German Sprinter’s Swinging VPL Steals The Show During Race

There are some people who have no business wearing lycra. That’s certainly not the case here with Sven Knipphals. Give the man a bolt of lyrca stat!!!

Knipphals is a 32-year-old German sprinter who specializes in the 100M, 200M and 4x100M relay. If he ever drops the baton in the latter race, he can use his manhood as a substitute. It’s roughly the same size.

The following clip is an old one from a couple years back, but still worth a watch if you haven’t seen it previously. Be prepared to be wowed… and excited 😉

  • Sk8board T

    Kinda hot but it’s still small

  • skilos

    Looks more like his nuts bouncing from side to side. The guy in the green, in first part of clip. shows what a cock looks like.