Survivor Heroes vs Villains Episode 6: “Superman In A Girdle”


Previously on Survivor, the Villains kept kicking some puzzle ass and the Heroes kept losing. That’s ok because I’m in love with the villains. Team Heroes is more Team Douche… and that’s saying a lot because Coach is actually the Duke of Douche. So far, the Heroes have lost Sugar, Stephenie, Cirie, and Tom. Who else will they lose tonight? Or, can they get their shit together and send those dastardly villains to Tribal Council? And how will Russell’s hidden immunity idol come into play? Let’s find out!

We start off this week at Camp GI Joe. James asks Colby if he wants a hug. LOLs. I’d watch that. Sadly, Colby says no. Candice is conflicted about her vote. She wanted to get James out, but didn’t want to face the anger back at camp if she flipped, so she played it safe. Amanda confesses that she is sick of Candice and nobody trusts her.



Over at Camp Cobra, Russell and Rob have a little heart to heart. Russell doesn’t want to be at each other’s throats, but Russell then turns to the camera to tell us it’s all bull. He wants Rob gone because no one threatens Russell Hantz. He’s such a troll. Rob tells Russell that he’s marked because he went looking for the hidden idol. This is gonna be a showdown! Rob’s strategy is to make Russell paranoid and get him to freak out. It’s a good strategy, but Rob doesn’t know that Parvati is so tight with Russell. She can control him.

Back with the not-so-GI Joes, Colby tells us he is worried about James’ ability to compete. Me too. Dude’s got a full leg brace on to protect his gimpy knee. With that, we’re off to the challenge. Danielle tells Jeff she’s surprised to see James still here. The Villains thought he would’ve been voted off for sure. She notes that he must have a strong alliance. Not the kind of intel you want to give up. Turns out it’s an individual immunity challenge! Oh snap! Both tribes will go to tribal council this week. One person from each tribe will be immune. Go Rob Go!


Each person has to navigate a very complicated obstacle course while attached to a rope that winds its way through the course. Then there will be a separate challenge between one person from each tribe for a special prize. Hot dogs! And, they get to listen to the other tribe’s Tribal Council. Good score.

First up, it’s the Heroes fighting for individual immunity. Amanda and Candice seemed to get out to an early lead. Their agility seemed to help. Somehow, James found his way into the lead too. That guy is a machine. Colby was not doing well. Candice got through the first section first and went on to win it! Go girl! It’s a good win for her… she probably needed it.

Next up… the Villains. Rob, Tyson, and Russell all shot out to an early lead. Sandra got stuck right off the bat. Danielle and Parvati made a good showing too, but it was Rob to make it through the first section ahead, followed by Tyson and Russell. Boston Rob wins! Yes!

Boston Rob and Candice then race through an even more complicated structure for the hot dogs. There was a lot of vajayjay blurring from Candice and she stayed close to Boston Rob, but she was no match for him. Rob won it for the Villains. Camp Cobra takes another challenge!


Now it’s time for some mad scramble at both camps. At Camp Cobra, Parvati is annoyed that Rob won immunity. It gives him too much power. Rob on the other hand gathers his troops to target Parvati, but tells them to make sure Russell thinks it’s him. Tyson, Jerri, Courtney, and Sandra are all down with the plan. Unfortunately, Coach is there too. He says he’s sticking to his word and voting out Parvati because that’s what dragon slayers do. I’m not so sure.

Rob tells Russell that he’s going home unless he plays the idol because “it’s better to play with me than against me”. Russell doesn’t react very well to that. He’s on a mission to get Rob to eat those words. He goes right to Parvati and Danielle with a plan. He’s going to vote for Tyson and give Parvati the idol. He sees through the plan and knows they’re trying to blindside Parvati.

Back with the Heroes, Colby thinks he’s at risk, but won’t go down without a fight. He needed an A+ performance to stay in it, but James, brace and all, beat him. LOLs. Now do you want a hug? I volunteer! Colby tells the whole tribe that he knows he’s going home so there’s no need for scrambling. WTF! What happened to the whole not going down without a fight thing? James says the great Colby has shrivelled away and wants to go home. JT, Rupert, Amanda, and Candice meet to discuss who to send home. Colby or James. JT points out that James isn’t helping out at camp anymore and is eating them out of house and home. Uh oh. Colby might get a save even after giving up!

Amanda defends James and then tells him he needs to show the group he can run. She warns him that he’s in trouble. She tells him that his eating habits are pissing people off. He’s incredulous. Everybody eats bananas! James then wants to run in the “Hero Olympics” to show he’s tough enough. LOL. JT and James race down the beach, but JT takes it easily… backwards. Colby meanwhile is just pouting in the water.

