Which Two Veterans Said No To Survivor: Caramoan

Not happy with the returning “favorites” for Survivor: Caramoan or even the rumored alternates? If you are, then this interesting bit from Jeff Probst might be of interest to you. The Survivor host revealed two fan favorites who were asked back for the 26th edition, but declined.

Has hell frozen over? Reality stars refusing a second shot at stardom? I’m truly shocked. I guess not everyone is a famewhore. One of which almost landed on my Top 15 Hottest Survivor Guys Ever list. Find out who below.

“There’s two people we wanted back,” says Probst. “Matt from Redemption Island we would have been interested in, but he is just done with it. I think it was enough for him. And Shambo has basically said, ‘I never want to do it again.’ We would have loved her as well. But in both cases I think their story is similar in that they don’t want Survivor to define their life and they feel like once was enough. And that’s it.” – Jeff Probst

Pretty interesting, right? You’d think a male model would want a do-over? Props for him for not deciding to come back. Though I will miss his fuzzy blond chest hair 😉 Also, a little bummed that mullet-wearing Shambo isn’t coming back. That woman is reality television gold.

For the rest of Jeff Probst’s interview with EW.com, click here. He reveals which returning veteran was asked for the Heroes vs. Villains edition, but couldn’t make it. Also, he chats about why Malcolm Freberg was asked back and not fan favorite Lisa Whelchel.

Between Matt and Shambo, which of the two do you wish returned? If neither, who do you think should’ve been invited back as a “favorite”? Which returning vet doesn’t deserve to be called a “favorite“? Sound off below.

  • Yves

    Shambo definitely. She’s just crazy. Matt was pretty boring.

  • I don’t know who either of these folks are, but I’ve not really watched many of the very recent seasons. Last I watched, Russel Hans (sp?) was still on. But not his season, though, the All-Stars one or Fans vs. Favorites or whichever one they brought him back for right after his season. I like the older group: the Ozzie, Cirie, James, Rupert, Colby Donaldson, Johnny Fairplay, etc crowd.

  • Bitter

    That is an Ugly Bunch!,can’t watch, sorry!

  • Neuner Ralph

    I’m a big Survivor Fan (from Switzerlan) Unfortunately the last couple of Shows where pretty boring. , missing such People as James Amada Parvati or Ozzie for Example. He is by far the best Participant ever but never won! I enjoyed the last time I saw him against The Choachad. The only Spoiler was the Fact that he didn’t won because of Chocran and then a Guy like Chocran with nothing Appealing wins later? That is sad News!!