Survivor Heroes vs Villains Episode 12: “Disgusting Terrible Human Being”

With Rich away in Toronto this week, I’m here to recap on the crazy episode that aired last night. After every eviction, the outlook on the next week’s episode looks like there’s going to be a whole hell of a lot of scrambling and backstabbing going on. Last night was no exception.

Right off the bat, Colby and Rupert realize they are the only Heroes left, after Candice switched over, voting with the Villains in the last episode and in turn putting out Amanda’s flame. They are absolutely livid with her betrayal. I don’t necessarily agree. I think she made a bold move, doing whatever she thought would get her further in the game. I didn’t necessarily think Amanda was very trustworthy either anyway. In a nutshell, tell us how you really feel boys…

Colby: “Candice is so weak. She’s so pathetic.”
Rupert: “Self centered, greedy, manipulative. She killed us. Candice is a pitiful player.”

The drama didn’t end there (and this is only the beginning of the episode). Rupert felt the need to call out Russell and his deceitful ways, so the rest of the villains would see his true colors. He called him a “disgusting terrible human being,” in front of everyone, completely stirring the pot and feeding Russell’s anger and desperation. Russell’s game is getting weaker, becoming a bigger threat to everyone in each episode and continuously attempting to instill the fear of God in them, whilst trying to gain their trust.

The first challenge wasn’t a reward challenge, although there was food involved – it was for immunity. Survivors had to stand on a wooden block, with their arm raised in the air and wrist tied to a rope that is attached to a bucket. If they drop their arm, the liquid poors out, and they’re out of the challenge. Jeff enticed them with food as the challenge went on, Russell and Sandra dropping out after a minute. In the end, it was down to Parvati and Rupert (who obviously needed to win this) after over an hour, and with a slip of the foot, Rupert was eliminated and Parvati was safe from elimination.

Then, Jeff revealed a twist. He gave them all a clue to a hidden immunity idol (Russell probably got an erection at this point) hidden back at the Ying Yang camp. When they got there, they all scattered and tried to be the first to find the idol. I was pleasantly surprised to have Sandra find it, keeping a low profile these days after always being on the chopping block a short time ago. Playing a smart game, she decided not to tell anyone. Also playing a smart game, Rupert decided to put a rock in his pocket to make it look like he had found the idol. It worked. As he arrived back at camp, Russell’s eyes went down to Rupert’s pocket where he noticed a bulge. He was certain that it was the idol (being the hidden immunity idol expert that he is), and told the girls. Their strategy, flush out the idol by splitting the vote between Rupert and…Candice, since Colby and Rupert really wanted to get her back for Amanda anyway.

At tribal council, Karma was a bitch and Candice met her fate for betraying her original alliance. This was much to Amanda’s pleasure, waiting for her to now join Tribal Council.

Next up, the next immunity challenge. That’s right peeps, two people go home in this episode. A little stick maze, followed by a wall climb and concluding with a puzzle, it comes super close between Rupert and Russell in the end, but Russell wins and is safe from the vote.

Back at camp, Russell tells Danielle that Parvati wants to vote her out earlier than they three of them had agreed. He then tell Parvati that Danielle that wants to her out earlier than agreed as well. Essentially, hoping that each of them plan to take him further than each other. Well, the plan backfires, as Parvati confronts Danielle on the issue, to Russells extreme disapproval. All hell has broken loose. Parvati and Danielle realize what Russell is doing, and scramble to make sure that Jerri isn’t going to switch and vote with Russell. Russell’s new plan? To vote with Colby and Rupert to get out Danielle and split up the pair.

At tribal council (Sidenote: Candice looked hot on the jury!), the whole scenario is brought out in the open and Danielle is brought to tears. She can’t comprehend why Russell is messing with her so much, after they had an alliance. She says, “Parvati and I are closer than you think,” which totally pisses him off. Then, he looks over to Jerri and mouths the word “Danielle” to her. Crap. They are off to vote now.

The results? 3 Votes Rupert. 4 Votes Danielle. Russell won that one, and Parvati is livid with him now.

In the preview for next week, looks like Russell is trying to woo the boys, and they look like they are taking the bait…or are they? I can’t see Rupert working with Russell whatsoever, so let’s hope they fool the bugger and get rid of him once and for all. Sorry Russell, you were playing a good game – but you’ve messed up big time by getting rid of one of your core alliance and totally pissing off the other. Six survivors left…two eliminations away from the finale on May 16th.

  • Dan

    UNBELIEVABLE episode! I loved Danielle’s breakdown at the end!!

    This is going to be an interesting race to the finish.

  • Anthony

    Danielle totally fudged up… if she didn’t tell the freaking world (specifically Jerri) that Russel, Parvati and she were in an alliance, she would still be there and Rupert would be gone.

    I’ll be honest… at this point, a Jerri, Parvati, Sandra final three seems very possible. Russel plays such a good game except one key factor: no one respects him.

    Survivor is outwit, outlast, outplay… but when you are as cocky as he is, and as petty as he is, you are not making friends.

    Right now who, on the jury, would vote for him if he makes it to final 3? Courtney, Danielle, JT, Amanda, Coach? Nope… he lost the game regardless of if he makes Final 3.