Survivor 23 South Pacific Episode 11: Who I Think Should Win $1 Million

Don’t ask me what was discussed last week in the one hour recap because I certainly didn’t waste an hour watching it. I find those so boring, don’t you? Let’s get straight into this episode. There are seven people left, six of which were on Coach’s tribe and the seventh is Cochran, who turned on his former tribe mates. Sophie (my favorite person season) is quickly seeing how the other tribe got annoyed of Cochran. She can see him trying so hard to put on a show. “I don’t like him,” she says bluntly. To that point, Cochran addresses everyone as a group, knowing he’s likely first on the chopping block, to say that he would like to stay longer and that he made a big move to work with them. He also adds that it is his birthday in three days. The only people he seems to get through to are Albert and Coach. Chances are Cochran won’t win immunity so we’ll likely see how the vote plays out later.

At the Redemption Island Duel, it’s between Ozzy, Dawn, and Whitney. Both women look terrified as the go up against Ozzy’s amazing track record. For this challenge, they each have to balance dishes using a long arm with a platform at the end. Last one holding up the dishes wins.

Just as I suspected, Dawn is the first one out and becomes the third member of the jury. Whitney follows after becoming the fourth member of the jury. This type of challenge requires major mental focus, so when I saw how distraught and stressed the ladies were, I knew Ozzy was in the clear.

Back at camp, Brandon & Cochran go fishing, Edna does laundry, and well, pretty much Albert is the only one doing absolutely nothing. Sidenote: In this episode, Edna finally woke up and has started to take her fate in her own hands. “Sixth or seventh is not acceptable to me,” she says.

At the Immunity Challenge, there are two rounds. The first three to get their three sandbags on their barrels move onto the next round. Following that, those three finalists must use sling shots to knock down three targets. First one done gets immunity and a spa afternoon. Albert is the first to move on, followed by Rick and Sophie. After the second round, (which Sophie bombs at), it concludes with Albert winning immunity! But wait, he gets to bring someone along to his massage. My strategic choice would be Coach, and that’s just what he did. Then, Albert throws a curveball and says he’d like to give up his reward spot and give his massage to Cochran. Very interesting choice…

When everyone is back at camp, as Coach puts it, “There’s a tide coming.” People are going to have to start choosing sides and big moves have to be made. The question is, will they be made now and will Cochran be saved?

At Tribal Council, Edna reveals that she is hurt about being sixth. Again, so glad to see her standing up for herself and finally playing the game! The tears don’t end with her, as Brandon starts to choke up when he makes it very clear that the order is Cochran, then Edna. The discussion then becomes that Brandon is a loose cannon and strategy is not in his vocabulary. Here’s how the votes played out:


  • 1. Cochran
  • 2. Rick
  • 3. Rick
  • 4. Cochran
  • 5. Cochran
  • 6. Cochran

Who Should Win $1 Million: My Top 3 Picks

1. Sophie

I’d like to see Sophie win the $1 million. She’s proven to be a fierce competitor in challenges, she’s extremely strategic and she demonstrates excellent critical thinking. She also is great at staying out of drama and never doing anything that would make her alliance question her loyalty. Also, her eyes – they’re gorgeous!

2. Ozzy

If not Sophie, I think Ozzy should win (provided he manages to get back in the game). He’s the only remaining survivor on his tribe, he’s been voted out twice, he has won all the duels on Redemption Island, and so on. I found him annoying earlier on in the season, but I have to say that he has now earned my support.

3. Coach

I would have Cochran in this spot if he was still in the game, simply because he’s been able to dodge the bullet so many times, despite seeing his name on the ballots every single time. Since Cochran is out, I’m left with no choice but to choose Coach. As annoying he is, he’s played a good game and is about to start making some big moves. So in that regard, having him on my list is dependant on his ability to make smart moves that are not necessarily in the interest of “the family” but more for his own game. If he doesn’t do that, then Albert should take this spot simply because he has the guts to make moves and speak his mind.

As for rest, I’d say in order of preference for staying: Albert, Edna, Rick, then Brandon.

  • I agree 100%. As long as Brandon loses, the world still makes sense.

  • Yves

    Sophogress for the win!

  • Warren

    Sophie for the win. She’s a well rounded player. She has the mental, social and physical game going on – something all the other players are lacking.

    Ozzy doesn’t deserve to win because he hasn’t evolved as a player at all. He lost Cook Islands because he was one dimensional – challenge beast. The only way he can get to the finals this time is by winning challenges. He’s a one trick pony with no social/mental game. There is a reason he was voted out twice already…

  • m

    i agree with 2 of ur choices, but id probably swap coach for albert..

    i am so relieved cochran is gone.. cant stand him.. karma’s a bitch.. he should have been sent home at the first tribal council