Survivor Heroes vs Villains Episode 13: “I’m Against You Russell”

Previously on Survivor, the producers threw a curveball at our castaways with two tribal councils in two days. Candice turned on her heroic clan just to get voted out the very next day. Then Russell tried to manipulate Parvati and Danielle into a fight. The girls didn’t believe a word he said… so he went to his back-up plan… bullying. Danielle broke down at Tribal which freaked Jerri out. She joined up with Russell, Colby, and Rupert to take out Parvati’s number one gal. Can Parvati and Russell mend their broken fence? Will Rupert and Colby be able to take advantage of the apparent rift with the Villains?

Before we start… I have to tell you that his was one of the BEST Survivor episodes EVER. So much amazeballing. I loved every minute of it. Hold on to your buffs.

The episode started off in the dark back at camp. Parvati confesses that she’s pissed, but she refuses to let Russell know it. She no longer trusts him, but she doesn’t want him to know that. Jerri tells Parv that Danielle messed up… that’s why she changed her vote. Russell tells us that Jerri will do anything he says and now Parvati will have to come crawling back to him. Russell my love… somehow I doubt that very much. Haven’t you figured out that Parvati is WAY smarter than you? After all the confessionals, the three of them pretend to be all nicey nicey. Villains rock.

Then we get some Rupert time. UGH. I have never liked Rupert. I don’t get America’s love for him. He sucks, he’s delusional, and he’s a hypocrite. Rupert tells us that he keeps getting closer and closer to the million. If that happens… fuck.



The next day, tree mail arrives. Family visit! They get a Sprint phone with videos of their loved ones. Turns out they’re all in Samoa ready to play a reward challenge. Cue the tears! Each Survivor will be paired up with their loved one. Winners get to go see Samoa’s famous blow holes. Joining the castaways for this challenge are Rupert’s wife, Russell’s wife, Colby’s brother, Parvati’s dad, Sandra’s uncle, and Jerri’s sister. The survivors have to race down to the ocean, scoop up a bucket of water, and throw it at their loved ones. The loved ones need to catch the water in another bucket and then dump it into yet another bucket. First pair to fill up that third bucket wins.

It was a close race between Jerri and Russell… even as Sandra was telling her uncle to cheat in Spanish… but Jerri and her sister pulled out the win. And of course, she got to pick two people and her loved ones to come with. Jerri picked Parvati and Sandra. Russell is PISSED. He storms back to camp and bitches to Rupert and Colby… incessantly. In his mind, Jerri not taking him is tantamount to treason and is going to cost her a million dollars. How is that? He’s so bitter when things don’t go his way. He’s pissed that he’s not in control and that Jerri, Sandra, and Parvati get to spend time away from him comparing notes. He should be worried.

And so in typical overplaying his hand fashion, Russell strikes a final three deal with Colby and Rupert. That’s so unnecessary. Not even Russell would take a hero to the final three to face a jury made up of Heroes. He’s just running his mouth again and it’s bound to backfire on him.

Meanwhile on the reward, the girls and their loved ones throw coconuts into these giant blow holes. They’re like geysers shooting out of the bluffs as the waves crash onto shore. Pretty cool. Timed right, the coconuts go shooting up into the air.

Once they feast, Jerri starts bringing up game talk. She’s worried that Russell is going to be furious and turn on her. Parvati and Sandra tell her not to worry. She’s under they’re full protection. Parvati told Jerri not to respond to Russell’s scare tactics.

When the girls get back to camp, Jerri really wants to settle things up with Russell… but he’s already gone to bed. Fortunately dumbass Rupert decides the middle of the night is prime time for chopping wood, smashing logs, breaking twigs, and sawing. He wakes the whole camp up. They all grumble about how clueless and stupid he is. LOLs. The rude awakening gives Jerri a chance to talk to Russell. She downplays her decision and he wisely downplays his reaction. Russell wants Jerri under his control. Jerri just doesn’t want to be in his line of fire.

When we get to the immunity challenge we find out it is the really awkward one from Gabon. The survivors have to keep two poles balanced between the back of their hands and a wooden board above their head. If the poles lose contact with the board, they fall and the person is out. Not 15 seconds after the challenge begins, Colby drops a pole. WTF is up with Colby! He has sucked so hard this year. It’s such a shame. He’s become this meager little man. Speaking of meager… Sandra drops out right after Colby. LOLs. These two are useless at the challenges. Then it was Russell’s turn to disappoint. He lost concentration for one second and he was out. Same with Jerri. So once again, we’re down to Parvati and Rupert in a tricky endurance challenge. Parvati needs to win. If she doesn’t, Russell may be tempted to align with the boys to vote her out.

Too bad for the boys. Parvati wins! Yay! Rupert lost another one!

