Survivor: Kaôh Rōng Cast Unveiled


CBS just unveiled the full cast list for Survivor: Kaôh Rōng. Can you believe it’s the 32nd season of the long-running reality show? It just seems like yesterday when Richard Hatch won the inaugural season. I’m curious to see if the CBS stalwart can make it to Season 50. How insane would that be?

Once again, the show is using the Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty twist. Not really that surprising given the first time it was used in Survivor: Cagayan, it produced an unforgettable season. For the recently completed Survivor: Second Chances, that Cagayan cast was quite well represented, having the most alums returning.

The most notable names among the 18 contestants competing are former NBA champion Scot Pollard and former Big Brother contestant Caleb “Beast Mode Cowboy” Reynolds. There’s also a poker player, female body builder and bounty hunter in the mix. The cast ranges from 19-years-old to 72. Meet the entire cast and learn the tribe breakdown below.

Survivor 32: Chan Loh Tribe (Brains)


Peter Baggenstos
Age: 34
ER Doctor

Aubry Braco
Age: 29
Cambridge, Mass.
Social Media Marketer

Joseph Del Campo
Age: 72
Vero Beach, Fla.
Former FBI Agent

Neal Gottlieb
Age: 37
Sausalito, Calif.
Ice Cream Entrepreneur

Elisabeth Markham
Age: 27
Brooklyn, N.Y.
Quantitative Strategist

Debbie Wanner
Age: 49
Reading, Pa.

Survivor 32: To Tang Tribe (Brawn)


Cydney Gillon
Age: 23
Douglasville, Ga.
Body Builder

Darnell Hamilton
Age: 27
Postal Worker

Alecia Holden
Age: 24
Real Estate Agent

Kyle Jason
Age: 31
Bounty Hunter

Jennifer Lanzetti
Age: 38
Salt Lake City

Scot Pollard
Age: 40
Carmel, Ind.
Former NBA Champion

Survivor 32: Gondol Tribe (Beauty)


Michele Fitzgerald
Age: 24
Freehold, N.J.

Anna Khait
Age: 26
Brooklyn, N.Y.
Pro Poker Player

Nick Maiorano
Age: 30
Redondo Beach, Calif.
Personal Trainer

Caleb Reynolds
Age: 28
Hopkinsville, Ky.
Army Veteran/Former Big Brother Contestant

Julia Sokolowski
Age: 19

Tai Trang
Age: 51
San Francisco, Calif.

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