Survivor 22 Redemption Island Episode 5: “Two Dead Ducks Sitting On A Lake”

Last week, the infamous Russell Hantz was sent home from Redemption Island in tears, as he failed his third attempt at Survivor. This week, Matt faces off with Kristina on Redemption Island, after she was voted out of her tribe. To watch the dual, Ometepe sends Rob & Grant, while Zapatera sends Stephanie & Krista. The two girls are on their own after their fearless leader Russell was voted out. Their plan is tell Boston Rob they want to join their tribe at the merge.

For this week’s challenge, they each have to put together a puzzle with heavy box pieces. As Matt works, he says to Rob on the sidelines, “Rascall, voted me out for no reason.” Rob says it takes more than one person to vote someone out. In the end, Matt wins the challenge, and a breathless Kristina loses her shot at redemption. Stephanie says to Rob & Grant, “I think yellow might look good on me.” Krista agrees. Rob thinks that it’s great, as long as they’re not lying.

With Rob & Grant away, Phillip feels like now might be a good time to do some strategy. Valley girls Ashley & Natalie are doing a whole lot of nothing around camp, and fake connecting with Andrea. She doesn’t buy it though. Phillip takes his chance to talk to Andrea and they have a pretty good one on one have to say. His saggy panties aside, the conversation was actually the most bearable and civilized I’ve heard Phillip so far. He talked to Andrea about how Rob threw Matt under the bus and that he can’t be trusted. He proposes joining her and Matt as an alliance at the merge. Provided Matt makes it that far, this is the smartest thing Phillip has done all season. With his record, it will probably be the only smart move he makes. In reference to Rob, Phillip says, “He is a dictator and I’m a lord and I’m waiting for my opportunity to replace the king.” Okay, Lord Phillip. You do that.

Stephanie & Krista plan to stay alive long enough to join the other tribe. Krista feels that as soon as Russell left there’s been no strategy, which seems kinda true. As the prepare to head to the immunity challenge, Julie feels that the tribe is over confident. She’s feeling like it’s bad karma and she’s superstitious about it. For me, this is totally obvious foreshadowing.


For the challenge, each team has a caller that directs their other blindfolded tribe mates to bags of puzzles they must each obtain. Once all the bags are collected, the caller completes the puzzle. First tribe done wins, and they also get coffee & pastries. Rob is the caller for Ometepe, Stephanie is caller for Zapatera.

Zapatera finishes getting their pieces a bit behind Ometepe, giving Rob a lead on the puzzle. Stephanie gets working on the puzzle quickly though and starts to get a bit of a lead. As she gets stumped, Rob surpasses her and Ometepe wins.

Dejected, Stephanie and Krista know it’ll be one of them going to Redemption Island. It’s just a matter of who being first. They don’t even bother trying to scramble because the alliances in the tribe are too strong.

Back at Zapatera, the tribe enjoys their coffee and food. When opening the coffee grind container, Grant sees a clue and secretly gives it to Rob. Ashley is pretty much looking at the whole thing, but isn’t aware enough to clue in to what is going on. Rob and Grant go and hide the clue (Rob of course pretending the whole time, since he has already found the idol).

Back at Ometepe, Sarita defends her choice in choosing Stephanie as caller instead of David, which he doesn’t take very well. Julie talks to Sarita about the fact that she still feels they can reel Stephanie in over Krista. Sarita sums it up by saying Krista and Stephanie, “Are two dead ducks sitting on a lake, waiting for the gun shot.


At tribal council, Krista talks about how the tribe isn’t playing the game. They retaliate by saying she’s played a poor game for not trying to connect with people or gain people’s trust. I have to agree with them. There’s no point in being the villain when you have no power…you’re just gonna get voted out. Stephanie keeps her mouth shut for once pretty much, not pissing anyone off. Looks promising for her, although they she is still somewhat blamed for losing the immunity challenge.


  • 1. Steve
  • 2. Steve
  • 3. Krista
  • 4. Krista
  • 5. Krista
  • 6. Krista
  • 7. Krista

Looks like Stephanie gets to live another day, with not one vote cast for her. It’ll be interesting to see how things evolve from here. Perhaps she can strategize with Julie to get further in the game. I think Julie’s my favorite.

Who do you think will win the Redemption Island challenge next week – Matt or Krista? You’d think it’d be a no brainer, but the preview for next week shows Matt struggling during the dual. But you know Survivor, they’re probably just trying to throw us off.