Survivor Heroes vs Villains Episode 7: “Bandy-Legged Little Troll”


Previously on Survivor, both tribes went to Tribal Council to kick out some dead weight. The Heroes mercifully sent James and his broken down knee to loser lodge while the Villains went through one of the games most brilliant scrambles. Rob had the perfect plan to boot Russell or Parvati. Russell had the perfect plan to counter the perfect plan. Tyson was the dumb ass that fell for it. And, he paid the ultimate price tonight. How will Rob react when they get back to camp? Will his troops fall in behind Russell? Can the Heroes win a challenge? 
We start this week at Camp Luthor. Rob tells us that he was shocked for the first time in three whole seasons playing Survivor. Wow. He was completely caught off guard. He can’t figure out what Tyson did and why. Rob tries to reinforce with Jerri, Sandra, and Courtney that the other three have to go. They seem on board. Courtney tells the camera that Russell, who is a “bandy-legged little troll”, has a little boy crush on Parvati. I love her. So lippy. More Courtney, less Russell please! She then says Parvati clearly has “no problem flirting with ANYTHING that walks” while questioning Russell’s washing habits. Russell must hate watching this at home. He didn’t get a lot of blowback in Samoa during confessionals. He is now.
Speaking of Russell, Parvati giggles her sweet giggle and hugs him to death. She IS shameless. Danielle says the Tribal Council was “awesome”. The three of them gloat for a while and then Russell tells the girls they have to work on Jerri. They laugh. They HATE Jerri. At this point, Rob lays it all out for the camera. He knows there’s trouble. He thinks he has the numbers, but the other three wouldn’t be acting so cocky if that was the case. Something is up.
And something is up. Russell, Parvati, and Danielle start working on Jerri. Did you ever notice how beautiful her eyes are? Gorgeous blue. Jerri says she is afraid to commit because she is not sure about Parvati. They discuss it openly. She says she just can’t commit to them yet. Parvati tells her she will guarantee Jerri final four. Jerri waffles, but you can tell she’s thinking about it.
Over at Camp Kent, the Heroes are having a rough morning. They’re tired and hurting. Rupert says they really need Colby to step it up, especially with James gone. Colby is shocked that he’s still here and ready to turn it all around. He’s got “pressure to perform”.
When they get to their first challenge, Jeff tells them they’re playing for a reward at a waterfall with some fab food. It’s basically three on three basketball in the water. First to three wins. The Villains sit out Courtney, Sandra, and Parvati. Colby misses the net twice and then Coach misses twice. Colby finally gets the first point. Phew… it was getting pathetic. Then Candice scores again for the Heroes, followed by Colby! They win! Colby’s giving big manly screams and bear hugs. He’s feeling good… and looking good!
At reward, Candice finds the clue to another hidden immunity idol. They all agree to read it later. Food first! They tried to ignore it, but every single one of them was chomping at the bit to get the info. The idol is hidden back at their beach, which means another one must be at Camp Luthor with the Villains. The Heroes agreed they need to find it and use it against the Villains once they merge. JT came up with the idea and they all seemed to go for it. They need to fight as a team if any of the five will make it to the end.
Back at Camp Luthor, Jerri and Coach talk to Russell about alliances. Russell tells them he wants to take them to the top three. He doesn’t think he can beat Parvati, so he doesn’t want to take her. He wants to take them. They’re listening. Coach tells us in confessional that Russell plays on people’s gullibility. Jerri may be falling for it, but he’s not. He sees through Russell’s BS. Jerri says she has made her decision and asks Coach to join her. Coach says he is honour bound to play with her. He doesn’t have a choice but to go with her. Screw your honour dude! Play the game!
Now we’re getting to what this is really about. Jerri says she doesn’t trust Rob. They have a history. Remember, it was in the first All-Stars when Rob tricked Lex and Kathy into saving Amber at Jerri’s expense. Amber of course went on to win. Lex and Kathy were furious. Is Jerri trying to settle an old score from Season 7? Coach tells her she should have talked to him first… some shit about honour and trust… blah blah. Jerri tells the camera that Coach is too naïve. Russell is in this game to win it. He’s got balls. She wants to win it too. She thinks she’s got a better shot going with Russell. She says, “You can’t be the good guy to everyone and win this game”. Jerri is finally talking sense.
At the immunity challenge, only one team will win. No more individual immunity. That was a one week deal. Both teams have to race across some obstacles to collect some puzzle pieces and put it together. The villains sit out Jerri, Danielle, and Russell. Uh oh. Parvati, Coach, and Courtney are going up against Colby, Candice, and Rupert in the obstacle course. This is gonna be a blow out unless Rob and Sandra can rock JT and Amanda in the puzzle. To my surprise, the Villains actually did really well. Parvati was kicking ass up against Rupert who struggled with his toe.


