Survivor 22 Redemption Island Episode 6: “She’s Basically Tightening The Rope Around Her Neck”

This week, next person to challenge Matt on Redemption Island is Krista, voted out at the last tribal council. After a bit of chit chat upon arrival, she bluntly tells Matt that she’s going to give him a run for his money. We’ll see how it all plays out.

The next morning at the Zapatera Tribe, Mike is surprised that Stephanie and Krista had put his name down, so he confronts Stephanie about it. Backed into a corner, she had no choice but to respond and said that she wanted to keep the tribe strong in challenges and thought he was the weakest person. “She’s basically tightening the rope around her neck,” says Mike in confessional.

Meanwhile, at Ometepe Tribe, once again, it’s a beach day for Natalie and Ashley who are helping get rid of each other’s body hair – namely armpit hair. Everyone else is working to maintain the camp except them. Phillip isn’t having it and asks the girls to check on the fire every half hour. In his foreshadowing words, “this is the calm before the storm.”


In the morning before their dual, Krista gets out her bible and she and Matt both pray to got together about their dual, saying that whatever the outcome is will be God’s will. “In Jesus name, Amen,” they say. This week’s audience consists of Andrea & Natalie from Ometepe and Julie & Mike from Zapatera.

The must each use grappling hook to throw and grab three bags, each containing a ball. They must then use one of the balls to solve the table maze. The first one done, wins. Krista gets an early lead and gets to the table maze before Matt. Eventually, Matt catches up and they’re neck and neck. In a worst case scenario for her, Krista’s ball falls into a hole. Matt completes the maze before her and remains alive, while Krista is now officially out of the game. She breaks into tears, but since it was God’s will, she leaves him the bible. Matt has now had four duals, and four wins. Sounds like we have a success story in the making. Andrea, his showmance, was watching and seeing his close connection with Krista made her see a different side of him and realizes he could be very dangerous.

Back at Zapatera. Sarita complains of a a toothache. Julie says “she’s just kind of a drama queen princess.” David and Stephanie chat and he tells her that he wants to try to keep her in the game and get Sarita out, since she’s not as strong in challenges. He suggests she campaign and talk to people individually. She asks herself, “How to suck up to people I hate… Why didn’t I learn this in school?” Shortly after, she apoligizes to Mike for putting his name down and says she really had wanted to put down Sarita’s name down. Clever girl.

At Ometepe, Phillip is gathering wood and the girls are still doing nothing. He then flips out at them and starts calling them beauty queens, and when Ashley decides to walk away in frustration, he follows her and continues to bitch at her. “You’re not my dad, Phillip,” she says to him.


For this week’s challenge, two members are responsible for launching balls, while the other tribe members catch them. Catch a ball,score a point. First team to five wins. They’re also playing for reward which is a mountain top picnic. Sarita sits out on the challenge to even out the numbers.

For Zapatera Stephanie and David took on the launching role, while Natalie and Phillip did the same for Ometepe.

Thanks to great teamwork between Natalie and Grant, they get an early lead and end up winning 5-0. A sad loss for Zapatera. Once again, Ometepe wins and once again Zapatera will be going to Tribal Council. So, who will it be. Stephanie? Sarita? Someone else?

While Ometepi enjoy their big lunch, Rob sees another clue under the fruit bowl. He lets Grant grab it and they go try to read it secretly. Phillip sees them and asks what it says. Phillip thought he was in an alliance with Rob and Grant, and is now mad thinking they were trying to hide it from him. Yes, Phillip. They were. Who wouldn’t? You’re cray cray.

Back at Zapatera, they of course chat about the challenge they just lost. Sarita knows that David and Stephanie are trying to campaign to get Stephanie to stay and her to go. David goes and talks to the guys and Julie and really does his best to campaign to keep her. I’m unsure at this point how it’ll play out.


At tribal council, Stephanie got a little more feisty than I would have liked her to be. Last week, she played it cool and it worked. This week, she was quite harsh when talking about Sarita saying “she was quaking in her boots about having to do a physical challenge” and called her a big complainer. I figured it was because she was confident that she was staying, but here’s how the votes played out.


  • 1. Sarita
  • 2. Stephanie
  • 3. Sarita
  • 4. Stephanie
  • 5. Stephanie
  • 6. Stephanie

I’m actually quite surprised and I think they made the wrong decision. I kind of hope Stephanie beats Matt. She’s much more interesting to watch than Matt (despite his looks) and maybe she can do Russell proud by making it to the end. What do you think?

  • Watching survivor is a great fun. I just watch survivor season 22 episode 6 and now looking forward to watch its episode 7 online.

  • Daniel

    I hope Stephanie stays in the game and makes it to the merge to join Rob and pay back her tribe