Survivor 23 South Pacific Finale: “The Sole Survivor Is…”

Tonight, Survivor Season 23 South Pacific wrapped up and one person became $1 million richer and was crowned the sole survivor.

In the last episode, Brandon made a stupid move and gave up his immunity necklace for Albert, and in turn was sent packing. Sophie, Coach, Albert, and Rick now have to watch Brandon and Ozzy duke it out and whoever wins will renter the game. I definitely want Sophie to win, but with Coach and potentially Ozzy back in the game, it may be hard. Some big moves have to be made as soon as possible to secure her fate.

At the Redemption Island Duel, Brandon and Ozzy have to hold on to pole for as long as they can. Survivor has never done this challenge with that little of a foot hold. After over 40 minutes of mind over matter…

…Brandon is out and Ozzy is officially back in the game. Now, the final five go back to camp and await tree mail about their upcoming immunity challenge. Now that he’s back in the game, Ozzy threatens that he’s going to fight harder than ever to make it to the end.

At the Immunity Challenge, the competitors have to balance a platform with one hand and be the first to build a stack of (wooden) cards high enough. Sophie says she has a book on how to build a stack of cards so I’m super excited about this.

Unfortunately, Sophie ran out of pieces and had to tear it down and start over. Each of their stacks did fall at one point or another, but in the end, it was Ozzy that took the win. Back in the game for one day and he wins his first challenge… nice work Ozzy! Now, since Coach has the hidden immunity idol, the vote will be between Sophie, Albert, and Rick. Gulp.

Now Ozzy gets to enjoy some revenge by seeing the others eat each other alive. Albert and Coach talk that Rick should go home, while Ozzy talks to Albert to try to get vote Sophie out.

At Tribal Council, Ozzy calls out Coach by saying that he had promised him final 3. Ozzy isn’t impressed by this but has to suck it up to save face in front of the jury. The most intense part of tribal was Sophie having a breakdown, after she talks about how hurt she was by some of the things Ozzy said about her. Coach doesn’t play his idol.


  • 1. Rick
  • 2. Sophie
  • 3. Rick
  • 4. Sophie
  • Rick

I couldn’t be more excited with these results. When Coach went to give rick a hug, Rick told him to have a seat. Ouch. Now it’s down to the final four.

At the final four Immunity Challenge, they had to race through a giant flower shaped obstacle course, gathering four bags filled with pieces that they need to solve a puzzle – the most difficult puzzle of the season. Ozzy took an early lead, but at a certain point, everyone was working on the puzzle so it was anyone’s game. Sophie was the first to have a piece of puzzle in place and with that took the lead and ended up winning the final immunity! Tyrell and I were screaming with excitement at this point. Ozzy had rolled his eyes at tribal about Sophie even being a threat… I bet at this point he was definitely regretting underestimating her. I’ve stuck by Sophie the whole season and have wanted her to win from early on in the game. The fact that she’s secured a final three spot makes me really happy.

At tribal council, it’s between Ozzy and Albert. The strategic move would be to vote out Ozzy because he would definitely win if he made it to the final three. Here’s how the votes played out at Tribal Council:


  • 1. Ozzy
  • 2. Albert
  • 3. Ozzy
  • 4. Ozzy

With that, Ozzy was voted out and Coach, Albert, and Sophie became the final three. They next day, they enjoyed an elaborate breakfast and burned down their camp.

At the final Tribal Council, Ozzy (now on the jury) looks like Pippi Longstocking with braids in his hair. The final three start out with opening statements and then the jury began firing their questions. Albert had a good speech, Coach focussed on his leadership, and Sophie focussed on how she played the best game. All very different speeches.

Rather than spending too much time on watch each of the jury members said, I will say that it was sufficiently intense and I feel that overall, they weren’t able to poke as many holes in Sophie’s game, as they were the other two. I really hoped that this would be enough for her to win. Today, Jeff brought everyone together in L.A. and it was time to read the votes:


  • 1. Coach
  • 2. Sophie
  • 3. Coach
  • 4. Sophie
  • 5. Coach
  • 6. Sophie
  • 7. Sophie
  • 8. Sophie

With that, Sophie Clarke is the sole survivor and the winner of Survivor 23 South Pacific! Amazing!

At the Survivor Reunion, I was saddened to learn that Brandon’s family turned their back on him. Although Brandon was super crazy, he has a big heart and it’s sad to think that his family hasn’t been there for him. Russell was in the audience and looked absolutely livid most of the time, but when he referred to himself as Uncle Russell, you could tell he was a little emotional. Looks like that family has an uphill battle to overcome the aftermath of their Survivor experiences.

As for the next season, it looks interesting enough. Two tribes will be competing, but it’s “One World,” where both tribes will share the same camp. It will be up to them to decide if they want to share the resources they acquire or win. It’s certainly gonna be really messy! Man, I hate that Canadians can’t apply. I would LOVE to play Survivor. Thanks for reading everyone and congratulations, Sophie!

  • So happy! 🙂 Loved that Ozzy was forced to eat words (and his eye rolls) when Sophie beat him and sent him packing. And then I read on Wikipedia that he voted for her to win as well. :p Respect her authoritah!

  • I know! She totally earned it. Glad he voted for her too! 🙂

  • Nick b

    She played a textbook good game. She totally deserved the win. Coach was n his way to winning but his last 5 elms showed the flaws in his ‘honourable’ game. Albert hands down won ‘hottest’ male contestant not that they were awarding.