And the scramble is still not over. Back at Camp Cobra, Rob realizes they need to split the vote. Three for Russell, three for Parvati. Rob then says the three of them will probably vote for Tyson. Damn he’s smart. Three, three, and three makes a tie with the idol now out of play. That allows for a revote and they all target the one without the idol. Tyson, Rob, and Sandra are voting for Russell. Jerri, Coach, and Courtney are voting for Parvati. But WAIT!

Russell then tells Tyson he’s voting for Parvati and it breaks his heart to do it. He needs to play the game for himself. Tyson falls for it and suggests to the camera he could flip his vote to Parvati and get rid of her. HOWEVER, what he doesn’t get is that Russell is already one step ahead of him. If Tyson flips his vote, he totally messes up Boston Rob’s plan. Uh Oh. Sneaky Russell strikes again. Russell doesn’t know if they’re smart enough to pull off a genius move like splitting the vote, but he’s smarter. They are smart but Russell is clearly smarter than Tyson.

At the first Tribal Council, Jerri and Rob talk about how things are different now than in seasons 2 and 4. Sandra also says they all know who has the hidden idol. I love her. She’s so smart and lippy. Parvati calls out Tyson for being a threat. Sandra calls out Parvati for being a threat. They vote. Rob’s genius plan is in jeopardy because Tyson is an idiot. Will it come back to bite him?

Danielle votes for Tyson. Jerri votes for Parvati. Rob votes for Russell. Parvati votes for Tyson. Coach votes for Parvati. Courtney votes for Parvati. Sandra votes for Russell and tells the camera he needs to go into the ocean and wash his ass. LOLs. She says she can’t stand him. Adios. Then Tyson and Russell vote, but we don’t see who they write down.

Before Jeff reads out the votes, he asks if anyone wants to play the idol. Russell stands up. OMG. I have to write this all down. He takes the idol to Jeff…

Russell: “No, not this way.” Then he turns to the tribe and says, “You know Coach, you always say loyal, honesty, and trust is the best thing. No matter how this comes out tonight, I’m gonna stick to that. Parvati.” He hands the idol to her.


Parvati: “Are you serious?”

Tyson looks stunned. Rob shakes his head. Parvati takes the idol to Jeff.

Parvati: “I guess I’m playing it. Such a gentleman”. She says it in a way that makes her sound like she had no idea. I don’t buy it, but it’s great.

Tyson is officially an idiot! Parvati’s four votes don’t count. Russell only got two votes. Tyson got three. See ya Tyson! He deserves it for messing with Boston Rob’s genius plan. Danielle gasps… “What just happened!” Clearly Russell didn’t trust her enough to fill her in. Russell grins. Jeff calls it a “crazy Tribal Council”. I would call it EPIC. Tyson at least recognizes what happened. In his final words, he says he was a victim of his own stupidity. Yep.

Bring on the Heroes! As the Villains chow down on hot dogs, the beleaguered GI Joes face a Probst Probe. Rupert says the line between hero and villain is blurred. The villains are showing up the heroes. I agree. They talk about James’ knee for a while. Nothing major is revealed. They don’t want to say too much with the Villains watching. Jeff outs Colby though as being the outsider. James calls Colby “superman in a girdle”. He’s not the big stud he used to be. The girdle is hiding a fat suit. Woah. Colby doesn’t even come to his own defence. He says living it is worse. Ouch. Dude! Fight! You have a chance.

After the Villains leave, it’s time to vote. James votes for Colby. Colby votes for James. So did everybody else. James is out! As he leaves the platform he says he’s, “gonna be good and drunk in the next five minutes.” Love it.

What a night! This could really change things up. Russell will probably gain some power at Rob’s expense. Colby, if he makes it to the merge could flip… since the Villains know he’s on the outs. Can’t wait!

  • KAt

    I miss James already.

  • EZ

    James was annoying. Glad he’s gone. I want the heroes to win more just so we can see more Villain tribal counsel! I also loved the old Colby I hope he finds his mojo now that he survived another week.

  • Paolo

    James is a giant douche. Good riddance to him.

  • Robyn

    How about the “I love yous” at the end between Amanda and James. Is that still going on from China or did they just start up again? Anyway… I thought the banana thing was effing hilarious. Why is team dumbass keeping Rupert??!? Seriously.
    Every week, I adore Boston Rob just a little more. Russell is a troll.

  • Reddishot

    I’m going to miss James’ wonderful muscles they thrilled me every week and they glistened nicely in the rain at tribal, hard for me to say goodbye. I don’t recall James having a big mouth in China, where has all the attitude come from? Great recap Rich, I missed half the episode.