Survivor 24 One World: We Need To Talk About Colton…

Even though we’re not recapping Survivor this season, I felt compelled to write something about the craziness that went down in last night’s episode. Even Rich, who wrote the recap for ANTM last night, felt compelled to mention something about it in his Top Model recap. The episode was jaw-dropping in many ways to say the least.

For those of you that recorded it and haven’t watched it yet, I’ll keep the specifics of what went on until after the jump. I will say that Tribal Council started off with Jeff saying that never in the some 400 tribal councils in 24 seasons of Survivor had a tribe of castaways made the decision one of the tribes this season did.

Before I get to the specifics, this is what fellow write Rich had to say about the episode: “Did you people watch Survivor tonight? OMFG. Can’t wait to read the recaps on that! I was so uncomfortable watching the vaguely racist, intensely classist, and deeply disturbing display of cultural insecurity. Colton is a nightmare. Gives all us gays a bad name… well maybe just the gay Republicans out there. That kid is awful. He needs a little Tyrant tirade a la Tiffany. Learn something from this!” Find out what went down below, and share your thoughts.

Before I get to tribal council, I have to say that Colton was an absolute biatch on a power trip during the episode and was out to get Bill because he didn’t like him.

Cut to the boys winning the immunity, safe from tribal council. Here’s where the madness happened. Since Colton couldn’t be a grown up and discuss the issues he had with Bill when Bill asked him to chat with him, he decided that Bill needed to go… but the boys weren’t going to Tribal Council… the girls were. So, Colton rounded up the men and convinced them it would be a good idea to vote out Leif for telling Bill that they were previously thinking of voting him out. The told the girls that they wanted to go to tribal instead (and the girls were of course laughing at them behind their backs). The men’s tribe was indeed mad at Leif, but it turned out he was just a decoy and Bill was actually the one sent packing.

As Jeff put it, this could be the single dumbest move in Survivor history as 8 people on a tribe had agreed to do this. No one chooses to go to Tribal Council, idiots!

So that’s only the half of it. At Tribal Council, Colton showed his true colors (pun intended) to America by making some very ignorant comments that reflect race and social status. He was so rude to Bill (shown above) and Bill was in shock at what was coming out of Colton’s mouth. Here’s a bit of an excerpt from the more intense part of tribal council:

Colton: Like, I’m the the type of person in this game that if I don’t like you, I’m not gonna talk you. Like I will just ignore you. Like leave me alone.
Jeff: Who don’t you like in this game?
Colton: Bill
Jeff: Why don’t you like Bill?
Colton: He’s obnoxious. He’s loud. And plus, he’s a struggling stand-up comic…
Bill: I don’t what your correlation is?
Colton: Like get a real job.
Jeff: Wow, Bill?
Bill: Honestly, I love the kid, we just come from two totally different backgrounds.
Colton: But the thing about it is…
Bill: Wait, wait… you just spoke. Give me a second. Me and him come from two totally different backgrounds. I’m not here to make it this whole black, white thing or whatever. I’m just talking about the differences in our upbringings. I’ve been on my own since I was 17-years old man. Me being poor, that’s just my life. When you’re a struggling standup comic, I mean that’s what you do. You don’t make very much money and you sleep on people’s couches. The truth is, that’s what I do.
Jeff: So Colton, tell me about where you come from.
Colton: Alabama. I mean, I live in a town of 3,000 people. and yes, i did go to a private like all white school. Buut I do have like African American people in my life.
Jeff: Who?
Colton: (laughs) My housekeeper.
Bill: So, I mean that just like put us on a weird vibe from day one
Colton: But she’s like a member of our family. Like she’s..
Jeff: A paid member.
Colton: Yeah, I mean you know, she doesn’t work for free. But I dont’ have a problem with Bill because of his race at all. The problem I have with Bill is that he’s ‘Poor pitiful me, I’m poor. Like I don’t associate with those kind of people in the real world and I’m sure as hell not going to associate with people like that here.
Jeff: So being a stand-up is not a legitimate profession in your eyes.
Colton: No, it is a legitimate profession but have a backup plan. Like don’t live off the kindness of others.
Bill: Are you out of your mind? Bro, you haven’t worked an honest day in your life or had to go out and get a job. You’re gonna sit up here and tell me that me pursuing my dreams, something that I love, which is comedy… I don’t want a fallback plan. That’s what I wanna do with my life.
Colton: Okay.
Bill: Hold on. That’s what I want to do with my life, okay? Don’t judge me. I don’t judge you. So don’t look down at me, don’t call me names, and for the love of God, I work with people and for no one. You got that?
Colton: Whatever, Bill.
Jeff: Colton, are there any groups where you live that look down or maybe judge the fact that you’re gay?
Colton: I’m sure there are, but the people that I associate with… Yes, you often say, ‘Country Club people’ whatever, I feel like they have more educated like thoughts and ideas and they’re more open and accepting to things. The ones who have a problem with it are the ones driving around in their like jacked up trucks with the rebel flags hanging out of it and you know they go home to their trailers at night.

