Survivor Heroes vs Villains Episode 2: “It’s Been A Pleasure”


Previously on Survivor, we met our ten heroes and ten villains who will be fighting for the title. In a season full of heavyweights, lightweight Sugar was the first to go. Can the Villains make it two immunity challenges in a row? Will the heroes bounce back? Will the Coach/Jerri romance blossom? God, I hope not.

The episode started back at Camp Smoggies, where the villains are miserable in the rain. Boston Rob gets the first confessional and bitches about the losers who won’t do any work. He’s sick of the complaining and says he’s on the buffoon tribe for the third time. By morning, they’re all rebuilding the shelter to some seriously ominous music. There is definite tension. Even Courtney confesses that people are acting like fools and backs Boston Rob up. Things must be bad for her to try and lead.

At Camp Suntots, the music is upbeat and triumphant. Odd, considering they just came back from an immunity loss. Compared to the Smoggies, they are working well together.. Things seem pleasant… but then the scheming starts… from RUPERT no less. He’s got his sights on Stephenie. She’s a threat to him. And Stephenie just thinks Rupert is annoying. I agree.

Back with Boston Rob and his buffoons, he confesses that he’s feeling week and dizzy. He’s worried that playing the diplomat didn’t work. Back to being the dictator! Sandra seems to be with him. The young girls are wishing they had some of the hero men to help them out. And then out of nowhere, Jerri finds Rob flat out in the jungle, barely conscious. Medical!


Jerri confesses that they need Rob. Without him, they are doomed to a “pit of negativity”. Medical tries to get to work while Jeff Probst starts quizzing Rob and the doctors. Apparently he was just dehydrated and had some flu. Once he gets his wits together, he apologizes to Jeff for letting it “get the best of me”. He then pledges to stop trying to be the nice guy. He gets back on his feet and promises to be the “old” Boston Rob. After a round of hugs from his fellow Smoggies, Russell even admits he was worried. They need Rob.


At the Immunity Challenge (no reward challenge), the tribes have to roll giant crates to form a staircase with their tribe’s name visible on both sides. It’s a puzzle AND it’s physical. This one might go to the villains considering Tyson and Coach have done it before. They’re also playing for a tarp, some rope, and nails. The villains choose to sit out Randy and Courtney. The heroes sit Rupert and his broken toe out and decide to let J.T. lead the challenge since he too has done it before. I hope they can all understand him through that southern mumble of his!

Can I just say, I don’t even like girls… but damn Danielle looks FINE when she’s running in her frilly bikini. Unfortunately, Colby’s wearing his shirt. Sigh. Just like last week, the heroes got out to an early lead, completing the physical aspect way ahead. Boston Rob and Jerri seem the most vocal in getting the puzzle done… until Rob tells Jerri to shit up. He later apologized. And just like last week, they catch up. And just like last week, the heroes melt under the pressure of the puzzle. They all start yelling at each other, while the villains are getting shit done. Villains win immunity! I always liked the Smoggies better.

It wasn’t even close. James gets pissed and accuses his tribe of not listening to J.T. Stephenie seems to be taking the brunt of his anger. Then in a confessional, James says Stephenie is the only person in Survivor history to lose so many challenges that she is the only one left. He says she is like bad kryptonite. With Rupert and James gunning for her, girl could be in trouble!

Back at Suntot hell, the bickering continues. Rupert says they didn’t lose to the villains, they lost to Boston Rob. Interesting. Amanda then says it’s time to pack the egos and get rid of them. I think they should listen to Amanda. James really goes on a tirade. He is PISSED. The heroes are not looking so heroic. In confessional, Tom tears a strip off of James. There are some clear divisions forming in this tribe.

Back with the villains, they are in LOVE with their tarp. Russell is not impressed with Boston Rob’s god like status though. He says he is still King Russell and goes out and kills a chicken to make the point. When those two finally throw down, it’s going to be epic!


At Camp Suntot, where things are anything but sunny, James continues his campaign against Stephenie. She tells Tom it would be insane to get rid of her and keep Amanda. I disagree. Amanada is a steady performer. J.T. confesses that this is a big decision. He has to pick the alliance he wants to run with. They have to draw lines. It was an easy decision with Sugar, but this won won’t be clean. Tom, Stephenie and Colby seem to feel like they are on the outs. Scramble time!

Tom tells Stephenie and Colby that they have to convince Cirie and Candice to go along with them and boot Amanda. Good luck with that! Cirie will never go for it. She’s the total Jedi mind trick girl. She needs weak minded players like James on her side to manipulate. She won’t align with Tom and Colby. She wants them gone. Just my two cents anyways.

Candice tells us that she feels like she is on the bottom of either alliance and is not sure which way to go. Tom’s pushing her, but she wants assurances that there is something in it for her. Good girl for holding her ground. Cirie and Candice then get together for the pivotal conversation. Candice worries about the bond between Cirie, James and Amanda. Cirie says they’re not that tight. Amanda cost her a million dollars. They’re not that tight. Candice says she needs someone to work with. Cirie says she’s that girl. So who goes first? Cirie doesn’t care as long as it’s not either of them. And they’re off to Tribal Council.

When the TC begins, Jeff immediately pounces on the fact that they are now two time losers. JT says maybe he should have led the challenge like Boston Rob did. James calls Stephenie out for shit that was bugging him. They have a little spat. Steph tries to keep her mouth shut, but James really goes after her. Colby and Tom then try to come to her defence. Wisely, the rest of them shut the hell up. It’s time to vote.

Stephenie votes for Amanda. Amanda votes for Stephenie. The rest we don’t see. Then Jeff reads out the vote. Steph. Amanda. Stef. Amanda. Steph. Amanda. Stephanie. Stephenie. There were some little hearts on the last two, but it didn’t matter. Steph’s torch is snuffed. But wait! Some last minute DRAMZ!

Stephenie: “Some advice. Next time y’all lose a challenge, a little less cursing off your tribe might help.”

James: “Keep your mouth shut.”

Tom: “Ackgh. Come on.”

JT bows his head and covers his face.

Stephenie: “It’s been a pleasure.”



So the lines have been drawn! But does anyone really want to stay aligned with James after that shit show? Stay tuned!

  • Robyn

    Another great recap Rich! I was so worried that Boston Rob might have to leave… thankfully he was ok and showed some vulnerability. The tribe needs him? The SHOW needs him. “I tried to hard to be the good guy I made myself sick”. Fantastic. Not sure I like the misogynistic streak in James but I know I love the chivalrous streak in Colby. M-m-m.

  • Kat

    I love James simply because hes huge, and just gorgeous, but i doubt he is going to last long at all. I’m totally cheering for Amanda & J.T on the Heroes tribe. I never liked Tom and i’m glad his partner is gone. Bosten Rob all the way for the villains. I do like Courtney, she is hilarious. I’d like Rupert to leave next he is the most annoying person ever.