Survivor 23 South Pacific Episode 13: “Then There Were Five”

With Edna getting voted out last week, it’s down to the final five at camp and now it’s every person for themselves. Well, that is with the exception of Edna and Ozzy who have yet to duel on Redemption Island.

Let’s get right to that. At the Redemption Island duel, it’s a puzzle challenge and Ozzy takes an early lead getting the materials needed to complete it first. Interestingly enough, the people who just voted out Edna were now helping her in this challenge, giving her suggestions and pointers whenever possible. In the final part of the task, they had to solve a puzzle where each vertical side much have repeating colors. I have to say, I didn’t find it fair that the others were helping Edna. On the flip side, who knows, they actually could of been more of a distraction for her in the end.

When it looked like Edna had solved the puzzle, it turned out she didn’t and Ozzy ended up winning the duel.

Now, as I mentioned, it’s down to five and the former alliance now starts to self destruct. Albert talks to Brandon about getting Sophie out next, while Sophie talks to Coach get Brandon out. It looks like it might be between these two at tribal council.

At the Immunity Challenge, it’s an obstacle course / puzzle hybrid, as per usual. The accompanying reward is pizza delivered with a soft drink and garlic bread. Brandon gets an early lead in this challenge, with coach trailing a bit behind. In the end, it’s Brandon who wins and he chooses Rick to be his pizza companion. Totally unexpected to me.

Now, the real drama and scrambling gets under way. Coach talks to Sophie about getting Albert out, while Sophie talks to Brandon and Rick about Albert. When Rick reveals that Albert had talked to him about final two, sh*t hit the fan. Rick, Brandon, and Sophie call out Albert on his lies (of course all happy that the focus of the attention is not on them). Later on, Brandon forgives Albert and says he won’t vote her him. Oh Em Gee. This guys is crazy. When Brandon tries to get Coach to keep Albert, he says he’ll give Albert the immunity necklace if he has to. “And you know that by now, God speaks to me,” says Brandon to Coach. Are you kidding me?

At Tribal Council, Brandon gives his immunity necklace up right away to Albert. Whoa, that’s a first! The jury is dumbfounded, as am I. Brandon then talks about his extreme loyalty and how in his past, it has often not been reciprocated. When asked about the idol, Albert says that he is not giving it back and Brandon starts to look worried. Here’s how the votes played out:


  • 1. Brandon
  • 2. Sophie
  • 3. Brandon
  • 4. Sophie
  • 5. Brandon

FINALLY! I’m shocked at how long this guy has been in the game and I’m thrilled that he’s been voted out. I’m even more glad that Sophie is safe, as I really want her to win this season. Even though I want her to stay, I do have to agree with Albert in trying to get Coach to side with him and get her out because she actually is the biggest threat right now (outside of Ozzy). The fact that Coach can’t see that is beyond me. Either that, or he feels he needs her alliance to get a bit further.

So excited for the finale on Sunday!