Survivor 22 Redemption Island Finale: “And The Sole Survivor Is…”

After another crazy season, someone is going to win a million dollars in this final episode. The four remaining Survivors are Boston Rob, Natalie, Ashley, and Phillip. These four will be joined by the winner of a dual between the Survivors remaining on Redemption Island: Matt, Mike, Andrea or Grant. Given Matt’s record, it should be him. That’s him in the header picture, on the edge of getting back in the game. Then again, Mike has also been kicking butt. You could also argue that Andrea and Grant are still fueled with fire for most recently being backstabbed and blindsided at their respective Tribal Councils…so it really could go any way.

If Boston Rob makes it to the end, he’ll win. Their best bet is to get rid of him. The same goes for Matt who has Survived almost the whole season on Redemption Island. If he makes it back into the game, he’s the one to beat. Between Boston Rob and Matt, it would be tough because a case could be made for both of them.

After one last prayer led by Matt, the four competitors face their final shot at getting back in the game. They each have to place their foot on a balancing board. On the other end of the balancing board is a ceramic vase. If the vase drops, they’re out of the game and join the jury. These are BY FARmy favorite type of challenges. Grant is the first one out after over 40 minutes. After an hour, Matt’s vase drops after and has his first lost after winning 10 duals in a row. Eeks! Mike is the next one out and ANDREA stays in the game! Amazing – that’s exactly who I wanted to win this one! Grant, Matt, and Mike now join the jury and finally get a more comfortable bed.

So…what do you think…will the three girls ban together and get rid of Boston Rob? They should…but wait, he still has an idol – crap! Ashley should be the most worried because Rob’s gunning for her. Andrea pulls out some strategy and tells the girls that the people on Redemption Island would vote for Phillip to get the million.


For this challenge, Survivors race across a balance beam, where they pick up a bag with a series of tiles. They have to keep going back & forth as they complete their bag, to get the next set. They are putting the tiles in order from from 1-100. Rob took the lead for the first half, but at a certain point, Ashley edged ahead of him. YES! She then gets a stronger lead. Towards the end, it looks like it could be possible for Rob or Andrea to catch up and pass her, but Ashley wins reward. She doesn’t realize how much she needed it.

Rob talked to Phillip, Natalie, and Ashley and essentially said we have to vote for Andrea. When Rob goes into the water, Phillip sees Natalie and Ashley talking and gets suspicious. He reports the info to Rob in front of Andrea, then the two guys go for a walk. Then the girls talk and Andrea leads a discussion to get rid of Rob.’s between Rob and Andrea. Will Rob get too cocky and not use his idol? Here we go…


Once tribal council starts, I realize that Boston Rob would be so stupid to not use the idol, and with that, it seems as though Andrea will in fact be going home. Drats.

Boston Rob plays the idol. “My mother always told me, better be safe than sorry.”


  • 1. Rob (Doesn’t Count)
  • 2. Andrea
  • 3. Andrea
  • 4. Andrea

Ughhh. Stupid idol. If Rob doesn’t win the next challenge, he has to go home or he’ll win. At this point, Ashley is the only hope. I used to find her so annoying, but since winning the immunity challenges, I’ve gained a lot of respect for her. Anyway, and then there were four.

“Think I might have to go for water,” says Phillip. And when he leaves, Rob reaffirms his alliance with the two girls to take them to the end. But will he? That’s another story.


For this final challenge, the Survivors will have to race through a giant maze, collecting four bags of puzzle pieces. Once they have them, they have to race to the top and solve a word phrase. First one wins immunity and a guaranteed spot at the final tribal council. The stakes are extremely high.

Rob, Phillip, and Ashley are all close together with their first bag. Ashley and Rob are neck and neck, and the other two are totally not in this as expected. Rob gets his final bag first, and Ashley is trailing behind. They are both working on the puzzle now.

They are neck and neck, but in the end, Rob wins the final immunity and is in tears of joy…because he knows he’s won. He can beat any of the people remaining in this game. After four times playing this game, I think he’s finally won. That is unless the fact that his wife has already won a million dollars doesn’t count against him. Meh.

Rob is now wanting to get rid of Ashley (big surprise), but he needs Natalie on board. At this point, I don’t know which way it’s gonna go. I don’t think she wants to betray Ashley but Rob is the boss and she does what she’s told.


Ugh, the main thing here is that Ashley said that she thinks she could beat Natalie and Phillip in the end. That is definitely going to sway Natalie’s vote (if she hadn’t decided already) and Ashley will be out.


  • 1. Ashley
  • 2. Phillip
  • 3. Ashley
  • 4. Ashley

Yup, just as I suspected. So, the final three are Boston Rob, Natalie, and Phillip. It’s now their last day at camp before the final Tribal Council. They get a picnic to celebrate and Phillip even burns his disgusting briefs. Thank God.


Boston Rob vs. Natalie vs. Phillip

First up comes opening statements. Natalie is up first and the only thing she has going for her is that she could be the youngest ever Survivor winner if she won. Phillip’s speech was even worse than Natalie’s, and actually gave more props to Boston Rob for being the mastermind. Rob’s speech was very compelling and in my eyes seals the deal – just give him a check right now. My favorite part about this is how pissed Ashley is. I hope she makes Natalie and Rob pay for their betrayal. Here’s what each jury member asked or talked about:

Andrea: Attacks Phillip for not showing who he really is and Natalie for betraying Ashley, her best friend.

Ashley: First attacks Phillip, then moves onto Natalie and rips her and Rob each a new one.

Grant: Asks Natalie about her alliance with Rob, and asks Rob the same thing.

Ralph: Asks Natalie about her strategy, and Phillip about his feather and whether or not he liked him.

Matt: Calls Rob out on how deceitful he is in the game and where he draws the line.

Julie: “You three should be sitting there very, very humble.” She rips them all a new one.

Mike: Talks about getting closer to God and asks them what they’ve learned in the game that they’ll take home.

Steve: Commends Natalie and Rob, but says Phillip was shameful and that he felt sorry for him.

David: Talks to the jury and says that Phillip doesn’t deserve it, nor does Natalie who owes it all to Rob. The only logical person to win this game is Boston Rob.

We see that David votes for Rob and that Ralph votes for Phillip. We don’t see any others. It’s now time to head to NYC for the reading of the votes!


Rob: 5
Phillip: 1
Natalie: 0

And with that, Boston Rob wins Survivor 22 Redemption Island. He deserved it. It would have been more interesting in Andrea and Ashley made it to the end with Rob instead of Natalie and Phillip, but even then, Rob had the best shot.

Are you happy with how it turned out?

  • Craig

    Very Happy! 117 days of playing the game, finally he plays the perfect game & wins it all. Also he gets to stick it to the little weazel Russell

  • Robert

    Rob would have lost to anyone but Phillip and Natalie in the end. Even Ashley and Andrea probably and for sure any of Grant, Mike or Matt.