Survivor 23 South Pacific Episode 12: “It’s Like Beating Your Wife And Then Apologizing”

It’s getting down to it and a solid alliance (a “brigade” if you will, referring to a similar situation that happened a few seasons ago in Big Brother) is about to eat each other alive. First, we pick up where we left off last week.

Cochran was voted out last week and will be facing off with Ozzy in a duel. This week, if all goes according to the brigade’s slaughter schedule, Edna should be the one sent packing. In the morning, Brandon calls everyone in for a morning cult prayer, but Edna walks away because she no longer feels like she is part of the tribe. So they pray without her, and even for her while she has a meltdown. Hold that thought Edna, it’s time for tree mail!

For tree mail, Survivors get to see video messages from family members that are on the island waiting to see them. A tear jerking scene as usual. Rick and Brandon’s messages and corresponding responses were the ones that got me most (even though I think Brandon’s coo coo for Coco Puffs).

At this week’s Redemption Island duel, it’s between Cochran and Ozzy as I previously mentioned. They have to use grappling hooks to grab three bags, then solve a table maze. First one to complete the challenge wins. Cochran was quite flustered, giving Ozzy a big lead. When Ozzy was almost done his table maze, the ball fell through the wrong hole and he had to start over. With that, Cochran was still in the game. Cochran and Ozzy were actually neck and neck, with Cochran actually almost winning, but with one fatal error, Ozzy won and Cochran was sent to the jury. It was actually kind of touching listening to Cochran talk about his life-changing experience on his favorite show. Heck, I’d be in tears if I was in his position as well.

So, with Ozzy winning, he faced a little twist. He would decide three of the remaining tribe members who would get to see their family members and take them back to Redemption Island for the day. Ozzy chooses Coach, Albert, and Brandon. The most interesting interaction was with Brandon and his dad Sean Hantz (Russell Hantz’s brother). His dad is totally worried about his son and how he is playing this game. It’s as if he has a moment of clarity and realizes that his son has lost it. Sean Hantz tries to bully Coach into keeping Brandon, but Coach isn’t promising anything.

At the Immunity Challenge, Survivors have to keep moving on puzzle board but once you’ve stepped on a panel, you can’t step back on it. Once you’re out of moves, you’re out of the challenge. It’s a tricky challenge, but one we’ve seen before. Here is the order in which they were eliminated: Albert, Brandon, Rick, Sophie, Edna. Coach wins immunity. There was a little drama at the challenge as Edna called out Brandon for whispering about trying to make her lose the challenge. Good girl for sticking up for herself once again!

In the aftermath of the challenge and the drama between Edna and Brandon, Rick and Sophie don’t agree with how Brandon handled himself and when Brandon gives Edna an insincere apology, as Edna puts it, “It’s like beating your wife and then apologizing.” LOL.

Before going to Tribal Council, Edna does what she can to try to get Brandon out instead of her. We can only hope that it works.


  • Edna
  • Brandon
  • Edna
  • Edna
  • Edna

With that, Edna is voted out and is sent to Redemption Island with Ozzy.

*** OMG. Did you see the preview for next week? The remaining tribe members are all swearing at each other and all hell breaks loose. To top that off, it looks as though Edna may beat Ozzy in the Redemption Island duel! Finally, this season will get interesting. These “loyal” alliances are too predictable to make good TV, but next week, that’s all out the window.