Survivor 23 South Pacific Episode 10: “Running The Show Like He’s Jesus”

So now that Keith, Ozzy, and Jim have all been sent to Redemption Island, it leaves only Dawn & Whitney from the original tribe. Well, technically Cochran as well, but he turned on his team and threw them under the bus a while ago. In this episode, we’ll find out if these two ladies have any hope in hell in not getting voted out next. The odds are not in their favor.

After last week’s vote, Coach tells Dawn & Whitney (and everyone else for that matter) that Jim is the worst kind of person. He believes that he’s very two-faced and that it was the right thing to do in voting him out. “Coach is running the show like he’s Jesus,” says Whitney. Meanwhile, Cochran drinks the “Coach Kool-Aid” and meditates with the master. In confessional, Cochran refers to Coach as the cult leader and recognizes the importance of being on his good side.

The whole tribe watches the Redemption Island duel between Keith, Ozzy, and Jim. With their arms out stretched, each of the three challengers have to hold two poles with the top of their hands. Any slight movement may cause them to fall. This challenge will determine the first and second member of the jury, so the stakes are huge. In an attempt to readjust, Jim becomes the first member of the jury. Keith drops out and is second member of the jury, while Ozzy remains a threat to get back in the game. That’s exactly how I wanted it to happen and how I thought it would turn out. Ozzy has much more focus than the others.

Back at camp, it looks as though Cochran is entertaining the idea of working with Dawn and Whitney again. After all, he owes them big time. They are thinking that they should team up with Albert. Perhaps they should get Coach out? Can you imagine?

At the Immunity Challenge, survivors have to balance a bowl filled with rice on their head, cross a teater totter and fill the basket to a certain weight. First one done wins, as per usual. A lot of people drop their bowl right away. Dawn takes the lead first, soon trailed by Brandon & Sophie. On each of their third trip with a bowl, the oh-so-clever Sophie brings a heaping bowl of rice instead… putting her over the threshold and winning her immunity. Sophie is still my favorite player in this game.

After the challenge, Probst tells the tribe that there will be a twist at tribal council – clearly he means that two people will be voted out. Dawn thinks she’s on the chopping block and she’s probably right. Cochran, Dawn, and Whitney then talk to Albert and discuss voting Edna out. Albert says he needs one more person to vote for Edna, so they talk to Sophie next. She is now the swing vote. I’m hoping she’ll make the big move, but I’m not sure it’s the best move for her game.

At Tribal Council, everyone seems to be on edge. Especially considering there is all of this talk about now being the best time to make a bold move. Oh, I forgot to mention, we got to hear, “We’ll now bring in the members of the jury,” for the first time this season, with Jim and Keith strolling in to watch the drama unfold.


  • 1. DAWN
  • 2. EDNA
  • 3. DAWN
  • 4. EDNA
  • 5. DAWN
  • 6. DAWN
  • 7. DAWN

As I mentioned earlier, there was a twist scheduled for this Tribal Council and so the survivors go right into another Immunity Challenge. Probst asks them “survival related questions,” where incorrect answers get you eliminated. At the end, it was down to Whitney and Sophie.


  • 1. COCHRAN
  • 2. WHITNEY
  • 3. WHITNEY
  • 4. WHITNEY
  • 5. WHITNEY
  • 6. WHITNEY

Of course Whitney needed it the most, but it was Sophie who ended up winning her second immunity challenge in a row. Sad to see Whitney go, but also think it’s awesome that Sophie is doing so well.

Kind of an anti-climatic considering all of the talk of making big moves and none of that happened. At least now we get to watch the remaining survivors eat each other alive. Based on the preview, it looks like Brandon is public enemy number one…. 10 episodes too late… but better late than never.