Survivor South Pacific: Redemption Island Hair Care Commercial

Are you worried about your hair? Do you want long flowing locks like Ozzy & Coach from Survivor? Well, you’re in luck because host Jeff Probst is here to talk to everyone about “Redemption Island Hair Care” – hair products that will help you become the person you want to be. On Survivor, people want to win a million bucks but with this hair care line, they’ll feel like a million bucks already.

In these goofy video, Probst pokes fun at Coach and Ozzy (and they poke fun at themselves) with respect their lengthy hair and the role it plays in the game. Probst talks about how much it would impact their game if the women this season would use the shampoo & conditioner as well. What do you think – should I carry this line of products in my store? Only kidding. Check out the video below and watch Survivor: South Pacific this Wednesday at 8/7c to see who’ll be voted off next!