Survivor Heroes vs Villains Episode 8: “Pray For The Merge”


Previously on Survivor, The Heroes managed to win one and sent the Villains to Tribal Council. Coach acted like a douche, Jerri waffled, and Boston Rob had to face down the evil Russell. Sadly for all of Survivordom, Russell came out on top. Ew. Could you imagine? Heinous. So what now? How many times will we have to listen to the troll go on and on about how amazing he is? The previews promised some drama this week. Bring it. Can the Villains win without Rob? We’ll see.

We start off this week at Camp Volturi. It’s night 18. Russell and Parvati are celebrating their move to get rid of Rob. Russell believes he is controlling the game. Blah blah blah. What’s new. Parvati and Danielle discuss how much they love blindsiding people. Coach is pissed. He says his tribe is full of cowards and calls Russell a bully. Ummm… dude? Didn’t you help Russell by not voting with Rob? Dumbass. I hate Coach. Jerri is just hoping she did the right thing and she’s missing Rob. Coach meanwhile is praying for the merge because he thinks the Villains are doomed.

At Camp Cullen, JT goes looking for the hidden immunity idol despite his earlier promise last week to do it as a group. He’s being a real snake this year. Amanda then goes on a hunt for JT and finds him idol in hand!!! Busted. Then Candice shows up. So much for being sneaky! JT decides to tell the whole tribe that he found it and tells them that the first one that needs it after the merge gets it. Candice is super suspicious though. She doesn’t trust him and tells Amanda they’re lucky she tailed him. Candice wants to work with Amanda to get rid of JT and the idol at some point.

Back with villainous Volturi, the players get a clue to their next challenge and they all guess it’s merge time. They pack up some of their best gear just in case they don’t come back. Smart.

When they all get together, the Heroes are shocked to see Rob gone and incorrectly assume there is a girl power alliance. JT even mouths to Russell, “hang in there”. Russell tells the camera that such a mistake can only help him because he’ll be able to convince the Heroes of something that isn’t true and use it to his advantage in a merge. However, Jeff has other plans. There is a feast, but it’s not a merge! It’s just another reward challenge. Wah wah. Jeff tricked them all. They have to bowl and Coach decides that Sandra and Courtney are sitting out. He wants the feast. That could be a mistake when the immunity challenge comes. Too bad it didn’t work. The Heroes won it with a clutch performance by Amanda and some gutter balls by Danielle and Parvati.

While the Cullens feast, they cheers to the “fantastic five”. They’re on a roll, but the Volturi still have the numbers. They need to knock two more out. JT is confident there is an all girl alliance and that they will be able to pull Russell and Coach over in a heartbeat. Oh JT. Keep thinking this way and Russell is going to destroy you.

Meanwhile, the villains are miserable. Jerri is furious about having to put the camp back together. She is seriously regretting the decision to vote out Rob because he would have made sure that Courtney and Sandra did not sit out. Sandra overhears her bitching. Uh oh. Don’t piss off Sandra. Sandra throws the blame right back at Coach where it belongs.

Courtney and Sandra have a little chat. They’re on the outs and need to find a way to turn it around with Tyson and Rob gone. They start scheming to get back at Coach. Sandra, who has clearly figured Russell out, thinks they need to put a bug in Russell’s ear that Coach is going after him. Smart Sandra. This is why she won Pearl Islands. She is so good at deflecting attention away from herself.

To help Sandra in her mission Courtney actually goes to work on Coach. She feeds him all of this great stuff about how awful Russell is and how he doesn’t deserve to be where he is. If she can turn Coach against Russell, he might say something that will help convince Russell that Sandra is speaking the truth. Meanwhile Sandra tells Russell that she heard Coach tell Jerri that they made a mistake in voting out Rob and wishes he could change it. Russell buys it. Sandra tells the camera, “Russell’s so stupid… he ate that crap up.” He may have met his match here and he doesn’t even know it because he thinks Sandra is weak. She says, “with me, he don’t know what he got himself into”. Love her.

Russell then tells Parvati the whole story and they agree that Coach will flip after the merge. If they get rid of Coach now, then the Heroes will for sure think there is an all girl alliance and Russell will be their target to flip. During the whole conversation, it is sooooo obvious that Russell has completely fallen for her spell.

When we finally get to the immunity challenge, it is painfully obvious that the villainous Volturi will lose given the episode’s editing. We’ve spent very little time with the Heroes at Camp Cullen. During the challenge they have to race through a muddy obstacle course that covers up Colby’s hotness. Boo. Yep. I was right. The Heroes win it. The final match up was Courtney and Parvati versus Colby and JT. Not even close and Courtney hurt her ankle to boot.

Before the commercial break, Danielle furiously tells the camera that she wants Courtney GONE. She’s sick of losing. She says, “it’s not fair to keep people in the game who have no physical ability at all”. Ouch. This could screw up Sandra’s plan.

Back at the camp, Coach is pumped. He thinks he showed his mettle by performing well in the challenge. He does some douchey dragonslayer posing. Barf.

Russell is confident that Coach is going home. However, Danielle starts campaigning to keep him because they need him for challenges. Russell says it’s over… they’re going to lose anyways. Nice. They are definitely on different pages and actually argue about it. Russell swears at her and she’s pissed. She doesn’t understand the logic of getting rid of another strong player. She thinks Courtney is too pathetic. Danielle mocks Russell to the camera about how he thinks he’s in control of the game. She sees through him and is going to spend some time thinking about what she can do.

Sandra is worried about Danielle’s influence on Russell… and she might be right. Russell tells Parvati and Danielle that they should think about keeping Coach. Parvati says it’s absurd. They just need to make a decision.

At Tribal Council, Jeff pounces on the Villains recent losing steak and what impact losing Tyson and Rob had. Danielle defends the decision based on strategy. Jeff argues back that physical strength matters. He points to Coach’s performance in this week’s challenge. God Jeff! He has been on this all season. Who cares! We know you like the big strong guys… I do too… but let people play how they want to play. Stop trying to influence how people see and play this game. Courtney rips Coach up a bit and he does not take it well. Clearly she’s trying to keep the attention on him. She also fights back against Jeff’s onslaught about strength and challenges. She admits she’s a “determined little bitch” and the “poster child for weak survivor”. But it doesn’t matter if she can find a way to stay. Sandra gives her a fist pump. LOL. .

With that, it’s time to vote. Coach votes for Courtney. Courtney votes for Coach and says, “you’re a freaking lunatic”. Awesome. And then, “nice feather in your hair” with a huge eye roll. Double awesome.

Jeff reads the votes. Coach. Coach. Courtney. Courtney. Courtney. Coach. Coach. Buh bye Coach! It was interesting to see that Russell voted for Courtney during the credits. WTF. Hmmm… Russell may have been fishing for jury votes down the line.

Sure enough, Jeff announces that Coach is the first member of the jury.

  • Louis

    Courtney’s back!
    She’s the feisty little club cat I used to know!
    Poster child for weak survivor: HAHA!