We have finally made it folks! America’s favourite dancer has been revealed after two long, painful, filler-crammed nonsense hours. Can you even believe it! Lauren, Kent and Robert are the final three contestants (as you all know from Wednesday night’s performance show) and one of them will be walking away with the title. The show opened with its usual style; a performance with a collection of all-stars and season seven contestants, including an injured Alex Wong performing sitting choreography.

The piece was yet another new routine for Kent, Lauren and Robert to learn on top of all their routines from Wednesday. The number was put together by Christopher Scott, known from his role in LXD (legion of extraordinary dancers). I thought this routine was pretty fantastic right off the start and it makes sense when credit was revealed to Mr. Scott.

The SEVEN useless judges were announce tonight and the only thing I care to mention about this panel is MARY MURPHY was BACK! WITH HER HOT TAMALE TRAIN! INSERT SCREAM X INFINITY!

My recap will be fairly short as no one needs to hear me repeat critic past dances from throughout the season. I’ll simply inform you of the numbers that were feature.

First, Tyce Diorio’s ‘Shoeless Joe’ Broadway number performed by Kent and Neil (the baseball piece). Second, Stacey Tookey’s Homeless/Business Man routine featuring Ade and Billy Bell – this piece deserved to be showcased again.

Quest crew from America’s Best Dance Crew (featuring SYTYCD alumni Hok and Ryan) then took to the stage and blew the roof off with a stand out hip hop/breaker performance. Literally some of the sickest and freshest moves I have seen in a long time! The arm tutting, the headstand with leg choreography. Like WHAT?! Brill-balls.

The next repeat performance was a Nappy-Tabs Hip Hop routine featuring all-star Comfort and AdeChike. The fourth piece to be remembered featured Kent and Anya doing a Ballroom number. The fifth performance was another Nappy-Tabs Hip Hop piece featuring Robert and all-star Dominic dressed as clowns, titled Scars.

Seven year old Luke then took to the stage to show off his insane ability to tap dance (after Skeletor hobbled out on stage with a fake cast to add 65-year-old humour to the show). The kid was cute, but I still fast-forward. To be honest, it looked even more impressive at three times the speed.

The next routine chosen to be danced again, Lauren and Pasha to tackle the Argentine Tango. Oh heck no. Up next was Adam Shankman’s ‘piece of the season’, Travis Walls’ Fix You piece danced by all-star Allison and Robert. This routine will never get old, and next be forgotten.

Insert – Neil Patrick Harris was sitting in the audience right behind Travis Wall!

Season six winner Russell was up next on stage performing with choreographer Lil’ C. Yeah right. That’s all I have to say about that.

Mary Murphy was up to select her favourite routine of the year featuring Dominic and Jose (on board the Hot Tamale Train before they even started) performing a Nappy-Tabs breaker routine. Yeah right this was Mary’s favourite.

The next piece of filler was UK So You Think You Can Dance winner Charlie Bruce dancing a contemporary routine with all-star Neil to I Surrender by Celine Dion.

The final three contestants were then brought out to reveal which of their journeys would end at this moment in the show. The dancer in third place, not surprizing, was Robert. Too bad he had to perform again right after the three-minute commercial break.

After Adam Shankman beaked Skeletor once again, he selected Lauren and Twitch’s Nappy-Tabs Hip Hop routine, My Chick Bad.

THANKFULLY, we were then shown a repeat (and previously recorded) performance of Alex Wong and Allison performing Sonya’s Contemporary routine to Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley. Epic, I agree. The best dance in the history of SYTYCD, I still disagree.

Stacey Tookey was up next to chose her favourite routine and she selected Billy and Robert’s Bollywood routine. I guess for Robert, the show must still go on?

Mia was up next to select one last piece to re-show, choreographed by Travis Wall once again and danced by Kent and Neil. Titled, How It Ends, THIS my friends was the most stunning piece every performed on any So You Think You Can Dance. Shitballs that was amazing.

Before the winner was announced, we were reminded of the Alex Wong and Twitch Hip Hop routine (and the first boy-on-boy routine ever on SYTYCD US). To fill in for Alex Wong, as Patrick mentioned yesterday in his spoiler post, ELLEN took to the stage to fill in for Alex Wong. Now I have to give Ellen props, she basically did the best she could with what she had to work with! Although it didn’t have the ballet portions that Alex added in for flair, she did add in a kick to the sac on Twitch. Pretty dang hysterical!

That was the last piece of the night with the only left to do was reveal America’s Favourite Dancer. Kent and Lauren were brought out to the stage and after an annoying long period of dramatic silence, the winner was announced. Season Seven So You Think You Can Dance winner is…LAUREN!

WHAT THE EFF AMERICA! No, this can’t be happening! She literally knocked out five guys, as the only girl left in the competition. This was Kent’s year to win and once again America just had to go and piss a lot of people off. I can’t believe my boy didn’t win. That’s okay baby, I’m here to hug it better.


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