Candice was on fire though and dominated Courtney. That gave the Heroes a bit of a lead. JT and Amanda finally showed some smarts! They actually got the puzzle done. Heroes win immunity! Rob, the puzzle master, couldn’t pull it off and he might just be in trouble if Jerri and Coach flip. Coach, however, tells the camera that Courtney was the wink link for them in that challenge and should go.
Back at Camp Luthor, Russell tells Rob they need to weed off the weak. He points to Sandra and Courtney… who ARE SITTING RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM. Rob just laughs… probably in shock. Here goes the scramble. Rob goes to Coach who wants to blindside Parvati or get rid of Courtney. You can tell Rob doesn’t want to get rid of one of his sheep. Rob tells Coach they need to get Russell out. Coach lies and says he hasn’t talked to Jerri about it. Nice honour code jackass. Coach and Rob shake on voting out Russell.
Russell then floats the idea of blindsiding Rob with Coach, Jerri, and Danielle. He makes it sound like a joke at first, but then they get serious about it. Coach says the right thing to do is vote for Courtney. Danielle backs Russell up and helps push Coach. The merge is coming! Now is the time to go. Danielle and Russell really worked well together. You can tell the whole conversation was set up for Coach. Now Coach is stressed right out. He’s torn. He needs to keep his word. Rob doesn’t deserve to go home. STFU Coach. Make a move or go home. Enough of this honour shit. Play to win.
At Tribal Council, Jeff wants to know why the Villains have suddenly started losing. Is the tribe in trouble? Coach spews some stupid quote and says Tyson was definitely missed in the challenges. Rob says the tribe is not working together and losing Tyson was a big mistake. Danielle and Russell defend the move. This game is about staying alive so you can get to the end and win. That’s what they did. Rob tries one last shot at appealing to Coach’s sense of honour, but is pretty much owned by Russell. Coach tells them both to back off. They can’t win if their two best competitors at war with each other. Wow. Now Coach is making sense. That’s a first. Coach begs them to make a vote to keep the tribe strong, not alliances.
Let’s vote. Rob votes for Russell… he says, “game over, it’s you or me”. Jerri says she hopes her vote (which we don’t see) will be right for her in the end. Good girl.
Jeff reads them out. Rob. Russell. Rob. Russell. Rob. Russell. Rob. Courtney. Rob. He’s gone. That sucks. Maybe he should’ve listened to Coach. Oh well. Rob and Jerri hug. It looks sincere. Rob gets what she did. Coach goes in for the hug and Rob ducks out of it, calling Coach a “little man”. Hilarious.
Oh dear. Next week all hell breaks lose at Camp Luthor.

Courtney: “Coach is a pathological liar”
Coach: “Russell is a bully”
Jerri: “Every single person on this team is an idiot”
Sandra: “I can’t stand Jerri. I hate Danielle. I hate Russell even more”
Coach: “Pray for the merge”

Hmmm…. Maybe voting out Rob wasn’t such a good idea. 

  • vote out russell
    vote out parvati
    vote out Colby
    Vote out Sandra
    Vote out jerri
    Vote out Courtney
    Vote out Danille
    Vote out Coach
    final three
    they are the survivors whole world they are
    going to win good luck j.t.
    thank you glenn. ?