Susan Boyle To Sing At Royal Wedding?

If Simon Cowell gets his way, then yes. The former American Idol Judge told Extra that the YouTube singing sensation would be an ideal choice to sing at Prince William & Kate Middleton’s Royal Wedding in April. He also added Susan Boyle’s version of “Dreamed a Dream” would be the perfect choice for a wedding song. Personally, “Back That Ass Up” would a much better idea. It’ll throw everyone off and add a little flava to the mix. I kid.

So what makes Cowell such an expert on this topic. Apparently, the acerbic judge and Prince William are “friends” and he noted the royals are fans of “X-Factor“. Here’s what he said

“I’m actually friends with Prince Harry. Well, I wouldn’t say friends, per se, but he’s come down to the show,” Cowell said. “He and I get along very well. He’s a very, very nice guy. I like him a lot.”

In other Susan Boyle related news, the Scottish singer recently revealed she’d love to work with Beatle legend, Sir Paul McCartney, with whom she’s listened to since she was a youngster. Here’s what she told UK’s “The Sun

“The Beatles are still around now, their records live on. I hope to be in the same calibre one day. I know I’ve got a lot to do yet though. I’d like to meet Paul. If he ever wanted to perform together, I’d have no problem with it – here I am, baby,”

Paul McCartney isn’t the only artist Boyle is eying as a potential collaborator. “What’s My Name?” singer Rihanna is on the Scot’s radar. She’s apparently a huge fan of the R&B singer and wants to test out her R&B talents with the songstress. OMG. I would love to see this happen stat. Whoever has the power to make this happen, do it now. How awesome would it be to see Boyle and RiRi in a music video together? That would put all other duets to shame.