 My opinion stems back to two weeks ago when Billy Bell, Jose and Lauren were in the bottom three the week that two dancers were to be sent home.

    Billy Bell had stand out performances the night prior (including the Contemporary routine with Ade). Lauren on the hand had a terrible night of performances and fully deserved to be in the bottom three. The judges at that point were still in the decision-making seat (something I also don’t agree with) and due to Billy being in the bottom in prior weeks and Lauren being touted by the judges themselves as a favourite, she was saved.

    It was at that point that I truly felt she wasn’t deserving of the title. We are all entitled to our own opinions, and yes while I added joking references to Kent being my boy (and I clearly make the statement in jest throughout every weekly recap) I felt he was the best dancer of the season.

    If you recall back to last year, this identical situation occurred when Russell (the judge’s favourite dancer) was continually saved by the judges and then went on to beat Jakob in the finale.

    I’m always open to feedback and criticism, so thank you! Sorry you thought I was only speaking from my pants, it even happens to the best of us at times!

  • David Everhart

    “Before the winner was announced, we were reminded of the Alex Wong and Twitch Hip Hop routine (and the first boy-on-boy routine ever on SYTYCD US).”

    Have you watched the US SYTYCD seasons before? The had them as early as season 2…Benji & Travis…

  • Dan

    Hey David – my apologies, I definitely misstated. I meant to say as part of the competition rounds in the earlier parts of the season. You are right, there have been boy-with-boy routines in the final performances; I was referring to mid-season competition.

    Cheers, Dan

  • Gary C.

    I still think Kent should have won. I understand exactly why he didn’t. Every time that hormone dripping female audience started shrieking, another 5,000 votes went to Lauren. The viewing audience at home truly resents being told who they should vote for each week. Two thousand screaming fans in the studio audience literally forced people at home to vote elsewhere. Besides, the best dancer NEVER wins. What’s-his-name from last season was a joke. I’m still scratching my head over that one. My boyfriend heard me say I wasn’t going to watch this season and once I saw Kent, I was hooked. I can’t believe I fell for it again. As a retired dancer myself, I love watching these young, talented dancers become one with their destiny. I wish I’d had parents who supported me and showed the encouragement that these very fortunate kids are being shown by their parents. As for Kent, in my book he truly did win. Lauren just got the paycheck. We’ll remember him long after the next few seasons of so-called winners are chosen. This kid is truly an original and has star quality written all over him.

  • Geoff

    I agree that Kent has a lot more charisma and stage presence than Lauren, but she seemed like a better dancer toward the end. But then, she definitely got better routines in the last few weeks.

    I’m not sure how they select routines, but it didn’t seem completely random the past few weeks. I definitely got the feeling that Kent was given pieces that were weak or showcased a lack of versatility. In the finale, his only good dance was the contemporary. The bollywood was mediocre, the geek piece was unfortunate, and I don’t even want to remember the piece that ended the show.

    Lauren, on the other hand, got a Nap and Tabs hip hop, a sexy cha-cha, and that contemporary piece with Robert. It just seemed like Kent got shafted and Lauren (and somewhat Robert) got routines that allowed the judges to gush.

  • Kenty

    Geoff – completely agree with you. There was actually an article I read somewhere that said (before the finale announcing the winner) how Kent probably will lose because of the routines he got and Nigel actually got a lot of tweets from angry fans because of it.
    Who wins is never random – don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for Lauren, but Kent was special. I don’t know if we will ever see a male contemporary dancer win in this show – ever.
    And I also agree to someone who said the screaming for Kent drove away voters – people always love the underdog story, even though we know Lauren was no underdog.
    I also agree, they kept giving Kent contemporary and the other two different styles making it appear like they were more versatile.
    I’m rambling, but honestly, looking back at the finale, Kent was definitely thrown under the bus.
    Lauren gets – cha cha and hip hop — both she had done before and shown she can handle (so of course they were going to go well), and then she gets contemporary and jazz – both in her wheelhouse
    Robert gets – contemporary, jazz (with Mark – favorite all-star), AND Spencer Liff broadway (the best broadway choreographer), and then the last piece (which didn’t matter by then anyway.
    Kent – yep…I’m sure it was Stacey Tookey’s piece that even landed him the runner-up spot!

