Survivor 22 Redemption Island Episode 2: “There’s A Lot Of Uncertainty With This Vote”

Well, last week’s episode was extremely intense to say the least and Francesca was the first person to be voted out and sent to Redemption Island. She left her pal Kristina (who has an immunity idol) behind and this week we’ll see how well she copes with Boston Rob (who’ll be out to get her) and Phillip who’ll be driving her mad. At the beginning of this episode, Francesca checks out her new “pad” on Redemption Island and seems hopeful for her chance at getting back in the game later on. I’m not as confident in her as she is, but I hope she surprises me because she’s awesome!


With Francesca getting voted out last week, Kristina couldn’t be happier that she didn’t play the idol. When they got back to camp, Phillip tells Boston Rob that he owns his vote until he is sent to Redemption Island. WTF? This guys is a nut job. Shortly after, Boston Rob tells his girl alliance/followers that Phillip will be the next to go.

A showmance is budding between Andrea and Matt, and Boston Rob is keeping a close eye. In fact, he decides to talk to Natalie about it and they discuss breaking them up by voting Andrea out. NO – vote Phillip out!


As we know, Russell is aligned with Stephanie already, but he feels that he needs a third person and he has his eye on Krista. He discusses with them that they’ll need to start looking for the hidden immunity idol. The rest of the tribe isn’t blind to their alliance and watch from a distance. Little does Rob know that “Man-Sweater”Ralph ends up finding the hidden immunity idol by accident…while he was picking up rocks. Love it.


A tribe member from each team has to swim out to a platform, climb to top, and retrieve key. Once the tribe gets all five keys, they have to open up a box with five locks. Inside they’ll find a ball that one person on their team will use to smash five tiles. First team to break all five tiles wins reward and doesn’t have to go to tribal council and wins fishing Gear.

For the first part of the challenge, Ometepe keeps a decent lead. Zapatera closes the gap when they get to the locks though. When it comes to the tiles, it’s Ralph vs. Phillip. It gets to a tie game, but then Ralph ends up getting it. It’s a great day for Ralph! After the game, Matt shakes the other teams hands…Boston Rob is far from impressed by that.


The Zapatera tribe heads back to camp after the challenge, with Russell carrying the basket containing the reward, knowing there’d likely be a clue. There was, and Ralph sees that Russell took it and tells the others, while Russell is off with his three-way alliance to tell them the clue. Ralph then confronts Russell about taking the clue, which Russell denies and says, “I don’t like how you coming at me…You’re either with me, or against me.” His famous motto is used once again.

When the Ometepe tribe gets back to camp, Phillip feels the need to make a self loathing speech about his poor performance during the challenge. At this point, it looks like the person voted out will be either Phillip or Matt, as Boston Rob is not happy that Matt went over and gave a high five to the other tribe. Out of the loop, Kristina is going to play her idol. As tribal council draws nearer, it looks as though Matt will be the one voted out…but it will be a complete blindside. Ashley, Natalie, Grant, and Boston Rob are going to vote for Matt.


At tribal council, nothing crazy happens in terms of outbursts or drama. Jeff checks in with Kristina (with the idol) and then Phillip (who goes on some annoying rant again about his service and family, stemming from his tattoos). He does say that he’s okay with going to Redemption Island, because he’ll have the opportunity to meet his nemesis. “There’s a lot of uncertainty with this vote for some reason,” says Matt. Yeah. He has no idea. Before the votes are read, Kristina plays her idol.


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