At this point Tarzan pipes in and tries to diffuse the situation and downplay Colton’s statements, making certain that no one looked racist. Too late, Tarzan.

In the preview for next week, it looks like Colton’s reign as Queen of the Camp is overturned by a twist thrown into the game. Can’t wait to see that go down.

What did you think of Colton’s behavior and comments? How do you feel about his behavior giving a bad reflection of gays? I know he hasn’t chosen to be a “gay role model” or anything, but for those people that don’t know any gay people, they only know what they see on TV and Colton is not doing us any favors.

  • anon

    You said it: “Colton showed his true colors”.

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  • CBL

    I’m not surprised by Colton’s comments, it’s typical for people like him.

  • Lukas Austin James

    Follow the comments on Facebook or CBS…this kid is rank and I’ve never seen so much outcry and dissapointment from fans before….this kid gives EVERYONE a bad name….EVERYONE…furthurmore…he is a BULLY in the clearest sense of the word! Sadly, he will return home for a hefty reality check when he exists the show.

  • Josh

    Colton’s whole demeanor is more of a negative image of southerners, to me anyway. He’s certainly not helping the gays though…he’s reenforcing negative stereotypes about gays, southerners, white people and every other group he’s a member of

  • Patrick, I’m SO glad you came in to cover this. You know I only really watched this show this season cause of you and i’m SO glad I got to see this moment/I’m completely terrified I witnessed this moment.
    I honestly could not even look at my screen while it was happening it was that disappointing. When he says the person who’s in his life that is black is his housekeeper and that’s about it…? It was like one of the more gruesome moments of “Hostel” and you have to cover your eyes to get away from it.
    THANKFULLY, I agree with Josh and this isn’t exactly a “gay stereotype” he’s promoting, rather a rich, possible southern thing that being said however, his gay-ness is SO prominent and he brings it up so much that that IS what gets associated in my mind with “who colton is”.
    Bill came off golden especially with his swan song closing remarks and I do think Colton is gonna get a HUGE shock when he returns to the real world and faces up for this national display of grossness.

  • FJP

    I think this does bring up some interesting points in terms of race, class and homosexuality.

    While there possibly isn’t a prevailing negative stereotype of gay men, i.e. “gay men are racist”, Colton does point out what he sees as “class based homophobia.”, but fails to see his own class based racism.

    Gay men sometimes like to think that, as members of a minority group, we are above discrimination like this, but Colton just reminds us that we have all sorts of bigoted gays in our midst.

  • CT

    I haven’t seen every season of Survivor, but Colton has got to be pretty much one of the most unlikeable people to ever be on the show, right? He’s awful and he just makes everything sooo uncomfortable. Of course, I don’t understand how he has so much power in the first place, his tribe acts so afraid of him, like that kid from the Twilight Zone, where if you even think something negative about him he’ll turn you into an insect. Hopefully next week is a tribe shakeup and Colton ends up on the tribe that votes him out. Not that I see that happening, with the guys he has in his alliance and he can probably convince enough girls to support him also.

  • bamaguy

    As I have said before. I know Colton and watching this episode made me VERY uncomfortale. I just want everyone to know that he does not even have a housekeeper, is not rich, has no maid, and lives with his grandmother. Also his boyfriend is a beard sporting, overrall wearing redneck that he hates so much. Disgusting individual. I deleted him from facebook.

  • Adam

    The ratings are down! The guys better get rid of Colton, he’s negative, and just pain in the a** Not all gay men act like this or have this type of attitude, he’s just a sissy! He RID OF HIM!

  • jack leddy

    I got it! Coulton is a right wing republican plant. They picked the most obnoxious gay drama queen they could find and put him on the show, so that Americans would hate gay men. I think their plan is working. I’m gay and after watching Coulton on just one show, I’m beginning to hate gay men. HELP!