Back at camp, things start to go haywire… and I love it! Sandra tells Rupert that she wants Russell GONE. Sandra knows people want to keep him around because they can all beat him at the final three… but she hates him so much that she wants him out. Rupert then runs to tell the WHOLE story to Russell. Uh oh. Angry Russell time. Parvati totally calls it too and warns Sandra to brace herself. He marches over to Sandra who is laying in the shelter with Parvati. He barks, “you’re either with me or against me”. Sandra calmly replies… “I’m against you Russell”. LOfuckingL. I LOVE HER. Russell is actually speechless for a moment, but then continues that if Sandra is against him, she’s going home next. Parvati tries to cool things down by assuring both of them that everything is okay. They bicker back and forth for a while before Russell limps away. If Sandra and Parvati are officially a team now… he is screwed. He can’t manipulate them. They’re not afraid of him.

And to prove it… they start MOCKING him. I’M DYING. Parvati calls out in her best man mocking tone… “who invited Boston Rob back to the party… are you with me or against me”. The girls laugh. Russell is furious. Jerri is once again confused. She doesn’t understand why the girls would push Russell’s buttons. Russell admits to the camera that he is really torn and could easily vote Sandra out with Rupert, Jerri, and Colby. Parvati, however, is certain Jerri would never vote for Sandra. It doesn’t matter though because Sandra reminds us that she has a hidden immunity idol and today is the last day to play it. Better yet, she kept her little treasure a secret. Nobody knows. She gives Russell the finger behind his back. Perfect.

At Tribal Council, things get even better. Probst asks Sandra what the fallout of a villain being voted out was. Sandra immediately starts tattling on Rupert and how he tried to get Sandra and Russell to fight in the hopes that another Danielle-type boot would occur. She recounts the whole back and forth… including Russell’s lame threats. He is clearly not impressed to have all his laundry hung out for the jury to see. Russell tries to cover his ass… but Probst calls him out and asks why he didn’t just ask what was going on with Sandra nicely. Sandra and Parvati then return to their mocking routine. Everyone laughs. They are totally assassinating him right now in front of the jury. I adore them.

Probst then asks Parvati if it is still Heroes vs Villains. She says “obviously not” since Danielle got voted out. Parvati says she would rather keep the Villains together because there is nothing to be gained by taking a Hero to the finals. Rupert then chimes in with some nonsense about how the best villain should flip and show how good they are. Yawn. I am so over him.

Finally, it’s time to vote. Sandra votes for Rupert and says, “I’ll write your name again and if I’m up there in the final three, you’ll still give me the million dollar vote.” AWESOME.

When Jeff brings the votes back, he starts in on his hidden immunity idol speech, but Sandra cuts him off by leaping to her feet. She asks, “should I let you finish”? He says, ”no need”. She says, “I would hate to go home with the idol in my bra” and whips it out. EPIC. The jury loves it. Russell is once again pissed that he got duped on an idol. Isn’t he supposed to be the idol King? Sandra and Parvati definitely have something to say about that! As it turns out, she didn’t need it. The Villains stuck together and voted out Rupert 4-2.

Wow. What an episode. The finale on Sunday should be amazing. Hopefully, lame-duck Colby is out fast so the last four villains can duke it out for the title. I would LOVE to see Russell go down in flames again.

  • Dan

    Seriously, I am SO happy that I got into this season of Survivor. EVERY episode has been shockingly brilliant!

  • Patrick

    Seriously – I agree Dan. I want Parvati or Sandra to win. LOVED when Sandra pulled out the idol and Parvati had the HUGEST smile on her face, just loving it! I want Russell to go down in flames too, Rich!

  • Anthony

    Russell is a good player.. I will give him that credit… but his ego is so large and so easily swayed, that he will never be great.

    Parvati and Sandra have schooled him… simple as that. They are too smart for him. The funniest part is that they will take him to final 3 because they KNOW he won’t get any of the votes. Yet, he’ll think he made the final 3 again because he’s that good. He’s such a pawn it’s sad.

    But in all honesty, if his original season wasn’t last season.. and it was a season every all-star had a chance of watching, he would have been off this show a looong time ago.

    I’m getting very sick of things working out for him too well and him taking credit for it.

  • I totally agree Anthony. Have you watched the Ponderosa Videos… where the jury hangs out after they have been booted? JT and Amanda have decided that Russell is the perfect person to take to the final 3. He’ll make it there, but he won’t win.

  • Reddishot

    Are you sure that the vote was 4-2 for Rupert and that Sandra didn’t need the idol to survive? I thought Russell, Colby, and Rupert likely voted for her. Jeff revealed 2 votes Sandra and 3 votes Rupert out of 6 votes then stopped.

  • During the credits they always show the final votes. Rupert and Colby were the only two to vote for Sandra.

  • Michelle

    I love Sandra. I hope she wins.

  • Anthony

    Rich I did see th Pondarosa videos… and they’re right.

    Look at who’s there:

    Coach – hates Russell
    Courtney – hates Russell
    JT – Hates Russell
    Amanda – Probably won’t vote for Russell
    Candice – I seriously don’t know what this girl thinks ever
    Danielle – Now hates Russell
    Rupert – Hates Russell.. but probably hates all of them now

    Russell really doesn’t stand a chance… You’d think maybe this group of all-stars may appreciate a vicious game… but they won’t, because they’ll see how Parvati and Sandra did it with so much more skill and ease… the only fear I have is that Parv and Sandra have both won and that may affect the votes they may/may not receive.