SYTYCD 7: Who’s Your Favorite All-Star Dancer?

Summer staple, “So You Think You Can Dance” returns to TV tonight for its seventh season. With the new season, comes new big changes. Instead of a Top 20 making it to the live voting rounds, only ten lucky dancers will make it on to the show. Each week only one contestant will be eliminated instead of the two, as we’ve been accustomed to.

The chosen Season 7 dancers will pick a different partner from a pool of previous SYTYCD contestants from the past six seasons. These 12 All-Stars will not be voted by the public nor be judged by the judges. Think of them as the professional ballroom dancers matched with celebrities on “Dancing with the Stars”.

Who are these All-Stars? Check them out below and be sure to VOTE on your favorite returning SYTYCD contestant.

Mark Kanemura (left)

Season: 4
Style: Jazz, Broadway
Best Routine: “Bleeding Love” Hip Hop with Chelsie Hightower (
Fun Facts: Is a dancer for Lady Gaga’s “Monster Ball” tour. Music video credits include: Lady Gaga “Telephone”, Janet Jackson “Make Me”

Allison Holker (right)

Season: 2
Style: Jazz, Contemporary
Best Routine: “Why” Contemporary with Ivan Kournaev (
Fun Facts: Appeared in “High School Musical” and “High School Musical 2”. Graduated from same school as SYTYCD Chelsie Hightower but two years earlier. Gave birth to daughter, Weslie Fowler, in 2008.

Stephen “tWitch” Boss (left)

Season: 4
Style: Popping, Locking, Krump
Best Routine: “Mercy” Contemporary with Katee (
Fun Facts: His name is an acronym for “to Win i trustingly choose humility”. He capitalizes the ‘W’ in tWitch on purpose. Has his own clothing line ‘tWitch Boss Clothing’ which will be released in summer 2010. Has two major roles coming this year: Step Up 3D (Aug 2010), Stomp The Yard 2: Homecoming (Fall 2010).

Kathyrn McCormick (right)

Season: 6
Style: Jazz, Contemporary
Best Routine: “At This Moment” Contemporary with Jakob Karr (
Fun Facts: Has a non-leading role in the remake of Fame. Longest lasting female for season 6.

Ade Obayomi (left)

Season: 5
Style: Contemporary
Best Routine: “This Woman’s Work” Contemporary with Melissa Sandvig (
Fun Facts: Goes to Chapman University, where Katee Shean and tWitch also studied. Photos leaked of him in his underwear holding an iPhone. It’d be perfect for Click here to check it out.

Anya Garnis (right)

Season: 3
Style: Ballroom, Latin
Best Routine: “Girlfriend” Jive with Danny Tidwell (
Fun Facts: After SYTYCD, her and Pasha came fifth in the American Ballroom Challlenge. The two also appeared on Dancing with the Stars 7 for a results performance. They also competed in “Superstars of Dance” representing Russia in the duet category.


Dominic Sandoval (left)

Season: 3
Style: Hip Hop, Breakdancing
Best Routine: “Make It Work” Hip Hop with Sabra Johnson (
Fun Facts: Won season 3 of “America’s Best Dance Crew” with fellow SYTYCD’ers Hok and Ryan Conferido as part of Quest Crew. Known for dropping his SYTYCD partner Sabra Johnson on her head during the Hairspray group routine.

Courtney Galiano (right)

Season: 4
Style: Jazz, Contemporary
Best Routine: “The Garden” Jazz with Mark Kanemura (
Fun Facts: Music video credits include: “Whine Up” (Kat Deluna); “Prende” (Daddy Yankee). Appeared in a Hannah Montana movie “Hoedown Throwdown”, Jonas Brothers’ “Camp Rock: The Final Jam”. Modeled for Cliche Cosmetics with fellow season 4 dancers, Chelsie Hightower and Katee Shean.

Neil Haskell (left)

Season: 3
Style: Contemporary, Jazz
Best Routine: “Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)” Jazz with Sabra Johnson (
Fun Facts: Appeared in the Off-Broadway play, “Altar Boyz” and can be currently be seen in “9 to 5” on Broadway. Has a twin brother who took gymnastics and dance lessons with him. Was the MVP for his high school volleyball team.

Comfort Fedoke (right)

Season: 4
Style: Hip Hop, Krump
Best Routine: “Can We Chill” Hip Hop with Thayne Jasperson (
Fun Facts: Holds the record for being in the bottom 3 or 4 the most times, beating former record holder, Lauren Gottlieb. Appeared in Hip Hop videos for T-Pain “Freeze”, Ludacris “What Them Girls Like”. Appeared in Glee for the “Hairography” episode.

Pasha Kovalev (left)

Season: 3
Style: Jazz, Broadway
Best Routine: “Body Language” West Coast Swing with Sara Von Gillern (
Fun Facts: Choreographed a cha-cha routine for SYTYCD 5 and a jive routine for SYTYCD 6 with Anya Garnis. Appeared in Jason Gilkinson’s “Burn The Floor“. See Anya Garnis above for other credits.

Lauren Gottlieb (right)

Season: 3
Style: Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop
Best Routine: “Night of the Dancing Flame” Jazz with Neil Haskell (
Fun Facts: She did the choreography for the SYTYCD season 5 auditions. Has appeared in two episodes of Glee- the pilot and in “Acafellas”. She also was featured in “Bring It On: Fight to the Finish”.

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There you have it boys and girls. I’m definitely looking forward to the new mini-makeover SYTYCD is receiving. Even more so, I’m super stoked to seeing Allison, Mark, Neil, Pasha and Anya back on the show.

  • Jared

    Im super stoked to see the all-stars back. My favourite have to be Anya, Pasha, and Neil (Dominic for comedic value).

  • Brett

    Where the eff is Travis??? Or Natalie, or Heidi, or Hawk, or Ivan, or ANYONE from the first season? Nick or Melody, or Blake?

    And Courtney?! She is AWFUL. Ew.

    Glad to see Lauren, Neil, Pasha, and Allison though. 🙂

  • Dan

    I am SO excited for this season to start!

    Brett – Travis choreographs for the show now and does an amazing job! He wouldn’t be able to do both and I’m definitely stoked to see his routines/concepts come to life.

    It’s going to be AMAZING!

  • Paolo

    Travis is supposedly choreographing next season, so he won’t be dancing in any routines.

    I agree with the HUH?!? for Courtney, especially over Katee? Too bad Chelsie, Dmitry and Lacey are with DWTS now, SYTYCD could use more ballroom experts (although big cheers for Pasha and Anya!)

    I’m also not too sure about Dominic’s inclusion as an All-Star too, especially since there are several hiphop/break dancers who are more worthy of being in the lineup (Legacy? Gev? Hok?)

  • Adam A.

    I’m confused….I thought there was only going to be a top 10, and there are 12 all-stars on the roster?????? what up wid dat?

  • Dan

    They needed to make sure that there were enough styles covered off for both male and female dancers, so they went with 12 all-stars. It’s brilliant!

  • Anthony

    Loved Neil always…

    Confused why Comfort is there… she was never good.. even in hip-hop routines she wasn’t really stunning.

    Should have chosen Sara (season 3) for hip-hop girl.. she was good in almost everything.

    Mark would be second fave.

  • allison would always be my girl

  • truelyinspired


  • Will

    Courtney is hot. Great dancer. Can do anything.