Survivor Heroes vs Villains Episode 11: “I Wrestled Her To The Ground”

Previously on Survivor, Parvati let Russell give her the idol JT stupidly gave to him after she found her own hidden immunity idol and decided not to tell him anything about it. Got that? In a brilliant move after the merge, Parvati handed an immunity idol to Jerri and Sandra setting up JT to be knocked out by his own idol idiocy. When it was all said and done, Russell was pissed. He doesn’t like getting shown up. Why? Because he is the king of Survivor… the best player ever… the most amazing little troll ever to walk the earth… blah blah blah. So over him. Thankfully, Parvati showed us how real gamers play. Are they going to come to blows? Can the Heroes take advantage?

When the gang all returns from the EPIC Tribal Council, the Heroes immediately begin licking their wounds. Candice is congratulating the Villains for a crazy move. She’s clearly sucking up. Rupert is annoyed that the rest of the Heroes didn’t listen to him. Sandra tried to warn them, but they wouldn’t listen. More specifically, JT wouldn’t listen. He pushed back on Rupert’s pleas not to trust Russell. JT got what he deserved.

In the dark, Russell finally gets his chance to confront Parvati. He’s pissed and accuses her of lying to him. She denies any lying and simply tells him to get over it. Danielle backs her up and Jerri wisely keeps her mouth shut. She’s just happy it saved her.

The next morning, the nine players left get divided up into three teams of three for a reward challenge. Basically, it’s a giant shuffle board. Closest puck to the X wins. It was pretty tight, but Colby came through on the last shot to win it for himself, Amanda, and Danielle. The three of them are off to some fancy mansion to watch Treasure Island. While Colby tried to enjoy the movie on a bed with these two women, they only had one thing on their minds. IDOL. Both Amanda and Danielle were determined to find the next clue.

And then, as they sat on the bed, Danielle spotted it inside the bowl of popcorn. She quickly whipped it out and chucked it under the bed. Unfortunately, Amanda got suspicious and started hovering over her. Then, Amanda spotted it and grabbed it. Danielle jumped up and grabbed Amanda demanding that she return it. She found it… it was HERS! Amanda refused and then they started to WRESTLE! The whole time Colby looked dumbfounded and mortified. He had no idea what was going on. Danielle shrieks something out about finding the clue first while Amanda tried to give Colby sad eyes. Colby… the dumbass who has disappointed me soooo much this season… sides with Danielle instead of his ally. Doh. Amanda hands the clue back to Danielle and pouts. Girl… I would’ve kept it.

Back at camp, Danielle shares her prize with Russell, Parvati, and Jerri. Russell and Danielle head out on a hunt. That sneaky bastard Russell finds it first and decides to hide it from Danielle. Really Russell? Are you that petty? He’s bitter that she and Parvati hid one from him. It’s like a na na na booboo thing. Lame. Hopefully he uses it wisely to justify his sillyness.

Back at camp, Sandra has decided it’s time to make a move. She is determined to take out Russell. She’s ready to FLIP! She spends some time with Colby to let him in on everything Russell did. She promises to work with the Heroes to get back at Russell for Rob, Tyson, and Courtney. She’s not worried about being number five in a five person alliance because it’s the same position she’s in with the Villains. However, this way, she can get some revenge. Gotta love Sandra.

Unfortunately for her new plan, Candice is entertaining the thought of flipping too. Russell jumps all over it. To gain her trust, he shows her the idol and promises to work with her to get to the final three. She agrees. Uh oh. If Sandra flips, the whole thing will be cancelled by Candice’s flip. Either way, the Heroes are in trouble.

At the immunity challenge, the remaining nine castaways had to use large domino-type plates to construct a tower… like a tower of cards. The first one to ten feet wins immunity. It wasn’t even really close for the Heroes. Jerri and Russell were the only ones with a winning strategy. Jerri managed to beat Russell out by mere seconds. Jerri wins immunity! It’s her first individual win in three seasons. Congrats!

Once they all get back to camp the scramble begins! Russell firms it up with Candice to vote out Amanda. Sandra firms it up the Heroes to vote out Russell. Candice tells Russell and Parvati about Sandra. Russell confronts Sandra. She denies it. Candice joins in and waffles. Sandra and Candice pow wow. Sandra pleads with her to stop acting like a chicken shit, get it together and vote out Russell. Sandra tells the Heroes that Candice accidentally told Russell that they’re voting for him. They decide to switch to Parvati because Danielle likely has the hidden idol. Candice doesn’t tell them that Russell has it. Phew. Got that?

