Survivor Heroes vs Villains Episode 5: Chocolate Headache


Previously on Survivor, Cirie got out-Ciried by J.T. who made a move with Tom’s hidden immunity idol. Meanwhile, Boston Rob led the charge not to even look for the damn thing at their camp… pissing Russell off who will stop at nothing to find it. We’re clearly heading for a showdown between those two, but how will James, Amanda, and Rupert react to J.T.’s flip flop?

We start this week with Team Vulcan coming back from Tribal Council. Colby is bragging about the successful turnaround, calling J.T. a “hero”. J.T tells the group that he didn’t do anything for personal reasons… just that he had to get rid of Cirie… for the team. Yeah right. Just say she was a threat and be done with it. Rupert says he’s pissed and sets his sights on J.T.

The next morning, Amanda tries to check in with J.T. He’s clearly not done playing both sides. He tells her he will never turn on them. He swears over and over that it’s the truth. Amanda does what she does best… pouts. We know it’s an act though because she immediately tells us in confessional that she sees right through him. She says “game on”.



Over at the Romulans, Coach is leading the group through a session of “Dragon Slayer Chi”. BARF. This guy is the world’s biggest DOUCHE. The others seem game though… even Boston Rob. Never mind. Courtney and Sandra are totally making faces at each other. Hilarious. Russell isn’t part of it though. He’s off looking for the idol. Obviously. He finds it. Obviously.

At the Reward Challenge, the teams have to play another hardcore physical duke out. The prize? A little trip and a chocolate feast. They have to fight over some rugby-like balls and basically beat the shit out of each other. The girls all cream over the chocolate. Love it. Colby decides he doesn’t want the chocolate because it’s a waste of time and wants to get on with the challenge. He actually kinda bitched Jeff Probst out. Awkward. I thought they were still bromancing. Jeff snaps back… “we’ll go when I’m ready”. Parvati loves the man on man tension.


Sandra, Courtney and Parvati sit out for Team Romulan and Colby, after his macho bitch fest, sits out for the Vulcans. Game on!

Right off the bat, James takes a bad fall and hurts his knee. Medical! Man… guy gets hurt every time he plays Survivor. Looks like a ligament problem. He tries to walk it off, but he’s out of the challenge. Oooh… that’s a bad break for the Vulcans. They come right back though with the first score by Amanda. J.T. then takes Coach down HARD right before Tyson ties it up for the Romulans. Then Rupert smashes Jerri’s face into a pole. HARSH. She gets right back up. Wow. It’s s till a tie. Next point wins. And Jerri gets it! Nice. Take that Colby. Hahahaha. Love it. I can’t wait to see Jerri, Courtney, and Parvati gush over the chocolate.


And boy do they gush! It’s like an orgy… and then they all get sick. Then they get to swim in this gorgeous cave-like thing full of cold salt water. The swimmers talk about Russell, who isn’t there, and basically agree that he has the idol. Rob decides they’re going to have to flush it out. And, in total Russell style, he can’t keep his mouth shut. He tells Parvati. She giggles and tells the camera it gives her some stronger footing. She’s definitely glad she’s aligned with him. They do some quick strategizing. They want to blindside Rob, but need at least one more person. Parvati suggests Coach because he’s a “scared little puppy”. So… Russell tells Coach. Then Coach basically falls at his feet in worship.

Back at Camp Vulcan, Amanda worries about James’ injury. She needs him, She cries. But like a veteran back from war, James comes home. Amanda runs to hug him. It’s actually cute. He’s still limping though. Doesn’t look good. Candice tells the camera that James has to go… he’s too much dead weight to lug around. She’s got that right!


At the Immunity Challenge, one tribe member must direct blindfolded pairs to collect giant puzzle pieces. Colby, Rupert, Jerri, and Rob have all played this one before. Jerri is the caller for the Romulans and James is calling for the Vulcans because of his knee. Both callers get off to a good start. It’s pretty even. But then the Villains surge under Jerri’s direction. The Heroes all start yelling to try and get James’ attention. It is not going well, but then they surge. It’s all tied up. Then the Heroes move into the lead and are the first to start putting the pieces together.

Can the Villains make another puzzle comeback? Yes! Once again, they totally dominate the puzzle. Colby is PISSED. James is worried, but tells the camera he’s more valuable than Tom… even with a busted knee. Tom only causes confusion in the challenges. James showed he can lead. Interesting turn of events!

During the scramble, Colby and Tom want James gone and believe it is a consensus. Rupert tells J.T. that James is stronger than Tom even with the knee problem. J.T. seems to agree. Candice though thinks it’s a dumb move because he can’t run. She’s worried it’s too risky. Rupert tells Amanda that Candice might be too much of a wildcard. J.T. keeps pushing James with Candice. Rupert and Amanda worry about J.T. and if they can trust thhim. J.T. tells Tom (Candice is there too) that he’s going to vote for James. WTF is going on? He’s lying too much to too many people.

Colby then complains about J.T.’s wishy washy behaviour and says it’s gonna come back to bite him. At Tribal, Jeff immediately pounces on the knee. James says it’s okay, just not stable. Rupert defends him. Colby looks worried. James says they lost the challenge because of Tom and Candice. Candice calls bullshit and tells Jeff that he’s only mad because they’re the ones questioning whether he is good enough to keep in the game. Tom calls it all nonsense. He’s only being kept because he’s a loyal vote, not because he’s strong. Then it’s Amanda’s term to call Tom out on the bullshit. She says, he voted against her even though she’s a strong player. Explain that one. I think Tom’s toast.


Time to vote. Tom votes for James and says, “all mass no class”. Awesome. James votes for Tom and says nothing. Too bad Tom got five votes. The silver fox is out.

  • Anthony

    Did anyone else wonder why Candice also voted for Tom? She seemed to be siding with Colby and Tom the whole time and wanted James out… and then, without any explanation, votes Tom at tribal?