  • Colton is exactly what I would expect from a gay republican. Everything great about being gay is cancelled out by the republican – and you are left with nothing but negative traits. I personally will never understand why any gay guy would want to be republican when by far that party is against our very existence in the world. It’s like being a Jewish Skinhead or a Black KKK Member… you gotta be just plain stupid to support the people that are plotting your own demise.

    So yea, looking forward to seeing Colton go home next round. Whatever twist they have, I am sure that it will screw him over royally and I will love every minute of that. Bye in advance beyotch!

  • KM

    I was shocked by Colton but even moreso by Jeff, who seemed to be saying, “How can you justify being racist when you’re gay?”. Tarzan didn’t redeem any racist statements either: his contention that race is irrelevant and everyone stands on his own merit is a complete denial of the system of white privilege that disadvantages Black people. Like Bill. They all supported Colton in his personal vendetta and I found it not only disgraceful, but also strategically pretty dumb!

  • Andrew

    I’ve been watching Survivor since season 2, and for the most part have enjoyed the out gay cast members on the show. Colton is the exception. He is the stereo-typical bitchy queen that gives gays a bad name. Bill came out of this with great class. It’s a shame he got voted out, just because of one delusional bully hiding his own insecurities by lashing out at others…so pathetically predictable. I hope the pre-views for next week’s show end up as they teased, cos Karma is an even bigger bitch than Colton could ever be.

  • Slade

    He is just really really naive! TO bad he is actully really really cute!!

  • wocowboy

    Colton IS the most reviled person to ever appear on Survivor, in my opinion even outdoing Russell Hantz. Which means of course a star is born, and they will be bringing him back time and time again in more “all star” seasons, which to me, will completely kill the show. I was tired of Russell on his first season and never watched another one with him in it, and I damn sure will NOT watch Colton in another one, the little sit around and file your nails, shattering crystal around the world with your affected speech queen is an embarrassment to humanity!

  • Bieblish

    Please don’t stop following this. Colton is painful to see what he iust doing and how is is representing the Gay community. I just don’t get how all this big straight boys have fallen into following him?…….

  • zurvivor

    he is the new russell. he is so painfull to watch and like. i cannot believe the whole tribe support him as the leader because he got the hidden idol.

  • Wrapsup

    How can any of the men tribe members justify getting rid of Bill and keeping Colton at Tribal Council 4. Colton ‘s remarks were arrogant, elitist and racist. His remark about having Black people in his life and then admitting it’s a black housekeeper, brings to mind scenes from The Help, or the dark days of slavery when you had the “mammy” come tp the big house to care for the white family. I truly cannot understand how any one on the team would stay silent and allow those remarks to go unanswered,… but wait, the exception was Trozan who totally supported Colton and then threw in “there is a Black president”….. so sprouting racism is ok as long as there is a Black President. As for the other men in the group, I guess you’ll support Colton in silence and promote racism if it gets you closer to the possibility of a million dollars, I guess a million is the price of accepting racism in your life. Will you be able to face your coworkers who are minorities when you come home?????? I’m just asking…… does anyone have the courage to answer???? Survivor One World? More like Survivor one race and one class if we have to live according to Colton…… ummmmm, didn’t someone try that once, let’s not forget that chapter in History!!!!!!

  • Zlatan’s Girl

    LOL seriously? A gay republican is like a unicorn. Does he also hates paying taxes but looooooves public service?

    And LOLLL @ him calling Bill “obnoxious”, damn it has he heard his own voice?

    He’s hilarious.

  • Colton is one reason why I cannot stand gay Republicans. You don’t have to be a liberal to be queer, but “gay Republican” just makes me uncomfortable. The only other gay Republican of prominence who isn’t a politician is Marc Cherry. He’s the bastard who sank “The Golden Girls” (a progressive show if there ever was one) and created the piece of neo-conservative masturbation fodder known as “Desperate Housewives” (I hate that show and everyone on that show with a fiery passion), which prompted Andy Cohen to create his “Fake Housewives” franchises.

  • durbsboy

    Colton is such a sad excuse for ‘wealthy southern boy’/power trip. Colton is just an uneducated tool, who unfortunately happens to be gay and more so unfortunate that he is on a soap box for the world to see. Bill, despite some flaws here and there was a better choice, he may be wishy washy but better the evil you know. Colton bitch is evil and unpredictable, phew – oh well Go GCB Go 🙂

  • daphine hopson

    Do you really think Colton is “wealthy” he’s a middle class uneducated self loathing creature with flaws.