At Tribal Council, Jeff jumps all over apparent lack of cohesion in the Villain alliance. Sandra pipes up to tell it like it is. She’s the fifth wheel so why not flip? Somebody needs to offer her something better. Russell agrees that she’s on the outs with them. I love how she is so unafraid to call everyone out. Russell then says Sandra’s a good person to keep around to beat in the finals. He pretty much called her a goat. What Russell doesn’t seem to get is that’s exactly where Sandra likes to be. He’s playing right into her strength.

They vote. Then Jeff comes back and asks if anyone wants to play the idol. Russell wrongly assumes, based on the information Candice gave him, that he was the target. Clearly she chose to keep the vote switch to Parvati a secret. Either way, Russell wasted his idol. Amanda got six votes and Parvati got three.

It’s clear that Candice and Sandra decided to play it safe with the time bomb that is Russell. They both voted with the Villains to vote out Amanda. For the first time in three seasons, Jeff got to snuff her torch out.

The best part about that whole episode was the little exchange at the end of tribal between Russell and Parvati.He whispered that he had to do it because he was so nervous. She whispers back angrily that he wasted it. Her eye roll could rival (almost) Eliza’s. Russell showed just how small of a person he is. He wanted to keep his idol secret just because she kept hers secret. And look what it got him? The great strategist… the great idol King wasted it.

Can’t wait until next week. Russel and Parvati battle royale!!!

  • I think Russell needs to and will go next. The fact that he found the idol and didn’t tell them will piss them off (even though they did it to him first)…and if they didn’t see him as a threat before…he’s made his target even bigger by playing yet another immunity idol.

  • Jamie

    Russell will not go next. Candice will be gone next. She will get the heroes votes because she flipped, and Russell will convince *HIS* alliance to vote for her, because she didn’t tell him that they switched their votes for Parvati.

    Russell had no choice but to play the idol. He trusted that Candice was telling the truth(which she was at the time) and he needed the insurance of being immune in case something weird happened. It is nearing the end of the game. Moves like that are what keep people in the game. What if Parvati finally realized she needs to get rid of him and flipped her vote? Gone. Being cautious about these things are a good thing. There was no way he could know they switched their votes.

    I see Danielle flipping before Parvati. Danielle is not happy that he used her clue to find the idol, and then ninja’d it right out from under her. Remember, Parvati is the Queen, Russell is the King. Something as silly as a little payback will not break that alliance. He has complete control of the game.

    Do not put down Russell’s game. He is nervous. He is a threat. Everyone knows that. He should be the target at every vote. Playing it safe was the right move.

    So, Candice gone. Alliance are:



    Oh, and btw, don’t be too worried about him “wasting” his idol. He will find another one before the game is done.

    My prediction for the rest of the game is:
    Final Three:

    1st -Jerri (Coach, Courtney, Sandra, Rupert, Colby)
    2nd -Parvati (Danielle, Candice, Amanda)
    3rd -Russell(J.T.)

  • bjae_3017

    I think neither Russel or Parvati would win the title. It would be Sandra or Jerri. Based on what’s happening, technically the heroes would be booted one after another from Colby to Rupert and then a Villain would be sent home (either Parv or Russell). If Russell would be eliminated after the guys of the heroes, Candice will be the next to go. If Parvati would be sent home, Danielle would be the next target. After either Candice or Danielle, either Danielle or Candice will still be the next target. The final three would be either Russell or Parvati with Jerri and Sandra. But Russell or Parvati would be the least likes of the jurors. So it is impossible that he or she would get enough votes from them. Jerri and Sandra would be the ones to compete for the title – a fearless forecast indeed.

  • Jamie

    I agree. Russell and Parvati have no chance of winning the title. But in my mind, even last season, Russell is the clear cut winner if he makes it to the bottom 3. The whole jury thing annoys me, because it is pretty much set up so that the person who plays the most strategic game doesn’t win. Russell clearly was the best player last season, and has been this season. Therefore he should have won, and should win. But I am still sticking to my previous post on the winner. And that is Jerri. She has been playing a very tag along game, and made her move just in time. In my opinion a very lame game to play, but one that could be used to win. And has been in the past.