Survivor Announces Second Chance Season


After last night’s episode, Survivor revealed a major twist for Season 31 being filmed in Koh Rong, Cambodia. 32 former players, ranging from Season 1 to Season 30, who’ve played the game only once and never won the game, will get a second chance to compete for the $1 million prize and the title of Sole Survivor. This isn’t anything new, but here’s the twist.

Fans will vote for their favorite heroes, villains and underdogs and ultimately decide who will earn a place on the cast. The top 10 men and women vote-getters will receive their second chance at the title. The results will be revealed live during the Survivor: Worlds Apart season finale live reunion show on Wednesday, May 20.

Personally, I love this idea. But I wish producers would’ve taken it a step further and only made first boots eligible for the vote. Don’t you think?

I fancy myself as a hardcore Survivor fan and have never missed an episode. With that being said, I don’t remember half of the eligible castaways. Check them all out below and see if you find yourself in the same boat.


For those hoping that Mike Holloway or Carolyn Rivera would win Survivor: Worlds Apart, clearly they didn’t win. I’m surprised CBS spoiled the fact that these two will be booted soon.

Personally, I hope Kelly Wiglesworth (S1), Jeff Varner (S2), Teresa ‘T-Bird’ Cooper (S3), Peih-Gee Law (S15), Stephen Fishbach (S18), Vytas Baskauskas (S27), Abi-Maria Gomes (S25), Woo Hwang (S28), Spencer Bledsoe (S28), Tasha Fox (S28), Kass McQuillen (S28), Joe Anglim (S30), Shirin Oskooi (S30) and Mike Holloway (S30) make the cut.

Who do you hope gets voted in? Weigh in below. Click here to vote.

  • Warren

    The dream season would be 18 players with Kelly (S1), Kimmi, Teresa T-Bird, Peih Gee, Tasha, Kass, Sabrina, Shirin, Jeff, Shane, Terry, Stephen, Joe, Spencer, Andrew Savage, Jeremy and Troyzan.

    That would be an amazing season.

  • 604brian

    Pretty simple about Mike and Carolyn, CBS didn’t want to spoil someone winning by including them or by conversely not including these two big personalities from the vote. One of them wins (95% sure by the editing) and with the win becomes ineligible to return for Season 31.
    Am wholly unimpressed by the lack of an LGBT second chance player. Brad Virata, Michael Snow, JP Calderone (now out) and others could have been brought back.
    One good thing is that CBS terms say that Canadians can vote as well, but rumor has it CBS has last say and the votes may not matter as much as we think.

  • J-Flo

    I’m totally in the same boat, maybe recognizing less than half. It’s a combination of the photos being quite different than their scruffy, emaciated presence on camera. Also, to be fair, I just don’t have the capacity in my brain to remember the 40 some people CBS rolls out every year for the two seasons of Survivor. I can barely keep up with the supporting casts on Mad Men and House of Cards. A lot of the Survivor contestants are very forgettable and there to fill the quota for each needed demo every season, and though there are plenty of contestants who are easy on the eyes, they aren’t memorable and are easily forgotten after getting voted off. And who can really remember anyone who didn’t make it to as far as onto the jury in previous seasons? I’d vote for Woo because he’s super cute and the rest of them, meh.

  • SunnyA

    Lol I only know T-Bird, Kelly, Adam, Kimmy & Jeremy. And what’s with the minimum voting rule of 10 per sexes. I only wanted to vote the 5 above but I am forced to include others that I don’t know or care about as I only watched the first few Survivor seasons. Wish they have included more from the earlier seasons.