Survivor 22 Redemption Island Episode 4: “Saggy-Bottom Panties”

Last week, the infamous Russell Hantz was voted out (for the first time ever) and sent to Redemption Island to face Matt in a dual. “Right now this is his house and I’m about to take it from him,” he says in confessional. Meanwhile, his minions Stephanie & Krista without their fearless leader and realize they need to find an idol. Unfortunately for them, Mansweater…I mean, Ralph has it. He decides to tell everyone except Russell’s girls that he has it.

At the other tribe, Phillip wakes everyone up sweeping. Everyone is getting really annoyed of “Saggy-Bottom Panties,” as they call him. I don’t blame them, I would be going insane.

So, the tribes get word that they get to each send two people to Redemption Island to watch the duals. Phillip and Kristina go for Ometepe, while Sarita and Ralph go for Zapatera. I don’t really like that they get to send people…I think it be more fun for them to be utterly shocked when the person who gets to enter back from Redemption Island returns.


For this challenge, the Russell and Matt have to stack blocks on a multi-level platform, avoiding trip wires. Their goal is to arrange blocks so they fall like dominoes, releasing a ball, which then smashes a tile (like they always do). At this point, I’m thinking Matt is going to lose this one because he seemed a little clumsy at first when competing against Francesca last week. The two are neck and neck most of the way, but then Matt gets a slight lead and gives it a go. He falls short and has to restack half the track. Russell than gives it a go, and the same thing happens. In the end, Matt gets to his second attempt first, which ends up being successful and RUSSELL IS ELIMINATED!
“Holy Mackerel!” says Kristina from the sidelines. Russell breaks down into tears and covers his eyes with his hat. “I respect this game to go out this way.” Ralph pipes up from the sidelines, sticking up for his tribe that Russell is slagging…he then says he has the idol, but then says he was kidding. Phillip is not convinced that it was a joke and plans to tell his tribe.

At Ometepe, Boston Rob planned a beach day of games, and a certain point, pretends he is constipated so he can get away. He then runs into the forest to look for the hidden idol, digging from tree to tree. He eventually finds it up a tree and heads back to the beach, not revealing his find to anyone.

Phillip tells Kristina he’s not gonna tell Rob who has the hidden idol from the other tribe, but instead leverage it if he can to secure himself and Kristina longer. Phillip talks to Rob, and Rob ends up getting it out of him. Rob isn’t too keen on the way Phillip was dangling the info in front of him in hopes to save Kristina.


For this week’s challenge, teams have to use the Craftsman tools they were given at the beginning to complete various tasks. The team that finishes first, wins immunity and a Sears BBQ set with food. During the challenge, Zapatera gets an early lead but Ometepi catchs up towards the end. In the end, Zapatera wins reward and immunity for the second time in a row. I’m kinda happy about this because I want Phil the eff out of this game already.

While Zapatera feasts at their camp, Ometepe suffers through a team meeting summoned by Phillip. Everyone can’t stand him, but at the same time, they find that Kristina to be more of a threat. Their plan (aka Boston Rob’s plan) is to split the votes between Kristina and Boston Rob.


Not surprisingly, the discussion is about whether or not Kristina or Phillip should get to stay. They each take turns defending themselves, Phillip of course going on some rant about him deserving it more because ONCE AGAIN, he was in the military. Enough of that already. So, here’s how the votes played out.


  • 1. Phillip
  • 2. Kristina
  • 3. Phillip
  • 4. Kristina
  • 5. Phillip
  • 6. Kristina
  • 7. Kristina

WHAT! Damn, Ometepe has to grow some balls and not listen to EVERYTHING Rob says. Kristina should have stuck around and they should have got rid of Saggy-Bottom Panties”. Now, my hope is that Kristina kicks everyone’s but on Redemption Island and makes a big comeback the way that Stephanie Lagrossa did the first time she was on Survivor.

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