Survivor 23 South Pacific Episode 2: Top 5 Mistakes Made

As we dive into the second episode this season, we learn that Semhar is having difficult adjusting to being banished to Redemption Island, while Cochran is going “nuts” embracing the second chance his tribe has given him. All of this while both tribes continue to solidify alliances and search for the hidden immunity idol(s). One person was successful.

While climbing trees searching for the hidden idol, Ozzy (someone famous for not using an idol and subsequently getting voted out) ends up finding it. He is adement that he won’t make the same mistake again. At the other tribe, Christine found the clue to the idol, but didn’t get to trying to search for it yet. Get on it, woman!

The immunity and reward challenge was your standard, “do a bunch of stuff together and try to finish it first” type deal, with the added incentive of pillows, blankets, and other sleeping aids (excluding pills). My favorite “THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID” moment of the episode was Ozzy yelling at Cochran: “Pull it out Cochran, pull it out!” LOL. My mind is in the gutter. Anyway, just when it looked like Upolu (Coach’s tribe) had it in the bag, Savaii (Ozzy’s tribe) made a huge comeback and pulled a robbery. Upolu will be going to Tribal Council for the first time. Boo-yah!

Before I get to the votes, I’m going to share with you the Top 5 Mistakes Made in this episode by these players (Most of them Upolu tribe members):

5. Not Being Discreet

Guilty Party: Christine

This girls needs to keep her search for the hidden immunity idol to herself and the camera men. The fact that everyone on the tribe was aware that she was looking for the idol does not put her in the good books. Okay she found the clue to the idol, but this girl now has to find the actual idol now because she’s wearing a big red ex on her back.

4. Creating An Alliance A Few Days Late

Guilty Party: Jim

This is the only “mistake” shown by the non-tribal council tribe. Jim talks to Keith about having an alliance with him and a few others…but little does he know that Keith already has his own alliance going on and now Keith has all the power in that situation. Jim should’ve spent less time attacking Semhar in the last episode, and more time building connections and alliances with people. Jojo says, “It’s just too little, too late!”

3. Confessing Your Demons

Guilty Party: Brandon

This nephew of the infamous Russell is just as messed up as his Uncle – but in a different way. Brandon hates Mikayla because she gives him a woody and he has difficulty controlling his naughty temptations around her. He confesses that he has a pretty shady past and that now he’s faithful to his wife so…in his mind, it’s totally logical that Mikayla must go. WTF? This girl has done nothing wrong. As coach put it, Brandon has a lot of demons that we definitely don’t know about, and clearly has issues around beautiful, strong women.

2. Not Getting Your Story Straight

Guilty Party: Edna

Worst liar ever! When confronted by Christine about what she and a group of others were talking about (specifically who they were discussing voting out) Edna says someone’s name that was in the group that was talking Christine called bullsh*t right away. Edna remained completely flustered. Get your story straight, girl!

1. Not Committing

Guilty Party: Brandon

Sorry mister who thinks he’s better than everyone – guilty again. If this guys is going to lie and say that Stacey and Christine are voting a certain way, he shouldn’t be confessing at Tribal Council that he made it all up. Are you playing Survivor or are you trying to impress your parish? Shady, shady, shady. Now who the hell can trust him? It is now out in the open that he lied to Coach in an attempt to get his way and get Mikayla out. Coach is the only person who knows about him being Russell Hantz’s nephew, but somehow I don’t think he’ll be the only one for much longer. Below is how the votes played out. Very messy….


  • 1. Sophie
  • 2. Edna
  • 3. Christine
  • 4. Stacey
  • 5. Christine
  • 6. Stacey
  • 7. Christine
  • 8. Stacey
  • 9. Christine

With that, Christine is voted out and sent to Redemption Island to get cozy with Semhar. Christine can be the big spoon, Semhar the little spoon.