Survivor 25 Philippines: Who Do You Want To Win The $1 Million?

In last night’s episode, the game was narrowed down to the final four survivors, with the finale airing this coming Sunday, December 16. I’m actually really interested to see how this ends up because at this point, it’s anybody’s game.

After winning the reward challenge, Skupin was given the option to take two people along for a helicopter/boating trip. He decided to take Malcolm and Lisa, which I think was a good move. Sadly for Denise, that meant that she’d be spending and afternoon with Abi. I feel like she needed the pizza the most!

To make matters worse for Denise, the next morning she woke up with a sharp pain in her neck, likely having been bitten by some sort of reptile or tarantula while she was sleeping. Yikes! She seriously looked like she was in major pain, and secretly, Abi was a little happy that she might have a chance at staying in the game. I was starting to think the same thing. Was Denise dealing with some poisonous venom that would take her out of the game?

Thankfully, the pain subsided and Denise was actually able to perform well at the Immunity Challenge. In fact, she was really close to winning, but it ended up being Malcolm who made a strong comeback from dead last after falling earlier in the challenge. With that, Malcolm was double safe, with the Immunity Necklace around his neck and the Hidden Immunity Idol back at camp.

Moving into Tribal Council, it became clear that it was between Abi and Denise and I actually didn’t know which way it was going to go. Abi ended up getting sent to the jury and upon reflection, that was the right decision.

Just because Denise is there, doesn’t mean she can win over the others. In fact, I think the only biggest threat is Malcolm. He’s a strong leader, strong physical threat, and highly likeable amongst the tribe.That being said, Skupin can make a case for making it as far as he did, despite being a returning player and I’m sure he’d use his emotions to his advantage when making a plea to the jury. Denise would make a logical case for why she should win, and the fact that she’s survived that many tribal councils and also has arguably been the strongest physical threat amongst the women would also work in her favor. Lastly, Lisa is just so darn loveable and she’s somewhat of an underdog given that she’s not as strong physically as the others and that she’s had a rough time emotionally while playing.

With that, vote for who you want to win between the four of them below:

Who Do You Want To Win Survivor 25 Philippines?

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