Survivor 24 One World: Meet The Cast

It seems like we literally just finished watching last season of Survivor, where to my delight, the person I was routing for all along won: Sophie Clarke. Now a new season is only weeks away, with a few new twists and lots of eye candy to keep things interesting. Welcome to Season 24, “One World”.

The tribes will be split up into two tribes, but will be living in one camp. I started to think, “Yikes, that might be confusing watching, trying to remember who is on which tribe,” despite the different color bandanas. Well, the second part of the twist this season is that it is Men vs. Women. Two tribes sharing one beach hasn’t been done before so this will probably be the most difficult social game to date. Will tribes share their resources with each other or will they leave the opposing tribe to fend for themselves? I’m also interested in seeing how the tribe that’s not going to tribal council tries to stir things up for the tribe that is.

There’s also the huge likelihood that some survivors will develop alliances with competing tribe members much earlier on in the game. Especially since it’s men vs. women. Jeff Probst has also said that there are a lot of villains this season. Sweet! Also, here are many hot guys and sexy women this season, as you’ll see in the pictures. Check out this season’s attractive castaways and vote for your favorite below!

Salani Tribe (Women)

Nina Acosta

Age: 51
Current Residence: Clovis, California
Occupation: Retired LAPD Officer
My Thoughts: She says “it’s never too late to chase your dreams” and wants to make her daughter proud by stepping outside her comfort zone and competing in this show. I hate to say it, but given her soft spoken demeanour, she may be the first to go… but I really hope I’m wrong. Who doesn’t want to see a retired female LAPD office whoop some butt!? That would be fantastic!

Christina Cha

Age: 29
Current Residence: West Hollywood, California
Occupation: Career Consultant
My Thoughts: She’s depicted as a student of the game and a very smart player. She says she knows when to attack. Ooh, I’m liking her already.

Monica Culpepper

Age: 41
Current Residence: Tampa, Florida
Occupation: Ex-NFL Player’s Wife
My Thoughts: “Wisdom is experience,” and because she has a lot of experience being that she’s older and been married to an NFL player, she says she’ll have a lot of wisdom. Hopefully, she doesn’t rely on that too much as a crutch and builds some strong alliances. This isn’t Real Ex-Housewives of Survivor. That being said, she seems quite athletic, doing one-handed pushups on the beach. You go, girl! I love when the older people prove the young ones wrong.

Kat Edorsson

Age: 22
Current Residence: Orlando, Florida
Occupation: Timeshare Rep
My Thoughts: She had open heart surgery when she was 12 and says this is the ultimate challenge and wants to play the ultimate game. Amazing! Seems like a nice person that could be deserving of the prize so hopefully she gets far.

Chelsea Meissner

Age: 26
Current Residence: Charleston, South Carolina
Occupation: Medical Sales
My Thoughts: “I’m a country girl, that’s not a southern bell,” she says. Really? We couldn’t tell by your boots on the beach. Oh, and she likes to be out in the woods. She says her mom bough her a machete when she was in the sixth grade. Watch out for this girl! Love it.

Kourtney Moon

Age: 29
Current Residence: Austin, Texas
Occupation: Motorcycle Repair
My Thoughts: She seems like the cute, trusting one and perhaps not as athletic as some of the others. That being said, there’s something about her I like so I hope she makes solid alliances and makes it far.

Alicia Rosa

Age: 25
Current Residence: Chicago, Illinois
Occupation: Special Ed Teacher
My Thoughts: “I am a triple threat… Boobs, booty, and I can sing,” she says in her interview. Clearly she’ll be using those to her advantage, playing against (or with) the men.

Kim Spradlin

Age: 29
Current Residence: San Antonio, Texas
Occupation: Bridal Shop Owner
My Thoughts: She says she’s really weird and sometimes likes to tell people what animal they look like, which needless to says doesn’t always go over very well. I like her already 🙂

Sabrina Thompson

Age: 33
Current Residence: Brooklyn, New York
Occupation: High School Teacher
My Thoughts: The first words I heard out of her mouth were, “They might think I’m like ‘angry black woman,’ I can get ‘angry black woman,’ but I will be a lot more hilarious that what people expect.” I love her already and I know she’s going to be fun to watch.

