Survivor Samoa Episode 4: “Coming Here Was The Worst Decision I’ve Made In My Entire Life”


Down in numbers and down in morale, Foa Foa faces Day 8 after voting off yet another member at last night’s tribal council. Seriously, these hookers haven’t won a single challenge yet- reward or immunity. Down four members to the purple Galu tribe, Foa Foa has got to figure out something if they don’t want to Pagong’d at the merge.

Broken down mentally and physically, Foa Foa’s Jaison rants about how he can’t handle this for much longer and that coming here was the worst decision of his life. Why are the bigger built guys always the ones who act like Prima-donnas on the show? You never hear the waif Kate Moss types complain about being out there. Errr, actually… they do too. It’s season 19 people, you know what you’re getting into. Don’t apply unless you can tough it out.

Meanwhile at Galu, Shambo returns to camp after spending some time at Foa Foa. Even though she spent only a few days there, she feels a stronger bond with them. She even goes as far as to say they love her. Really Shambo, really? You only spent an afternoon with them. Oh well, whatever bond she felt with Foa Foa is apparently strong enough for her to jump ship come merge time. Even though she doesn’t feel a kinship with her tribe, that doesn’t stop her from freely giving the hidden immunity idol clues to both John and Erik. WTF? Seriously, are you this naive or this dumb? Either way, it’s a dumb ass move. During her confessional she tells us it’s her strategy to do this. Umm, O…. K….


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Tree mail time. Both tribes instruct their respective chiefs to select one man and one women for the reward challenge. Galu’s Russell S chooses Shambo for brains (haha) and Dave for firepower (yeah, I don’t get it either). While Mick picks Natalie for her puzzle solving abilities (again haha) and Russell H for …. hmm, I forget but trust me it didn’t make sense either.

Both teams arrive at the beach where they see a big circle, a portable chicken coop and a treasure chest BUT NO Jeff. Did Probst have a major case of the runs? Was he busy rehearsing his lines that he lost track of time? I guess we’ll never know. Anyhoo, the castaways stand there perplexed trying to figure out what to do. Literally it becomes a game of reverse chicken- both teams wait for someone to make the first move. Shambo takes the bait and makes a run for the chickens which sets off a free-for-all for everyone to grab something. In the treasure chest, they find the instructions for the reward challenge and both Shambo and Natalie put the chickens back in their coop until a winner is determined.


Think Bocce Ball meets Horsehoes. Whichever team throws their ball the closest to the stick wins reward. Throughout the game, Foa Foa had the edge. Even with long-haired dumb blonde Natalie knocking her own team’s balls out of the way during her turn. With one last toss by Galu to take, Foa Foa has two balls fairly close to the stick. Galu’s Dave throws his bocce-like ball in the air and miraculously hits one of Foa Foa’s balls which hits one of Galu’s balls and moves it within centimeters of the stick. Once again Foa Foa is thrown another crushing defeat. Poor guys. They can never get a break.

After a word from our sponsors, we return to Galu’s camp where Erik decides to distract his tribemates with random errands and suggests some of them take naps so that he can search for the hidden immunity idol. After a few seconds in TV land, he finds the coveted idol and hides it somewhere else where no one else can see. Russell S, Dave and Shambs return back to camp with their winnings to the delight of their tribe.

Normally at this is the time of the show we go back to Foa Foa, but tonight the editors are highlighting Galu more. Me thinks they lose the next immunity challenge and therefore they need to set up backstories so that all the scheming and scrambling later on makes sense. During this segment, they show Shambo accidentally freeing one of the chickens from their coop- I smell chopping block. Eeks. A few of the Galu members try to help Shamu retrieve the chicken but to no avail. Erik even gets clotheslined by their clothesline (ironic, right?) while chasing after the egg layer. In his frustration, Eriks complains about his lazy tribe members who didn’t even care enough to chase after the chicken. After Chickengate 2009, we get to eavesdrop on the other Galu members bitching about how lazy Yasmin is and her unwillingness to help around camp. I love how everyone in this tribe calls the other one lazy- HI-LAR-IOUS.



It’s immunity challenge time and it’s another variation of the obstacle course with a building tower block section mixed in. Since Galu has four extra members, they sit out Shambo, Russel S, Dave and Laura. As always, Galu is off to an early lead finishing their tower#1 first. They have a substantial lead at the rope line part, that is until Monica’s turn. Natalie from Foa Foa manages to close the gap because Walking Miss Daisy took her sweet Sunday ass time. Both teams manage to get to the last part of the challenge at the same time but Galu frees their building blocks faster thus giving them a head start. In the end, Foa Foa miraculously comes from behind and wins their first challenge ever and sends Galu to tribal council for the first time. Thank God. If I had to watch another Foa Foa tribal council, I would’ve had to flip the channel and watch something else.


With Monica doing poorly at the challenge, Shambo losing a chicken and Yasmin being hated, we have three potential bootees. Galu chief, Russell H and Erik, want to boot out Monica while the rest of his tribe wants to get rid of Yaz. Surprisingly Shambo isn’t even an option. WOW, maybe her “strategy” is working after all.

At tribal, it’s clear that the tribe has it out for Yaz and she’s getting the boot. Speaking of boots, for the first time ever on Survivor one of the contestants wears high heels to tribal. It’s so insane, I love it. Yasmin gets her flirt on and tells Jeff she wanted to look nice for him. As an aside, I love how delusional some bitches are on this show. Monica, are you really going to sit there and say you did a “GREAT JOB” at the immunity challenge? Had I been Jeff, I would’ve just booted the girl for saying such a ludicrous remark like that. Be gone Monica, be gone.

During the rest of tribal, Yasmin actually doesn’t irritate me, which is huge considering I couldn’t stand the beyotch a couple episodes back. In the end, her overall laziness does her in and she’s the fifth person voted off of Survivor: Samoa. At least now you can go to “Loser Lodge” and have some ketchup sandwiches and kool-aid. As always, the Probster leaves Galu with some insightful parting words “Lost a tribe member but more importantly, you’ve lost momentum”. Oh Jeff, ever the wise one. Til next week.


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