  • BrianM

    I will be speaking strictly from my pants here – Kent is such a cutie !! He had an open shirt on the finale and he just a slight treasure trail going into his pants –I would love to see what it leads too — so hot !! His ass looked so GOOD in those jeans he was wearing as well.

    I do think that he should have won – he was a great dancer and improved week to week. The best dancer doesn’t always win – Travis, Jacob and Danny didn’t win – I am sure there are more that should have won.

    I really liked the dance with the winner from the UK and Neil – Neil has always been one of my favorites.

  • Paolo

    Lauren fully deserved the win. She’s so much more versatile than Kent and any other contestant this season (I’m including Alex, since he was only able to perform for 3 weeks.) They’re probably on par in their specialty, but Lauren is so clearly bettern than Kent at hiphop and ballroom.

    Dan, as for Lauren’s only time at the bottom 3, that was the night she got rushed to the hospital so I’m giving her a pass on not being able to perform her best. Billy on the other hand, while he performed that awesome Stacey Tookey routine, should’ve been gone already the week before for not dancing. And has been in the bottom 3 for so many weeks before. Lauren getting saved over Billy was such a logical and sound decision from the judges, IMO (and with a judge as inconsistent and illogical as Nigel in most other weeks, that’s saying a lot from my part.)

  • Rich Woodman

    This really was a kind of pointless article. Why recap everything that happened in the show when everybody reading it has already seen it??? Why not actually discuss the results instead? Also I hate people who write articles and will shoot things down and not expand on it.

    “Season six winner Russell was up next on stage performing with choreographer Lil’ C. Yeah right. That’s all I have to say about that.”

    Umm ok? Yeah right what? You think Russel and Lil C weren’t skilled? You think krump isn’t real dance? You thought the choreography sucked? You thought it had bad placement in the lineup? Lousy journalism. That’s all I have to say about that.

    Anyway…it did suck that Lauren won. Actually a bunch of things that happened in the season sucked (though it was still a truly magical season in terms of dancers and choreography). It *sucks* Alex and Ashley were injured. Alex would have surely been a finalist, and Ashley got the ball rolling literally the week before her injury.

    It also sucks how things turned out for Adechike…he was a seriously talented dancer who week after week either got lousy dances or undeserved criticism. *cough* mia needs to get over herself *cough*

    Also it’s truly absurd that Billy got knocked off after such a stellar performance show. The shoe routine + homeless routine = bottom 3 and booted?? Doesn’t add up.

    The finale was incredible and full of amazing performances and I loved it from start to finish. I just can’t help but wonder who would have been there if there hadn’t been the injuries or unjust criticisms/decisions.

    If I had the final say (in a perfect, injury-free world):

    3-Kent or Lauren (flip a coin lol)

    Billy, Adechike and Ashley all as runner-ups.

    Just 2 cents from a half drunk heterosexual guy who just rewatched the entire season, found this article via google and needed to vent about the results and wasn’t picky about where to post them 😛 (run-on sentence much?)

  • Dan

    Welcome Rich to the world of Homorazzi!

    That you for your commentary, even if it is a little late. I apologize for my lack of expansion on some of my comments, but if you see my comment in the above thread I definitely tried to expand on some of my initial shortcomings. 🙂

    As for my comment regarding season six winner Russell and Lil’C, I was mainly referring to my personal belief that there is no reason Russell should have pulled out that win. And the fact that he was back to dance with Lil’ C, who I’ve never really warmed to as a credible judge on the panel, I was over the dance before it began.

    Again, thanks for adding your opinion on the topic.

  • Kitalia

    Well we are an entire year behind and I have just finished watching the finale show and am looking forward to results show tomorrow. Loved reading your commentary each week. My favourite dancer was Billy – anyone else think he could pass for BBT’s Sheldon’s cousin. They are both super cute. Also really liked Robert, Kent & Ashley and became a late fan of Lauren’s. The judges being particularly overt about their favorites in particular Lauren and Kent really put me off. I am surprised about the result. wk 1 I picked Alex to win and after he was injured I picked Kent – still can’t believe he didn’t win. I’m hoping they’ll show season 8 soon so I’m avoiding following it online. They’ve only shown seasons 2, 3 & 4 here in Australia – really random and annoying. The years they’ve done an Oz version (nowhere near as good as USA except we get great ballroom thanks to Jason) they don’t show US. Very frustrating. Hope Kent Billy and Robert have gone onto bigger and better things.