Manono Tribe (Men)

Jay Byars

Age: 25
Current Residence: Gaffney, South Carolina
Occupation: Model
My Thoughts: Yum. I think he’s the hottest guy this season and apparently he’s one of the guys that is not afraid to make big moves. Hopefully, he doesn’t make too big of a risk and get himself sent home early! “I’m never gonna go down without a fight. I’m never gonna quit,” he says.

Colton Cumbie

Age: 21
Current Residence: Monroeville, Alabama
Occupation: College Student
My Thoughts: Colton warns in his interview, “I can be your best friend, but I can also be your worst enemy. If I don’t like you, I will make your life hell.” Can wait to see this flamboyant villain go to work this season!

Michael Jefferson

Age: 30
Current Residence: Seattle, Washington
Occupation: Banker
My Thoughts: Also very hot and promises that he’s “going to bring surprises this season that have never been seen before”. Interesting…

Leif Manson

Age: 27
Current Residence: San Diego, California
Occupation: Phlebotomist
My Thoughts: I sure hope he is under the radar (pun intended) in this season and makes it further than some of his towering tribe mates. Based on the few words I heard him speak, I think he seems like he’d be a trustworthy person to make an alliance with.

Jonas Otsuji

Age: 37
Current Residence: Lehi, Utah
Occupation: Sushi Chef
My Thoughts: In his interview, he said that he finds that a lot of the guys are “outwardly aggressive,” which could play to his advantage if they are putting targets on their own back. That being said, if Jonas is depicted as being weak, he’ll be the first to go… unless he makes them good sushi 😉

Bill Posley

Age: 28
Current Residence: Venice, California
Occupation: Stand-Up Comedian
My Thoughts: He’s also eager to make big moves this season too and fantasizes that there is a move that no ones ever seen be made. I’m hoping his comedic skills bring the funny this season as well.

Matt Quinlan

Age: 33
Current Residence: San Francisco, California
Occupation: Attorney
My Thoughts: He sounds like he’ll be a great one to watch too (not just because he’s hot either). “I wanna be remembered as nice guy that got along with people that would cut your throat the minute he needed to.”

Troy Robertson

Age: 50
Current Residence: Miami, Florida
Occupation: Swimsuit Photographer
My Thoughts: This guy is the new “Coach.” He calls himself “Troyzan” as describes himself as a jungle boy. Good grief.

Greg Smith

Age: 64
Current Residence: Houston, Texas
Occupation: Plastic Surgeon
My Thoughts: This guy also thinks he’s Tarzan. Needless to say, there can only be one so I wonder if Greg and Troy will annoy each other or be the best of friends. We’ll find out soon enough!

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  • Bamaguy

    I know Colton. Had a “provocative” conversation on the phone once. Don’t usually watch survivor, but I have to see how this little quee does.

  • **Gasp! Do tell, Bamaguy! 😉

  • Choroneko

    The cast looks boring. Women vs Men again.

  • ADAM

    ONE WORLD IF YOUR FROM ca , fl or tx

  • I think I might have to bump someone off my HOTTEST SURVIVOR MEN list if Jay Byars makes it to jury.

  • Bamaguy

    yeah, he dated a guy that was best friends with the guy I was dating. Well eventually, as it always seems to happen, we started talking after we were both single. We talked/dated for a few weeks but he really really wanted to be in a relationship and I didn’t at the time. So there were one or two “dirrty” conversations during that time. We lived in different towns.

  • CT

    I’m guessing Colton is the “gay republican villian”?

  • The three hot guys are at the top of the poll results. The gay guy is in fourth. 🙂 How predictable… I totally voted for those four too but I’m very shallow when it comes to reality TV and I accepted that – I’m only willing to watch a reality show if the men are hot or the women bat shit crazy (Housewives).

  • Sam D

    That Jay is a model, his photos shot by Rick Day are everywhere. Awesome!

  • Dee Jay

    Matt has got to find himself a good liar.

  • Dee Jay

    Matt has got to find himself a good lawyer.