Meet The ‘Survivor: Philippines’ Cast

Can you believe 24 seasons of Survivor have aired? If feels like yesterday when Sue Hawk was giving her snake rate speech at the first ever finale of the CBS show. Still one of the best reality moments ever. After all this time, Mark Burnett is finally holding the US version of the show in my native Philippines. I haven’t been this excited for a new installment of Survivor in years. Plus, the fact a couple of my favorite previous contestants are back, along with one new sexy stud should provide for an entertaining season.

Bringing back previous Survivors has grown tiresome with some hardcore fans. Typically, I would agree especially with Coach and Ozzy coming back a couple of seasons ago. This time though, Jeff Probst is welcoming back three previous players who left the game due to medical reasons. I love this new twist. Finally, these players no longer have to ponder, “what if“. CBS hasn’t announced the identities of these alums yet, but I have the scoop for you inquiring minds.

Before I reveal the trio, I wanted to share my delight that an actress from one of my favorite childhood sitcoms is joining the show. This 80s television star reveals she wasn’t recruited for the show, but rather she started a viral campaign to get her on the show. Apparently, she’s been a super fan of Survivor for years. For the first time in eight years, the castaways will be divided up into three tribes. Check out the Survivor: Philippines tribes and all the contestants below.

Tandang Tribe

Rumor has it Mike Skupin from Survivor: Australian Outback will be placed on this tribe. If you recall, he was the one who fell in the fire, causing him to leave the game due to severe burns. Had he stayed in the game, perhaps Colby Donaldson and Tina Wesson wouldn’t have made the Final 2.

Lisa Whelchel

49; Dallas; teen star of The Facts of Life

Before Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf, Lisa Whelchel’s Blair Warner from The Facts of Life was the head bitch Blair in charge. I’m excited to see if Lisa has a cutthroat side to her. Hopefully, she makes it to at least jury.

Abi-Maria Gomes

32; Los Angeles; entrepreneur and business student

From the video interview, Abi-Maria looks like she’s not going to get along with the beauty queens competing this season. She comes off a little judge-y and I like it.

Roberta “RC” Saint-Amour

27; New York City; investment banker

Didn’t make too much of an impression on me. If she does the same with her tribe, she could float by being under the radar.

Artis Silvester

53; Terry Town, La.; computer engineer

Being the oldest on his tribe could hurt him when they first go to tribal council. That is, unless people feel Facts of Life chick doesn’t deserve to be there and proves useless in competitions.

Pete Yurkowski

24; Holmdel, N.J.; engineering graduate

YUM, YUM. SLURP, SLURP. Brains, beauty and brawn. I’d gladly spend 39 days on any island with this sexy beast. If he makes jury, he’ll definitely appear in my 15 Hottest Male Survivors countdown.

Kalabaw Tribe

Rumor has it, Jonathan Penner from Survivor: Cook Islands and Survivor: Micronesia will be placed on this tribe. Due to a life-threatening infection, he was removed from the game. With a former MLB athlete and track coach on his team, and a trio of strong-looking females, this could be the tribe to beat.

Jeff Kent

44; Austin, Texas; retired MLB player

Given that he has an openly-out lesbian on his team, I’m curious to know how Jeff will react. Reportedly, he donated $15,000 to support California’s Prop 8, banning same-sex marriage.

Sarah Dawson

28; Silver Spring, Md.; insurance sales

She looks fun and sassy in her video interview. Sarah mentioned she likes to stir the pot and hopes to become the island troublemaker. Love it.

Katie Hanson

22; Newark, Del.; former Miss Delaware

One of two beauty queens in the mix. Katie seems to be the stronger of the two pageant girls.

Dana Lambert

32; Winston-Salem, N.C.; cosmetologist

Kinda like Dana. I love the juxtaposition of her being a tattoo’d out lesbian while being a country bumpkin at heart. Hopefully, she doesn’t lose her temper when tribemate Jeff Kent spews his pro Prop 8 propaganda.

Carter Williams

24; Shawnee, Kan.; track coach

Hate to be a bitch, but definite butter face. Sexy body, but not the cutest. If you don’t like his haircut, blame his girlfriend. Apparently, he gives her carte blanche when choosing hairstyles.

Matsing Tribe

The last of the returning Survivors is Russell Swan from Survivor: Samoa. He suffered from dehydration and a dropped heart rate and was forced out of the game.

Malcolm Freber

25; Hermosa Beach, Calif.; bartender

Bonus points for that bushy treasure trail. In his pre-show interview, he mocks the hairstyles of one of the contestants. Hmmmm. Does he play for our team, and doesn’t know it yet? We all know being a judge-y bitch is practically a step away from sex with a dude. LOL.

Denise Stapley

41; Cedar Rapids, Iowa; sex therapist

Right off the bat, Denise feels out of place with all the “playmates” competing. I don’t blame her. There does seem to be an awful lot of bimbos this season. I wonder if she’ll dole out any free sex therapist advice during those campfire sessions. Perhaps the joys of man-on-man sex with Pete Yurkowski and Malcolm Freberg. I’d like to see them snuff each other’s torches 😉

Roxanne “Roxy” Morris

28; Brooklyn, N.Y.; seminary student

I kinda really, really, really love this chick. The second she said she’s often called Moesha when traveling the world, she won me over. Mo to the, E to the…

Zane Knight

28; Danville, Va.; tire repair

A few of his tribemates already aren’t feeling him due to his ink. Is Zane an early boot? I hope not. He’s kinda likeable with his awwww shucks attitude.

Angie Layton

20; Provo, Utah; former Miss Utah Teen USA 2010

Meet Boobs McGee. Seriously, her coconuts could feed her tribe for the entire 39 days. Really didn’t make much of an impression. Could take her or leave her.

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  • CT

    As long as Colton isn’t coming back

  • DouggSeven

    Malcom’s treasure trail doesn’t seem to make me want to visit the ‘treasure’ – and I’m speaking as a fan of the TT. Is that the longest treasure trail in history? Are his shorts hiked down too short? Are we seeing partial bush in a promo pic?

    There are better ways of making a TT without making it look like you used a ruler (see Carter) – a crooked one at that.

    And how did that pic make Pete’s cut? He looks like he may have a case of pink eye.

    We really need a ‘none of the above’ option here.

  • zurvivor

    This better be full of masterminds or else it is going to be just like these few seasons,TERRIBLE.

  • lukasrossi

    there’s a spoiler that Malcolm is already included for the next season of Fans VS Favorites Volume 2.

  • Sean

    Pete. Carter. Malcolm o0o0o0ness love lol

  • Chino Copuyoc

    Didnt know you were ‘filipino’. Why not feature some hot filipino guys then?

  • tikboyngpyf

    Is Malcolm gay? He seems like it, esp when he was talking to the sex therapist and hugged her. Whatchathink?