Survivor 22 Redemption Island Episode 7: “Excuses Are For Losers”

Last week, Zapatera found stressful times as tribe unity began to crumble. At Ometepe, Rob has a hidden immunity idol, but when Rob tried to hide a clue he found at a reward, Phillip was angry at the stunt he was trying to pull in front of him. Ometepe won their third immunity challenge in a row sending Zapatera back to tribal council where Stephanie was sent to Redemption Island.

The gang of six on Zapatera has a major hole in it with David and Stephanie joining forces trying to vote out Sarita. The riff is still there even though the six are now together with David still resenting Sarita. Steve wants him to put his emotions aside to see the bigger picture for the better of the tribe but David can’t help but seem a little antagonistic.

On Redemption Island, Stephanie begins to talk about the food she is craving and missing ever since she has been out for Survivor. Matt is a little annoyed by her running mouth but reminds himself that he told God he would be out here as long as he needed to be and will go in to the duel focused on winning. Rob and Phillip are going to go watch the duel from Ometepe. Phillip is really annoyed by Rob’s controlling nature. Rob is annoyed that he has to go babysit Phillip because he runs his mouth and is an unaware person. Zapatera sends David and Ralph.

Matt has spent 12 nights on Redemption Island. Today’s duel will test their memory in a giant game of flipping tiles and matching pieces. Matt goes first. He reveals a skull and a skull. What a lucky match. Stephanie reveals a crocodile and a crocodile. Another lucky match. Tied 1-1. Matt reveals a calendar and an eagle. No match. Stephanie reveals war clubs and fire. No match. Matt flips over fire and flips over the fire Stephanie revealed. He takes the lead 2-1. Stephanie flips over a warrior and a temple. No match. Matt reveals both eagles to make the score 3-1. Stephanie flips over the temples to make a match and the score 3-2. Matt reveals a canoe and matches it for 4 points with 5 to win. Stephanie reveals the warrior and must find the second she flipped over earlier. She does to make the score 4 to 3. If Matt makes this match, he will win. He flips over calendar but misses and flips over head dress instead. Door open for Stephanie to tie it up. She reveals the calendar but mismatches it with war clubs. Matt flips over both war clubs to win the duel and live to see another day in the game and Stephanie is out.

Before leaving, Stephanie reveals a lot of information to Ralph, David and the boys from Ometepe. Phillip says he is very impressed with Matt’s performances at the duels having seeing him win twice now. Rob says that when the merge comes, Phillip will be campaigning to get him out.

Back at the Ometepe camp, Rob and Phillip discuss what to tell and not tell the tribe about what they saw at the duel. Rob says that they have never held stuff back in the tribe before so why start now. Rob relays all the info that Stephanie revealed at the duel, especially the part about them gunning for him. Once Phillip leaves, Rob tells the rest of the tribe that Phillip wanted to withhold information from them and discuss that when the merge is to come, Phillip will probably jump sides.

Over at Zapatera, David and Ralph relay what they saw at the duel to the rest of the tribe and Ralph expresses his concern for David to jump ship once the merge occurs. David tries to convince the tribe to go fishing but they all are annoyed by him. Sarita says she wants to punch him in the face because she is over his smirk. She finds him selfish and egotistical. Ralph says David may be smart, but that won’t win him the game because he doesn’t know how to play ball, he’s got to go.

Back at Ometepe, Phillip gets in a fight with the tribe about crispy rice at the bottom of the pot because they are saving it for Rob. Frustrated, he walks away. Really Phillip? He is annoyed because he feels like the girls favor Rob because he is “Boston Rob”. Phillip reveals that the first chance he has to eliminate Rob, he will. He’s giving 100% and he doesn’t think the rest of the tribe is pulling their weight.

Its challenge time. On go, the teams will clear obstacles together to collect six balls along the way. First team to put all six balls int he basket will immunity and reward. The reward they are playing for is a picnic they will flown to via helicopter with tons of food and booze. Both tribes plow through the hay together. Ometepe has their first ball almost immediately and is on to the next obstacle leaving Zapatera in the dust. Phillip is having a hard time in the ropes but Ometepe continues to take the lead. David steals Rob’s idea and gets their ball first with Zapatera taking the lead. The teams struggle through the mesh course but Zapatera get’s there first with Phillip slowing Ometepe down. Zapatera is through their brick walls and starts untying the ball bags. Ometepe gets through the walls and begins to shoot balls. The teams need to get all six balls into the basket. The race ties up with one ball left for each tribe and with a quick toss, Ometepe wins immunity and reward once again. Zapatera looks absolutely choked to go back to tribal council.

Ometepe hops into a large army helicopter to get flown to their picnic. The scenic views of a volcano are absolutely stunning which is where they land. The tribe begins to go through their basket of goodies and randomly, Phillip is actually enjoying himself and having a good time. He finds it hard not to just enjoy the celebration with the tribe in the moment. Rob finds another immunity clue and takes it out of the cookie jar. But, because he already has the idol, he throws it into the volcano.

Back at the Zapatera camp, moral is low post loss. That has been three losses in a row for them. As they start to discuss who to vote out, they bring up the thought of voting out David. Sarita is unsure about losing the puzzle maker but shoots herself in the foot when she says to her team if you think David is better than I am, vote me out. Sarita goes to talk to Ralph about voting out David but Ralph is leery considering he did well today at the challenge. Sarita also thinks David will beat “boy-wonder” on Redemption Island bring the fury back to her when he returns.

However, as the tribe continues to discuss it, they think that strength may be a better asset and David is stronger than Sarita physically and mentally. Despite the fact that none of them can really trust David, will he be able to survive the votes? What is more important to them? Its a catch 22 of strength or loyalty.

At tribal council, Jeff asks David to finish this sentence: “Excuses are for ______” in which David responds with “losers”. Ralph who was attempting to give an excuse for their loss earlier exclaims, “I guess I’m a loser then.” Ever since they have thrown the challenge to get rid of Russell, they have lost every challenge since then. Bad karma? David explains that the tribe is lacking unity which leads to their losses. Steve says that Krysta and Stephanie are gone because they were the toxins in not helping the tribe become cohesive and Jeff wonders if David is the new target.

David and Sarita get in to it about him leaving the loyalty of the six to vote with Stephanie to try and vote her out. As they continue, Sarita explains there was a hierarchy, and she was trying to fulfill it last week and now she is gunning for David because she does not trust him within the six. The votes will definitely be split between the two of them.


  • Sarita
  • David
  • David
  • Sarita
  • Sarita
  • Sarita

With that, Sarita is sent to Redemption Island. Just before she grabs her torch, she says “I wish I would have brought my stuff” to which David responds, “Don’t get too confident.” Amazing finish. Is merge next to come and who will win the duel on Redemption Island? Check back next week.