Survivor 22 Redemption Island Episode 3: “Storms A Coming…”

After last week’s shocker blindside, Matt was reunited with Francesca on Redemption Island, and the two have to prepare to dual each other the following day. At Ometepe, Boston Rob couldn’t be happier with the turnout (Matt blindsided, Philip being loyal, and Kristina’s idol getting flushed), but is of course concerned with Andrea being upset about not being privy to the blindsiding of her island boyfriend. I don’t blame her. Well, as intense as last week’s episode was, this week’s was just as good.


So with Matt and Francesca both on Redemption Island, the time has come for the first every Redemption Island dual on Survivor. Two people from each tribe were randomly selected to witness the dual. From Ometepe, Ashley & Andrea and from Zapatera, Steve and David.

Before the challenge starts, Andrea makes it clear that she didn’t vote for either of them. I would do the same – LOL. So, Francesca and Matt must use sticks and rope to make a long pole, then use the pole to retrieve 3 keys. The keys open three locks on a door. The first person through the door continues on in the game.

Francesca put her stick together first and retrieved two keys before Matt got any. She was going for her third key when her stick broke. While she was fixing it, Matt gets his first, then second key. At the end, they were both going for their third key, but in the end it was Matt who prevailed. I actually didn’t think it was going to be that close. It was super intense!!

As the viewing survivors head back to camp, it’s up to them what they share with their tribe. Dun dun da…. Well, Ashley & Andrea tell their Ometepe tribe what happened and that Matt won. But, on the other hand, David and Steve tell Zapatara that Francesca beat Matt. Once Russell and his two minions leave the scene, David and Matt reveal to the others that it was actually the other way around and that they wanted Russell to be surprised when he got to Redemption Island. Umm, to me that was not a lie worth telling and it’ll come back to haunt them later on.

At Zapatera, Russell and his girls are looking everywhere for the idol (that they don’t know Ralph has). Stephanie suggests that they make a fake immunity idol to fool the others…and they do just that, putting a fake idol in a bag making it look like they may have it. Also, Russell has a rash under his armpits because he shaved them. Gross. While they look for the idol and/or do nothing, the rest of the tribe schemes to throw the challenge so they can vote Russell out. Oh wow, bold move…although I’m with Julie. I’m not sure that throwing a challenge is ever a good idea…


Aside from immunity, they’re also play for two chairs, a lantern, pillows, three blankets, and a tarp. This is the water wheel challenge from previous seasons, where three members are strapped to a wheel and as the wheel turns and goes under water, they have to suck up water, then spit it into a bucket, eventually releasing a ball and allowing another member of the tribe to solve a puzzle. First tribe done wins.

To make a long story short, Zapatera does in fact throw the challenge and Ometepi gets their first win. Understandably, Russell is suspicious that the challenge was thrown.

After their win, Ometepe sets up their camp, while Rob starts to think about a possible clue for the hidden immunity idol that may have came with the swag. He searches everywhere, eventually realizes that Phillip was unknowingly sitting on it end gets him out of the chair. He secretly reads the clue, but can’t figure it out.

At the other camp, the Zapatera Anti-Russells decide they’re gonna do 3 votes for Russell and 3 votes for Stephanie. Russell and Stephanie figure that this is what they’re going to try to do so they want to try to convince someone to flip. Stephanie talks to Julie, then so does Russell. Russell thinks to himself, “This will be bigger than any move I’ve ever made…!” So the question is, will Julie make this major game changing move?


At tribal council, the topic comes up about whether or not the challenge was thrown. They then get onto how divided the tribe is and that it’s a result of playing with Russell, who has a proven track record of backstabbing. Stephanie really shows her true colors show and that she’s definitely not a fan of everyone else outside her alliance. Time for the votes… At this point, I’m so tense (like shaking like a chihuahua – LOL) because I have no idea which way Julie is going to vote! I know, take a pill Patrick – right? Anyway, here’s how it played out:


  • 1. Russell
  • 2. Ralph
  • 3. Stephanie
  • 4. Russell
  • 5. Russell
  • 6. Stephanie
  • 7. Ralph
  • 8. Ralph
  • 9. Stephanie

So it’s a 3-way tie. Everyone votes except Ralph, Russell, and Stephanie, and those are the only people they can vote for. Here’s how that played out:


  • 1. Ralph
  • 2. Russell
  • 3. Russell
  • 4. Russell
  • 5. Russell

Russell is out!!! Stephanie turns to Julie and creepily says, “Storms a Coming.” What is this witch going to do, put a curse on her?

Anyway, now that Russell is on Redemption Island, I feel like no one has any hope in hell at beating him over there and he’ll be back in the game later on…to raise hell. Next week, Matt and Russell dual, but from the previews, it looks like Russell’s tactic is to get under his skin and annoy the hell out of him to throw him off his game…and effectively out of the game.

Did you not LOVE this episode? Survivor is two thumbs up this season so far.

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