Survivor 22 Redemption Island Episode 8: “Everybody Grab Your Balls”

Last week, Russell’s last remaining minion, Stephanie officially eliminated after Matt beat her out of the Redemption Island challenge. At the last tribal council, Sarita was blindsided and voted out. From the previews, we know that a merge is going to happen in this episode. Going into the merge Rob has idol and so does Ralph. Let the games begin!

At this dual between Sarita and Matt, everybody’s invited. Both tribes get to watch, and after the dual is done, the winner will renter the game and both tribes will merge. Needless to say, the stakes are high. Matt has successfully won six challenges on Redemption Island, but unfortunately a cut on his foot may work against him in this challenge. Nothing Matt God can’t handle. It’s actually really a worse case scenario for him. The challenge is holding yourselve up between two pillars on narrow footholds. Every 15 minutes, the two will move to a smaller foot hold until the third and final foothold. First to fall will be eliminated for good. So who outlasts in this one?

After keeping strong the whole time, Sarita suddenly drops out of the dual and Matt reenters the game. The tribe is now merged and will be merging onto a new beach. Oh yeah, Redemption Island starts all over again now. WHOA! I actually didn’t see that coming. Nice work, Survivor – I like your style.

When they get to the new beach, they have all this food waiting for them. They decide to call their new tribe, Merlonio… after Rob’s wife’s teddy bear or something like that. Anyway, as they build the camp, the wheels are turning about how they’ll keep themselves alive under the new dynamic.

With that, Mike wants to try to get Matt on their tribe. It makes sense – Matt’s tribe did send him to Redemption Island, splitting his semi-showmance with Andrea. To me, it’s smart because Rob cannot be trusted. Unfortunately, Matt thinks God has something to do with Survivor and has moral issues leaving his tribe. Apparently, he must have read in his bible, “Thou shalt not leave your original Survivor tribe, even if they don’t want you.” Time to grow a pair, Matt! He feels he God put him on Survivor and is getting as far he has because of him. Rob notices Matt reading the bible and getting close to Mike. He feels he can’t be trusted, or at the very least, doesn’t want people bonding over anything.


This is the first individual immunity challenge of the season. Each Survivor is perched on small log and balancing a ball on a wooden disk. They’ll be adding balls at regular intervals. Of course, if a ball falls, they are eliminated. “Everybody grab your balls,” says Jeff – of course referring to the balls and not… Anyway, here’s the order they dropped out in:

  • 1. Julie
  • 2. Ashley
  • 3. David
  • 4. Andrea
  • 5. Grant
  • 6. Matt
  • 7. Rob
  • 8. Phillip
  • 9. Ralph
  • 10. Steve
  • 11. Mike

Mike was the most consistent the whole time, until the last three balls. A fly landed on one and I think it distracted him and he lost it. Natalie wins the first individual immunity. Where’d she come from anyway, she’s barely had any screen time this whole season so far.

Back at the camp, the strategizing begins. Mike thinks that their group should vote for Grant instead of Rob, to weekend his alliance. He suggest they use their hidden idol to save him.

Matt decides that God doesn’t want him to bail on his tribe. He then decides to tell Rob everything about what their plan was going to be and that the other tribe has an idol. Because he was even thinking about switching with them, Rob feels he can’t be trusted and wants to send him back to Redemption Island. Of course he doesn’t divulge this to him. Also, Andrea is mad that Matt just threw her under the bus as well with his moral conflict. Rob says they are going to vote for Steve, but really he plans to vote out Matt.

Matt is starting to feel ostracized and a little paranoid. Mike slips him a note and it says that if he votes for Grant, they’ll take him to the final 3. Andrea then goes and talks to him. Rob notices that the two of them are gone and of course is paranoid about this.


At tribal council, there’s a little tif between Phillip and David stemming from David admitting they had actually thrown a challenge in the past. The real discussion though surrounds Matt being back in the game and how he feels between the two tribes. He says he’s “starting to see the whole picture.” So does that mean he’ll switch tribes? I hope so! After the tribes vote and before Jeff reads the results, he asks if anyone wants to play an immunity idol. Ralph decides to play their hidden immunity idol to protect Mike, as planned.


  • 1. Grant
  • 2. Grant
  • 3. Grant
  • 4. Grant
  • 5. Grant
  • 6. Steve
  • 7. Matt
  • 8. Matt
  • 9. Matt
  • 10. Matt
  • 11. Matt
  • 12. Matt

Oh. My. God. I can’t believe Matt is getting sent to Redemption Island again. On second thought, I can, because this isn’t bible camp…it’s Survivor. People are going to stab you in the back and plot against you, not sing Kum-by-ya. Seriously, I hope he does learn his lesson and come back with a vengeance. That is unless Julie gets voted out and he duals against her. In that case I want her to win.

  • Yves Gray

    My God! I can’t stand Matt. He should have voted with the Zap5.

  • Jaxxon

    Matt totally got what he deserved. Even Andrea said he doesn’t know how to play the game…and certainly did not like that he included her while talking to Rob. Good thing that Matt’s God made him young and pretty. He’ll need it.