Survivor 22 Spoilers: Redemption Island

SURVIVOR REDEMPTION ISLAND cast has been announced. Click here to check out all the castaways.

We’re days away from closing the chapter on “Survivor 21: Nicaragua“, and what better time to look ahead at the upcoming season than now. If you’re like me and love reading spoilers, boy have I got some juicy morsels for you today. As you can tell from the title, the upcoming season will be titled “Survivor: Redemption Island“. Before I go into more detail, I’m going to give you one final warning.


Here’s what you’ve been waiting for. The minute this “idea” for an upcoming season was suggested on “Survivor 20: Heroes vs Villains” live reunion show, I knew Mark Burnett’s wheels started spinning. Survivor 22 will feature the return of the reality series’ two most notorious players. Both Rob Mariano and Russell Hantz are coming back to claim that elusive title they’ve both been pining for, for several years. Who will outlast and outwit whom this time?

So how will “Survivor 22: Redemption Island (Rob vs Russell)” work? According to sources, Rob and Russell will be team captains of their respective teams. To avoid the twist from backfiring like many of Big Brothers often do (sabateur anyone?), the two returning all-stars will have immunity until the merge. Oh, snap.

To make the season not so heavily focused on the two enemies, the producers are also incorporating a new aspect to the game, called Redemption Island. Here’s the breakdown on how it’ll play out.

There is going to be a “Redemption Island” where voted off contestants will be battling each other to actually remain in the game. Once they are voted off, they go to the island and wait for the next Tribal Council to vote off the next player. When they arrive, they battle, who ever wins, stays, the loser goes to the jury. And so on until there are only 3 people left in the game. The last Survivor of Redemption Island gets to return to the game!

WOW. It’s like Exile Island with a dash of Pearl Islands’ “Return of the Dead” twist but on crack. As much as I love Rob and Russell (only on Samoa), I think it’s a little soon to be bringing them back. This will be Russel’s third appearance in the last four seasons. That’s why to much Hantz for me. While Russell deserves all the credit for doing so well on Survivor 19, he had an unfair advantage for Survivor 20. Like Rupert and his stint on the first all-stars, the other castaways had seen all the others play and seen their weaknesses and strengths, expect for the fresh meat. Had people on Rob & Russell’s tribe known about Russell’s tactics, there’s no way he would’ve survived for as long as he did. He would’ve been the first boot target instead of Parvati, which btw should’ve won Season 20.

So what do you think of the latest twist thought up by Mark Burnett and co.? Will it prove to be an ingenious idea or jumping the shark once again? As contestant info becomes available I’ll update this portion of the post. PS. This season will also be located in Nicaragua. The current season and this one were filmed back-to-back to save on production costs.


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  • Joyce

    where is redemption island located—-what country???

  • Terri

    This season will also be located in Nicaragua. The current season and this one were filmed back-to-back to save on production costs.

  • Did you see Russell during the Season 21 reunion show. He was in the audience and STILL looked pissed. I bet he gets his ass kicked again. lols.

  • Brandi Sorensen

    I first want to say I have never missed an episode. I am glad that the new rule of QUITERS will be in place. My husband and I are so excited for the new season to start. Ya’ll are doing a fantastic job, keep up the good work.
    Brandi TEXAS

  • Seth

    itll be in nicaragua again

  • Wow! They are really planning to shake things up. I love both Rob and Russell.

    It sounds like a bit of an unfair advantage to give them immunity until the merge. But thats fine by me. The longer they are in the game the more interesting it will be. Ofcourse Rob and his team will no doubt dominate Russell and his in every challenge.

  • watch out friends of fan & Survivor i’m coming still fightings
    this injoy of survivor you are looking for the best man one person stand up with me and its rupert &Rob M they are the
    best out there and good look ??????? I’m still watching you russell h you are down and girlfirend parvati baby pice.
    good look i think so puck.

  • Ron

    I don’t believe Rob and Russell are coming back… at least not the why the spoiler explains it. If Rob and Russell had immunity until the merge then that would be unfair to every other player who didn’t have immunity and that would mean that the producers were trying to manipulate the outcome of the game. Remember, this is suppose to be a contest for a million dollars and every player has the same chance to win the money. Standards and Practices wouldn’t allow the producers to give this type of advantage to two players.

  • Jon

    They don’t have immunity until merge. It was all fake.

  • Chris

    Whenever Russell is on the show, the producers give him so much air time that you dont even get to know the other players. I dislike him so much, that I will not be watching this season for the first time since the show began. How unfortunate.

  • Sprinkles

    not a Russell fan at all. Not sure why he is so popular but I do hope this is his last appearance.

  • Twinlakeslady

    Is there anyone out there who like me is so sick and tired of seeing the same faces returning on these shows? I think it pathetic,, plkus it takes away from the thousands that would love the chance to get on one of these shows,,I myself have quit watching the same crap every year,,

  • Anita

    It is so stupid!! Who in their right mind would watch such a silly show?? Just stupid!!!

  • g

    rob n russel get into a huge physical altercation in one of the upcoming challenges that gets one a visit from medical and the other booted off the show.

  • put the idol in robs bag and he will be gone forever