Survivor 23 South Pacific Episode 9: “The Snake Or The Rhinoceros”

Last week was definitely the best episode this season so far with, with Cochran backstabbing his former tribe and voting with his new alliance, sending Keith to Redemption Island. Needless to say, Ozzy and the rest were NOT impressed. In fact, each of his former tribe mates took turns reaming him out while the other tribe welcomed Cochran with open arms.

Sidenote: Going into this episode, I had no idea it was going to be a double elimination episode… so that was an interesting turn of events for me. I finally realized when they were heading into the first tribal council and I was only a third of the way through the episode. LOL.

Wasting very little time with chit chat, we went right into the first Immunity Challenge. The first round had the survivors tossing coconuts into a ring, but only the first four to complete moved on. Dawn was first, followed by Whitney, then Jim, and finally Sophie. Next, these four had to crack coconuts, get their mouthes full of coconut water and transport it to a tube where they spit it in. Random & gross, but that was their task. In the end, Jim won immunity and things weren’t looking so good for Ozzy.

Coach’s tribe had the plan to vote out Ozzy for sure. Ozzy then talked to Coach in a moment of desperation, but it seemed too little too late for Coach. Jim then talked to Ozzy about giving him his immunity necklace at tribal council. Can you imagine? Risky movie, but that would be amazing.

At Tribal Council, Jim campaigned for Cochran to get voted out. Meanwhile, Ozzy talked as if he was for sure getting voted out by threatening the rest about how much stronger he’ll get not having to share as much food on Redemption Island and getting all the rest he’ll need to win. Love it. As they each get voted out one by one, Ozzy says, “I’ll make you a nice fish and I”ll send you on your way.” Jim decides to keep the necklace and the voting begins. Here’s how it played out:

  • 1. Ozzy
  • 2. Cochran
  • 3. Ozzy
  • 4. Cochran
  • 5. Ozzy
  • 6. Ozzy
  • 7. Ozzy
  • 8. Ozzy

Just as I suspected, Ozzy goes to Redemption Island. There he gets right to fishing and catches a nice big meal for him and Keith. I’m routing for Ozzy now, and Cochran is totes the villain in my eyes.

For the rest, they’re onto the next Immunity Challenge. This time, they have to stand on a narrow beam, balance a ball on a bow, and the last one standing with their ball wins. The twist was that if you wanted, you could feast on sweets instead of participating in the challenge. Coach and the rest of his alliance did just that, so Dawn, Whitney, and Jim were the only ones participating. Very cocky of them. Jim was the first to drop out. Dawn, who was getting routed on by the onlookers, was next out, and it was Whitney who won immunity. Nice! Looks like it’s between Jim and Dawn for who gets voted out. Coach thinks of Dawn as a snake and Jim as a rhinoceros, in that they’ll both kill you and it’s just a matter of which being the bigger threat. In a last ditch effort, Jim tries to convince Sophie and Albert to vote out Edna instead, but it doesn’t look like it’s gonna work.

At Tribal Council, Brandon starts picking a fight (as usual) with Dawn because of something she said, but he was totally taking it the wrong way. Dawn apologizes, but Whitney is brought to tears because she feels that the other tribe has vilified them. That is obviously all Cochran’s fault. I have to say, I do feel bad for the three of them…that are about to be two. Here’s how the votes played out:

  • 1. Edna
  • 2. Edna
  • 3. Edna
  • 4. Jim
  • 5. Jim
  • 6. Jim
  • 7. Jim
  • 8. Jim
  • 9. Jim

With that, Jim joins Keith and Ozzy on Redemption Island and there will be a three-way (hehe) match next week to see who gets eliminated from the game. Do you think Dawn and Whitney will find a way to survive the next tribal council? By the looks of the preview, it looks as the Albert gets a little schemey and puts a target on his own back.

  • Damien

    Disliking Cochran: +1